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  2. Barry... I guess it nice to have both possibilities in the same Action. Just need to check/uncheck the box. But good to know. Gary
  3. Lin, Just wondering why PS would change the DPI, anyway. I don't think I made any such choice in the Action I had created. I'll have to take a look. So the difference in the color (and maybe sharpness) just had to do with the cropping process. To me, the crop done by PS seemed better for color/sharpness. I can't see much difference in the two images in my posting above, but I can see the difference on my monitor when I open them up side-by-side. No big deal at this point side I can use the PS Action in batch to process all the crops. Gary
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  5. Thanks for taking the time to do this Lin, always appreciated. Kieron
  6. Hi Folks, This is an older subject revisited because Panos has recently updated his Fan Action so that it can output an animated fan in Photoshop CC by way of exporting to a Quicktime mov format video with alpha channel. This movie, or several can be dropped right in PTE AV Studio 10 and it plays perfectly. It can be placed over a still image or another video and the Quicktime video can be moved, keyframed, sized, positioned, etc., very easily with PTE AV Studio 10. However, not everyone has Photoshop CC but you can still use your version of Photoshop or Elements to output a static fan. This static fan can then be output from even older versions of Photoshop as individual fan blades which can then either be plugged into my template or with Dave G's style, used to create the animation of opening and closing in PTE AV Studio 10. This video shows you how to do that once you have followed Panos' instructions to create the static fan. Also I have links to my template as well as a zipped rtf text file (open with any text editor) which verbally explains the process. Those who don't speak English can use Google Translate and translate into their native language. I think everyone will be able to follow along O.K. First the links to the zipped rtf file and the tempate. Hopefully Dave will also provide a link to his style which also makes it even easier to do. Lin http://www.lin-evans.org/panos/fan template rtf.zip Then the link to the template http://www.lin-evans.org/panos/fan template.zip
  7. Lin, Thanks for this info!
  8. Je pense que c'est un faux problème car il suffit d'aller dans "Fichier / Ouvrir" (ou bien "ouvrir un projet récent") pour que cet autre projet remplace tout simplement le projet en cours. C'est le cas avec MS/Windows 10 pour moi. In fact, this is not an issue at all since once PTE is open with one project, it is so simple to go to: "File / Open" or "File / Open recent project" to have that other project take place instead of the previous one that is no longer active. At least with MS/Windows 10 for me.
  9. Ce bouton n'est-il pas suffisant ? Il suffit ensuite de réouvrir PTE pour travailler tranquillement sur un autre projet Is this button not enough ? Then just reopen PTE to work quietly on another project
  10. Hi folks, This week’s new free MP3 tracks are: On my Chiptunes 3 page: PIXEL RUNNER – (Looping) https://soundimage.org/chiptunes-3/ On my Fantasy 10 page: THE ENCHANTED FOREST SMOLDERS – (Looping) https://soundimage.org/fantasy-10/ And on my Sci-Fi 9 page: ORBITING INDUSTRIES – (Looping) https://soundimage.org/sci-fi-9/ More content creators have been reaching out to me about my Ogg music tracks. Please know that I’m in the process of creating them and uploading them to Gumroad, but it’s taking time since there are over 2000 tracks on my site. If you want an Ogg version of a track that isn’t available yet, just email me and I’ll be happy to create it for you and put it on Gumroad. Stay safe and healthy.
  11. Gary, DPI mean absolutely NOTHING unless you're printing the image. A 72 dpi image or a 300 dpi image are identical except for the "tag" that is used by printing devices. This has absolutely NOTHING AT ALL to do with image quality or the appearance of an image. The only relevant thing is the image pixel dimensions. It the pixel dimensions are different, then the appearance might be different, but this "dpi" tag is totally irrelevant. Best regards, Lin
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  13. Gary The action must have a save to desktop command included with it. As far as I’m aware, it doesn’t do that as a default. Once you get into actions, it’s not a big deal to re-record one that you need, especially for a project like the one you described.
