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  1. I had this problem with the default unzip that came with the computer. When I installed and selected "Unarchiver" as the default for unzipping files I had no further problem. When I tried the original supplied file I again had the problem. I can't see any unusual file name with special symbols I assumed that it was the unzip program causing the error.
  2. Yes it works as long as I use the app I downloaded ( “ The Unarchiver”) It did not work with the original default one.
  3. I made a simple sequence with some images and short sound track. Made Zip Archive ten unpacked it and opened in PTE AV Studio. It worked on double click. All OK Ken
  4. Hi Igor, Beta 17, and I am still using Mojave 0.14.6
  5. I have been making Zip Backup of my last sequence and to check it had worked I decided to unzip and then reload into PTE. I double clicked on the file. It didn’t work I just got an error 1 message or on another occasion it just reported unable to complete, Failed. I asked a friend if he was able to un zip the backup. It worked for him he was using Unarchiver. So I tried right clicking and accepted the default suggestion, it still didn’t work. I then downloaded “ The Unarchiver” from the App store. The next time I right clicked on the file, when Open with came up I chose
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