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Screen Problem in GUI 5.6

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I don't know how to explain it in English, but I'll try :rolleyes:

I have an on-going project at the moment, and almost everytime I open the full GUI, I cannot see the image on the right Preview screen.

Even when I choose a picture (from the slides - below), I cannot see it on the Preview screen.

Also, this morning I received a "Divide by zero" error...

I was working with Audacity to modify some music I want to use, and when I use Alt-Tab to switch between P2E and Audacity, I could see that the refresh function in P2E was not working.

I am including some attachment (if it works!) so you can better see what I mean.

Could you offer some suggestions?

Many thanks again for a very lively forum!



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This message is for Igor...

I think I found the problem I stated above.

After spending hours (litteraly!) trying to figure out what was wrong, I checked every single options available in P2E, and I found out the following culprit.

There was a check mark beside:

-- View - Advanced Option - Use Hardware Acceleration in Editor, Video, MiniPlayer.

So I "unchecked" it, and Voila! It worked! I will check my project again tomorrow to make sure that this was indeed my problem.

In the meantime, could you make sure that there is some sort of message whenever that happens so other user don't have to "loose" almost a day trying to dig it?

Many thanks!

Peter :)

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