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PTE won't play in Blu-ray Player

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Just have to ask you folks for help....why won't a test project that I've encoded with PTE as an avi file and a mp4 file on my thumb-drive, won't play on a 2-year-old Sony BDP-BX350 Blu-ray player?  Files reported as "corrupt".  Both files will play on my desktop proggies, like VLC, POTplayer, etc, but not the Blu-ray player.  Specs of player in image.

Alternatively, I can use M/S MovieMaker to encode mp4 and wmv files which play wonderfully on the Blu-ray player.

So what's the trick to getting the PTE files to play on a relatively new Blu-ray player?

Thanks in advance.


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I do not think that it is the Sony Player.

I have a BDP-S1500 and a much older Sony BDP model and both play with no problem when using the standard PTE preset MP4 options.

Post a link to a short one slide MP4 so that someone can try it.


P.S. do you have usb on your tv? 




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Attached...."File is corrupt or unsupported"

The USB ports on  the Vizio flatscreen are on the back, , no light, and they are oriented so that the thumb-drive must be inserted flat to the panel, and have to find vacant one in the dark.......PITA. 

The Blu-ray is up front.

Be nice if PTE would work in Blu-ray.

Thanks again for your interest.


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I don't think 800x600x30p is a supported Blu-ray standard. Can you try 1920x1080x24p?

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I don't see that in the Blu-ray user guide, maybe I missed it?

I did 800x600 to get a minimal file size to attach to post.  1280x960 doesn't work, as well as 1920x1080.

Thanks for the followup, but I'll use MovieMaker...that does work.


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I did some checking with this AVI file  on my Samsung BluRay player and Samsung TV.

* Samsung BluRay player said the AVI file was unsupported.

*Samsung TV played the  AVI file ... but  message display indicated "Not Supported Audio Codec"


I opened PTE and  dropped in just the original AVI file. Re-Published as a  new AVI file @ 800x600 30p.

* Samsung BluRay player and  Samsung TV played the new AVI just fine without  any  message issues..


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I did not use the OP's file - I started from scratch with my own.

I got the same message when I tried the MP4 and NO AUDIO - "Audio not supported" - as soon as added an Audio File to the MP4 it played with no message.

With AVI it looks like it depends on the manufacturer - with MP4, no problem - and the file sizes are smaller.


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v 9.08 ..build from scratch with 3 image no sound. Published AVI and MP4.

* Samsung TV - Both AVI & MP4  files played but had  "Not Supported Audio Codec"

* Samsung BluRay -  AVI was unsupported with no playback. MP4 played but with "Not Supported Audio Codec"


v8.22 build

* Samsung TV - Both AVI & MP4  files played fine with no codec messages

* Samsung BluRay -  AVI was unsupported with no playback. MP4 played fine with no codec messages.


* There is something definitely a-miss in the compilation of  video files (Mp4 | AVI) without audio inserted when built  with v9.08. Both files display no audio codec info in properties and when played on TV-USB display  "Not Supported Audio Codec"  message.

* v8.22 appears to correctly produce MP4 | AVI without  audio inserted and  playback on TV-USB without codec messages. Both files display audio codec info in properties.

* BluRay-USB is a different monster of its own on what it wants to play.

* Igor will need to investigate this  video compilation issue in v 9.08 builds vs v8.22




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But he has already said that he plans to update the Video Codecs in a future version -

" We plan to use new video coders in future version. It should solve all issues with playback/trimming of video clips".

Apart from the playing of MP4 which has no Audio (which I rarely do) I have no problems.

MP4 is my prefered option.


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As Dave said above, Igor plans to update video codecs in a future version. I dont know if that means a  future v9 update build or a t future upgrade version. However what ever the case may be .... I have workaround solution that you can use in the immediate meantime.

Publishing AVI|MP4 video without sound or music

Create a 1 sec MP3 music file that is completely silent. Add the silent MP3  as you would normally add any music to your PTE project. Publish your AVI | MP4 slideshow.

*TV-USB  -Both videos play properly  ( no audio codec messages)

*BluRay-USB - MP4 video plays properly. AVI video is still unsupported


If you are looking for smaller file size, the Mp4 is your better bet vs an AVI. (You are also getting the better quality out of MP4)

Also, as  Dave has said ... it quite rare to create a slideshow without music.But I guess anything should be possible if it  fits our needs.


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