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  1. For some strange reason with one particular project I cannot get newly saved images to appear in the File List although they appear in the relevant project folder in Windows Explorer. Also, if I delete images from the project folder in Windows Explorer they still appear in the File List. As far as I can tell this does not happen with other projects. I am using latest version of Studio 10 and Windows 10 and I have tried all the usual thing – re-starting, re-installing and many other things. Edit. Well would you believe it! put the problem in Wnsoft Forum and lo and behold, it cures itself.
  2. It would have saved me some hassle Mickp
  3. Thanks for that, I've now found it and will check it out. Mickp
  4. Using PTE9, if I start a new project with “Scale keyframes in objects on time change” ticked and after starting to edit I change it to unticked, when altering the time of the slide then the keyframes still change their times. I have done some tests and the same thing happens in reverse ie change from unticked when starting new project to ticked and on a time change the keyframes keep the same time. I have un-installed PTE9 (and 10), rebooted and re-installed PTE9 and the same happens, plus when I open old projects the Scale Keyframes seems to do its own thing rather than following the se
  5. I found that it would not download into PTE 9 or 10 straight from my "Downloads" folder but copy and paste to Desktop or somewhere else and it works fine in 9 but not in 10 Mickp Just tried one of my .png files and it works fine in 10
  6. Hi Igor, Beta 5 works well with 1620 x 1080. Many thanks Mick
  7. Hi Dave, I've been shooting and composing in 3x2 for nearly 50 years and old habits etc. I do produce some of my shows in 16x9 by adjusting the original images, but in general prefer 3x2 as it suits the kind of work I do and I prefer it. Once a show is made in 3x2, then I am not happy to stretch in to 16x9 just to fill a TV screen. Thanks, Mick
  8. Thanks Igor. I generally do my shows in 3x2 format and like to show the MP4 on a TV screen. I am happy it does not fit the screen width-wise but would be less happy to have my show stretched to 1920. In the meantime I can use PTE9 which works fine. Do really like the black background on the new version.
  9. Similar in Beta 1 but info did not disappear before window crashed. screenshot attached
  10. Crashes when it is not ticked and hangs when it is ticked. It does work when 1920 x1080 is selected from the menu with Hardware acceleration not ticked. Hope that helps
  11. Problem not solved for me. Updated to Beta 4, made show with 48 still images (not big) plus mp3 music. Try to create MP4 video with default settings except custom sized to 1620x1080, press okay and all info from window disappears then blue rotating circle for 15 secs then window crashes. Video card appears up to date. Produced exactly the same show in PTE9 and everything works fine. If I tick "hardware acceleration (don't know what this might do!) then after pressing OK button the button gets grayed out and the window just hangs.
  12. An amazing collection with wonderful memories. Mickp
  13. Any why is it that many phone photographers always shoot in portrait mode when landscape would be FAR more suitable for the subject and would sit much better when viewing on a monitor or TV set. Do they not realise that you can turn the phone through 90 degrees? Mickp
  14. I also prefer to fade into a pan shot just after the pan has started and fade out just before it finishes which together with Barry's suggestion gives a very smooth flow. Mickp
  15. A lovely show and as always expertly done. The eye might not be working so well but the grey matter is certainly in tact. Christmas wishes and I hope you have a healthier New Year. Mickp
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