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  1. Hi to all I use the latest version of pet (8.0.6) I have a working google account, but everytime I want to upload a video, it says there's an id problem.. I've found a parameter on google+ to authorised external applications... Does anybody have the same problem ? Regards
  2. I've never used Video Builder before, but in trying, at the stage of conversion to MPEG2, only reach 99% and eventually says thar there are problems with the directory. I can use the disk into the computer and the files are there, but the DVD player for the TV does not recognize it. I tried to use the lowest recording speed , but is the same. What am I doing wrong? MUR
  3. Just started a new "lamp" show. Took some stills & video, wanted to extract two sections from the same video clip, used the convert function to crop & extracted the first clip, then added it to the show, re-introduced the master clip into the converter, cropped & extracted a second section, went back to the main screen to add the second clip & the first clip was showing the "video not found" warning for the first clip. I assume the conversion process had overwritten the first converted clip. It didn't do that previously. I'm using 8.05, made many similar actions with previous versions with no problems other than trying to sort which clip was which from the same master. I asked for some sort of auto re-numbering when carrying out this action last year, or the year before, as far as I know, this wasn't actioned. Stu suggested a work around at the time to differentiate between converted clips, but I've forgotton it was so long ago. Yachtsman1.
  4. I'm wanting to make a smooth zoom as I go from one slide to the next but although I have linear zoom set, the resulting overall zoom speeds up and slows down. In the attached file I have 6 slides to show the problem. (Note that I cannot just zoom out from one 'master' slide. I need the separate slides there to allow the individual pictures to appear.) As a more general problem, even a long linear zoom restricted to just one slide seems to speed up as it runs. Any advice anyone? Thanks Zoom test.zip
  5. Consider this scenario. I have 30 slides and each one is a separate short video clip. The video clips are all of different durations. I want to create a simple slide style which reduces the zoom setting slightly, creates a simple border then adds a shadow. Very quick and easy to do. However when I try to apply it to all my slides, it changes the slide duration of all the video clips to the same value, totally messing up my show. Wouldn't it be great to have a tickbox available when creating a slide style which said "Retain current duration of slide"? Meanwhile, has anyone got a suggestion of a workaround which doesn't involve going through each slide in turn and retyping its duration!!!!! Regards wideangle
  6. I have a number of VHSC tapes that I wish to convert to digital video images. In the past I had an analog VHS recorder & some software that I was able to connect the recorder to a PC & create DVD discs, then strip the recordings from the DVDs. The VHS recorder has long gone so I have bought an old Panasonic NV-S5B VHSC camcorder from Ebay & thought I would connct it to my Panasonic DMR EX78 digital recorder via an AV lead. While checking the digital recoder I found a USB socket which I have never used, (it's under a flap on the front which also has the AV sockets). Has anyone tried to record from a pre-recorded VHSC tape camera source to a USB memory stick in a digital recorder? Yachtsman1.
  7. We're reworking video output in future PicturesToExe now. Currently AVI video output suggests 3 options. By default, PicturesToExe creates AVI video file with MPEG-SP codec - no changes here. I have two questions regarding other modes: 1. Do you create Virtual AVI video file? This old function allows to tranfer video stream from PicturesToExe to an external video editing software for further processing/encoding. Can we remove it? 2. Do you create AVI video file with custom video/audio codecs installed in Windows? Can we remove it? P.S. The new video output will work more reliable, and this code will be used in Mac version in future. We'd like to discard old rarely used options which difficult to rewrite.
