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  2. Hi Paul, I just sent you personal message with your license key (for PicturesToExe Deluxe 8).
  3. I have tried to retrieve my licence key three times over the last few weeks, but have not had a reply. I have also tried the link to no avail. Can someone help please Paul Kessler
  4. Microsoft Windows might be moving away from Intel/AMD X86 processors and towards ARM processors if Apple ARM personal computers are successful. Two primary reasons are lower power consumption and increased performance. Apparently the older Intel/AMD CISC CPU design can't compete with the newer ARM RISC CPU design. My favorite processor is AMD Ryzen with multiple cores. https://mondaynote.com/apple-silicon-the-passing-of-wintel-79a5ef66ad2b Tom
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  6. Can you explain how it’s done for those of us who have never taken that route?
  7. I see with great satisfaction that there are many new users of PTE AV Studio, who are doing very advanced and wonderful things, but some may not know that Microsoft Excel can be used to do many things in a PTE project that has many slides and you want to make certain adjustments to all or a group of them, using macros to do it in a batch. For example, if you want to change the duration of each one in a certain amount, such as adding or decreasing an amount equal to each one, regardless of their original duration, (example if they had a duration of 3, 12, 7 ... seconds , add 1 second, we would have 4, 13, 8 ... seconds) or increase or decrease the duration of each one in a percentage, also independent of its original duration, or (and this has no practical use, but it is only to show possibilities), change one color for another to all slides. A lot of things can really be automated. MUR
  8. Problem solved! 'slideshow.exe -display 1' works ok, but in monitor 2 (recognised by windows 10). And 'slideshow.exe -display 2' in monitor 1. I have two monitors, monitor 1 (recognised by windows 10) as main monitor, and monitor 2 as second. Monitor 2 is at left and 1 is at right. Strange. Very strange.
  9. The style gives me a number of opportunities to use depending on the "mood" of the show. Thanks very much!
  10. Last week
  11. H.265 and H.266 are heavily patented for many years. I hope that AV1 will replace all these codecs, because AV1 is a new open codec supported by Microsoft, Google, Apple and other companies. New TVs, media players declared support of AV1 in new models since 2020.
  12. Hi Igor, Sorry for my late answer ! Your explainations are perfectly clear ! Just have to wait now, and hopefully not too long time ! Regards Patrick
  13. You may study the example shown here !
  14. Je suis intéressé pour tester la version mac. Je l'attends depuis très longtemps. Je suis sous OS X El Capitan
  15. It will be a pleasure to help with Beta testing the Mac version. I have an iMac and a MacBook Air. I'm running macOS Catalina version 10.15.5 . I already have the Pro licence for the Windows version of PTE AV Studio 10. Thanks for the great work.
  16. Hi Claudio, I send you a tutorial in French
  17. Hallo, By chance, I met this interesting video on Hands effects for Proshow producers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWHqj6yLuQo I found relatively easy to reproduce such effects on PTE, but I found a problem with the most interesting one to me, relevant to the magnifying lens effect. My problem is that I can easily produce a circular mask and a PNG image for the magnifying lens. The two images perfectly overlap each other, but I do not find any means to link them together in order to move them (pan or zoom) contemporarily on the animation panel. What I want is to move in synchronism the mask and the lens, but not moving also the content of the mask, which should be kept still. The mask container will move both the mask and the content of the mask. The father child solution seems not to work, so I have to move them separately, managing each key frame for either of the two. Do you think there is a method to link lens and mask in order to move them together as if they were a single image? In this case the lens would scroll over the main background image and show the content of the mask, which is the same background image, but enlarged. Could you help for such implementation? Thanks and saluti Claudio Lens.zip
  18. It sounds amazing. I hope the licensing is not too expensive and eventually the personal computer GPU chips support the decoder/encoder like they do with H.264. It would be interesting to compare the quality vs. size to VC1 which I believe is open source but has not been widely adopted. Tom
  19. Hi Ralph, I just sent you a personal message with your license key for PicturesToExe Deluxe 9. We apologize for the problem with our missing emails! Did you use ralph...@....net.com address in the Contact Us form? I couldn't find your ticket, sorry.
  20. I have used this facility twice in the last 2 days, on neither occasion did I receive an email with the key. I checked spam/junk and it was not there either. I then posted a message in the contact details (twice) and have had no contact from that either. I would very much like to have the key as I am trying to install on a new desktop. Thanks in anticipation
  21. This is an old thread. I need to run an exe-file (generated by PTE) in my second monitor. The technique described above (windows bat or shortcut) does not work in win10.
  22. I am available to become a beta tester for PTE AV STudio 10 for Mac. I have been waiting for this version for years, having passed to the Apple world. In fact, I only use a laptop PC for PTE AV Studio 10 Pro. I have a late 2013 iMac 21 updated with 500 GB SSD and 16 GB of RAM running OS Catalina. I believe it can be valid to try PTE AV Studio 10 Pro effectively.
  23. A little late to view this. Very impressive Tonton! Kieron
  24. I would like to help with Beta testing the Mac version. I have a MacBook Pro notebook - the latest (late 2019) 16-inch version with 16 GB RAM and an AMD Radeon Pro 5500M (4 GB) and an i9 processor.. I'm running macOS Catalina version 10.15.5 (but will be upgrading once the next OS is ready). I already have the Pro licence for the Windows version of PTE AV Studio 10. Hope to hear from you in the near future Eric
  25. I agree, the ergonomy of this website is not the best and I can’t change it. But I prefer to be hosted by a third party who take care of security and payments. My previous website was hacked several times. About recognition, I’m afraid that’s how most of people are. It was exactly the same with my previous website. With the actual website, to download a file, you HAVE to go on the detailed page (by clicking on the name of the style or on the little basket icon/price under each video ) and you can read all the explanations. There is no other way to doxnload the file.
  26. Thank you Berny, Tauratinzwe and thedom. If I have time, I'll put some minor updates next week.
  27. Same quality, half the file size. https://www.engadget.com/h266-vvc-codec-4k-streaming-data-half-133047705.html
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