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  1. >I'll wait for the result when there are no transition points. The problem disappears when there are no transition points. >1) So no problem at all in produced presentations and music DOESN'T pauses? The problem only with time-line? Correct >3) Will the problem occurs with WAV music file (not mp3)? No. I converted one of the mp3s to WAV and tThe problem disappears. >p.s. please make sure that your build is "PicturesToExe v4.10 beta #8 - Your project name" (in the caption of the main window). Yes, I'm currently using beta #8. Since the same slideshows don't have a problem in v. 4.01
  2. To Al >Ray, does the music pause too? Yes, the music pauses to Igor >1) Was there similar problem with previous versions (4.01 or 3.80) of PTE? No. Even when I create or save the .pte file using a 4.10 beta, then re-open it in 4.01, the problem doesn't reproduce. (I no longer have 3.80, so I can't answer on that.) >2) Will this problem occurs if you temporary remove all transition points and then click Play button? I'll try that and get back to you in 24 hours. 3) What usual size (of files in KB and width/height) of pictures? I'm using 800x600 jpg files, each approximately 200KB >4
  3. I've downloaded and tried most of the 4.10 betas. I consistently see the following problem: In custom synchronization mode (with my own manual timings), when I play (always using a single, small (7MB) mp3 file for the music track), the show hesitates about every 12 seconds... it will pause and/or even go back about 0.3 second and then resume from there. I don't see this in normal preview mode or after I've built the .exe. I'm using an AMD K6-2, 400MHz with 512MB memory, Windows 200 Professional, service pack 4. Has anyone else experienced this? Ray
  4. I am pleased to report about 50 downloads of this slideshow - most of them coming from this forum! To those of you who have - or maybe who will - download this slideshow, and/or look at the website, I really would appreciate your comments (either on this forum or via the contact form on the website itself) as I am quite new to the digital slideshow world! Thanks :-) Ray
  5. Since I just mastered pte, I decided to post my slideshow here. It's at http://www.peoplesoftheworld.org/aetademo.jsp I would welcome any comments about the slideshow or the web site itself on this forum. Thanks, Ray
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