  8. Hi, When I save a project (18 minutes duration) as an AVI file on my win7 PC, it plays back smoothly for the first 5 minutes or so and then stops with a message "not compatible with windows media player". I tried saving the file to a memory stick and then playing on my win 8 laptop or my new smart TV. The file runs to the end but it is jerky. By that I mean the scrolling text on the first image is jerky as it moves up from the bottom of the screen and 3 - 4 times during playback an image and corresponding audio freezes for several seconds. I have tried re-saving to a different memory stick but the have same results. Note: When saved as a DVD, it runs perfectly on any of the above. Any ideas appreciated as I need to run this project at a public exhibition through a smart TV. Denrob
  9. Sorry about the long story to get to my question, but I thought it better to give the background..... I am trying to understand the video output from PTE….. A little background. I am in midst of converting about 100 of my many PTE shows that I have produced over the past 11-12 years. Most of the images are 1280 x 960 (or smaller) because that was what computers could handle best in the “old” days. I am not going to take the time to rescan, re-edit, re-crop all the images in the presentations. Been there, discussed it, and settled. The MAIN and SCREEN Project Options are set for: - aspect ratio 4:3 - full screen mode, 1280 x 960 fixed size of slide I am setting the convert to video options usually at: - 1280 x 960 - 30 fps - one pass – bit rate - 12,000 bit rate (99% of the shows do not have video, nor pan, nor zoom, so those settings seem to work OK.) However, I am working with one show that, for some reason or another that I cannot recall, has images at 1000 x 667. They are night shots with some very pale colours in the sky. After adjusting the settings to change for the 3:2 ratio and different sizes, I converted at 30fps, one pass, 12,000 bit rate. But this seemed to give too much pixilation on the fades with the pale colours and black. So I changed it to two pass, 60 fps and 24,000 bit rate which produced a better result. However the images are going full screen (1080 high) which seems to be stretching what few pixels there are in the files. All my videos use the full height of the screen (1080) despite the settings being for 960, or even 720. My general question after all that….. Why does the video go full height ? Is there no way to cap it’s height at whatever I specify on conversion ? I always kept the size restrained in the exe versions to preserve the quality of the image, can I not do it with the video output ? See attached screen captures. Thanks
  10. Sorry if this has been asked before, but I didn't see it in this part of the forum, nor the help (but I may have missed it) I am converting all my shows to MP4 and have two questions (at this point) 1. My images are 1280x960. Should I be "publishing" at 1280x960 or 1280x720 ? "People" are recommending "720p" which I assume is 1280x720. I don't think I see a difference when I try both. 2. I am offered a choice of one pass or two passes one the encoding. I asume for simple shows (no videos, or pans) that two passes are perhaps overkill. The resultant file sizes are the same (±) Any thoughts would be appreciated Thanks Jim
  11. Question re the bitrate in the MP4 file. It seems to be just under 5500kbps. Is this the highest that is achievable ? My camera outputs video at 48,000kpbs. I am by no means knowledgeable in this techie stuff, but it is being suggested to me that the higher the bitrate the better. I am having no issues playingback on my computer, but just wondering.... Thanks Jim
  12. We finished the new code for DVD burning in VideoBuilder. This version should help users who couldn't burn DVD discs in previous versions of PicturesToExe. Please test a special test version of PicturesToExe 8.0.2: http://www.wnsoft.com/files/picturestoexe/picturestoexe-setup.exe 1. Burn DVD disc - (R or ReWritable). 2. Create ISO image. 3. Burn ISO image. This code will be included to the final update 8.0.2 after testing. Currently this special test version doesn't include other changes. Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi Folks, I have just burnt a DVD using the default settings in PTE. Unfortunately the quality is really poor. On the TV it is extremely pale and the resolution is also very poor. I am obviously doing something wrong. The images are all 1920 x 1080 and the created video was 480Mb. The video plays on the PC with the correct colours/brightness but the resolution is poor. What am I doing wrong? I note there is a new DVD burning feature available but not sure if this is what is needed. TC
  14. In my tutorial series, I am using Camtasia to capture the screen. I then produce an MP4 video, which for a 10 minute show at 720p gives a file size of around 40ish MB. Invariably there will be bloopers & out-takes, which can be removed before publishing in Camtasia. However, to make the show as good as I can, I have been stripping the audio in Audacity, cleaning it up and inserting the Camtasia video & the MP3 sound track into a PTE show. To publish on Youtube, the show needs to be in video format of one sort or another. I have tried all the publishing methods in PTE but haven't been able to produce a video of the show below 200MB, & this is without letting PTE optomise the Camtasia video, if I let PTE optomise the resulting video is even larger. Has anyone done this & produced an acceptable 10 minute video below 100mb, if you have, can you please describe which PTE publish format you used & the settings. :)/> Yachtsman1.