  14. Bob As a new member, you may find the online User Guide very useful (it includes some videos). In the Menu bar, find it under Help Regards wideangle
  15. I found my mistake, but I appreciate you taking the time to reply to my post.
  16. Bob, When you add text, look just above the text block that says "text" and you'll see a white bar. Double click this bar and chose any color you wish for your text. Lin
  17. Greetings, I cropped an image (from digitizing a slide) using Photoshop and another program called BatchCrop. Both came out with just about the same dimensions. However, the dpi came out differently. The Photoshop file (PS...) shows 150 dpi. The BatchCrop file (BC...) shows 1350 dpi. But, the Photoshop image looks better at 150 dpi than the BatchCrop image at 1350 dpi. Why would the lower dpi look better (to me) than the higher dpi image? The colors of the 'BC...' image seem to be muted a bit. The original scanned image also is 1350 dpi (ran out of room to attach) but it looks (the colors) very similar to the 'PS...' image that is 150 dpi. Does the dpi have anything to do with what I 'see'. Gary
  18. I have been creating slide shows for several years using a different slide program, but I'm new to Studio 10. I'm trying to create a Title Page in Studio 10 . My problem is in adding a Title to the Title Page. After much searching, I found that I needed to select "Slide" from the Menu bar, then select "Objects and Animations" from the drop-down menu. While I'm not ready yet for animations, I selected this option, then selected "T" from the Menu Bar. This opened a Project window that allowed me to select the font. While there didn't seem to be a way to select the font size, I was able to drag the text on the main window to resize it. But my question now is how to change the text color. I saw the blank box and should have realized it was for setting the font color, but I didn't. I don't need a reply to this post.
  19. Bonjour Lin, tout simplement il n'y a pas d'option "fermer" PTE c'est justement ce qui manque Merci
  20. Hi Charmaine, Welcome to the forum. If you want to capture text overlays, video, or other objects composited with the photos then screen capture is the best method. My favorite screen capture app FastStone Capture can easily combine multiple screen captures into a PDF. Tom
  21. Barry, I finally got back to learning how to run my cropping Action as a Batch. But I did it a bit differently. If I use your suggestion of 'File>Scripts>Image Processor' method, the action does save the cropped image in the appropriate folder, but it also saves the original non-cropped image to my Desktop. Perhaps that is just the way I created my Action. Not sure how to remove that step. But I also tried the File>Automate>Batch process. I like this better because it has the 'Override Action "Save As" Commands', which apparently will not save the original non-cropped image to my desktop. Both methods seem to do the same thing, but it is nice to have the ability to be able to check the 'Override...' I guess I could re-write the Action to avoid this step but it is nice to have learned both methods. Not sure what the difference is except for being able to do the 'Override...'. Your method, I see, also allows you to choose the 'Quality', which can be useful in other situations. Thanks for the help. The batch cropping in PS will really help. Some will need the cropping to be fixed but that will be much easier to deal with. Gary
  22. Maybe with a high definition screen, you could perform Screen Captures (Keys: "Alt" and "Print Screen") for each page (presumably they are still composite images without any animation) and then combine all pages (*.png files in my case) into a PDF document? That could be a workaround.
  23. I have done this in the past. If you save your PTE show as a template, this will store all of the files used in one folder. I can't remember exactly how I did it but there is an option in Photoshop to print all of the images in a sort of grid on one or more pages. You can also print as a PDF. May not be exactly what you want but it could be a start. Jill
  24. Remark from an old mathematician: The discussion has reached a state where logic is left behind. Posts will become longer and longer without adding anything substantial. Sometimes I like this kind of discussion, but not in a foreign language (too tedious). We could open a topic in the German section of this forum ... By the way: Photopia and DaVinci Resolve seem to offer blending modes. But perhaps the designers may all be idiots ...
  25. Did you see this: https://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/global/windows-8-1-compatability.html Added later: This is an old article. The German version showed a newer date.
  26. Lin, Thanks for this info. It's a strange decision of Adobe. Because if they support Windows 7, I see no technical difficulties with supporting Windows 8/8.1. Both OS are very similar. P.S. Future PTE 11 will support Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.
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