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  1. I've downloaded and tried most of the 4.10 betas. I consistently see the following problem: In custom synchronization mode (with my own manual timings), when I play (always using a single, small (7MB) mp3 file for the music track), the show hesitates about every 12 seconds... it will pause and/or even go back about 0.3 second and then resume from there. I don't see this in normal preview mode or after I've built the .exe. I'm using an AMD K6-2, 400MHz with 512MB memory, Windows 200 Professional, service pack 4. Has anyone else experienced this? Ray
  2. I am pleased to report about 50 downloads of this slideshow - most of them coming from this forum! To those of you who have - or maybe who will - download this slideshow, and/or look at the website, I really would appreciate your comments (either on this forum or via the contact form on the website itself) as I am quite new to the digital slideshow world! Thanks :-) Ray
  3. Since I just mastered pte, I decided to post my slideshow here. It's at http://www.peoplesoftheworld.org/aetademo.jsp I would welcome any comments about the slideshow or the web site itself on this forum. Thanks, Ray
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