  15. When I publish to DVD is there a setting where I can select to make numerous copies? MM
  16. Greetings, I recently purchased the 'Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus' device to digitize a bunch of tapes. I have a lot of old Hi8 tapes that I want to convert to be able to put them in PTE shows. I am a bit confused as to the better settings to select. I know I can discard the PAL choices, since I am in North America. I have attached two screenshots of the possible choices. The choices are the Compression, the Resolution and the Frame Rate. Depending on the Compression that is chosen (H.264 vs MPEG2), you get to choose different Frame Rates and Resolutions. I believe the Hi8 is 4:3 aspect ratio, so I'd think that the proper selection would dictate selecting the Resolution of '640x480' (or does it not matter?), which forces the selection of MPEG2 with the Frame Rate of 29.97. But I wonder if it makes any difference to select H.264 so that I can choose a different Frame Rate, but the Resolutions are not 4:3. Any increase in quality? Which Compression does PTE prefer? So I am a bit confused as to which group of setting will be the best for later insertion of the videos into PTE. Any ideas??? Thanks.... Gary
  17. Guest

    Tesco Hudl Tablet

    My Hudl Tablet is 16-10 aspect ratio, I noticed there is no AR preset on the Produce for Mobile Devise tab. Can we have one please? Yachtsman1.
  18. I am re-doing a show whose topic is relevent to 2014 & have gathered together some new material, part of which is a 12 minute YT video clip. I split the clip into 4 sections in PTE to remove the unwanted sections & started to assemble them into the show. Following the insertion of the first edited section, the remaining 3 sections became bolded out, even though they hadn't yet been inserted, which could cause confusion, in my case it didn't as I had re-named the clips in the order they were to appear, can this be corrected? is it a bug? Yachtsman1.
  19. On the CES 2014 almost all the famous TV-factories offer Ultra HD TV (3840x2160). It's the future they say. I ask myself now if it's advisable to consider to make the PTE presentations also in 3840x2160. They are than by the way of speaking aleady future-proof. Or is this a silly thought?
  20. Please forgive me if this is a silly question but I wonder if I can convert A P2E EXE file into MP4 or MPG or MOV? When I try to share files online people are often understandably hesitant to download an exe file. I would like to convert some of my older exe files to a format that can then be shared on YouTube or Facebook. Can it easily be done? Thanks! KyDan in cold Kentucky USA
  21. I created a PtE using version 8 and the .exe file looks good with the image size correct. When I use the output to create a file suitable for running on an iPad the images are too large and content around the edges is lost. I seem to remember on previous version there was an option for 'safe' image size to cater for the over scan on some monitors. Given that the .exe file looks good it would point to an issue in the .mp4 output, unless I am missing something. Regards, John
  22. When I play the disc on my tv it jerks and locks - other discs play ok and the sequence plays ok on my computer - would appreciate any advice - terry
  23. I'm trying to publish my first project to Youtube but keep getting stuck at the first step where I'm asked for my YT login and password. Everything I try, it says "Your login was in correct". But it IS correct. I tried many times, both with and without the "@gmail.com" part. I confirmed my information is correct by logging into YT directly on the web.
  24. I cannot find any means of adjusting the audio level on an imported video clip in PtE. There seems to be just the 'mute' option in the 'Properties' tab in the O&A window. I appreciate that this might be asking the impossible but if there was a slider to vary the volume I think this would be brilliant. To obtain a balanced output of voice over the video clip is very difficult. Unless there is a way perhaps outside of PtE of accessing the 'codecs to do this. I have no understanding of video. Anthony
  25. I'm new to PTE and have been trying to burn a show onto a DVD. I don't want the "title" at the beginning of the DVD as I want the show to start immediately. The show seemed to burn correctly but when I play it on my TV, it just stays on the title page (I've lost the remote). Please help . . . . what am I doing wrong ? Ingrid
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