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I see that you say you are not a Windows user.

To me, your problems with saving seem to be more centred around the use of Windows rather than the use of PTAV Studio specifically. 

Windows programs all have a structure for saving which generally follows the same pattern which includes:

Usually at the top of the screen or window, you see a Menu bar, which shows the word File

Click on File, then Save As.

This normally displays a new Window where you can choose a file name for your project, and also where you can choose the folder or location where you want to save that file. (It may be useful just to write down at this point where you have told it to save the file, so that you don’t have to do any searching later)

If you do that properly, you will have full control of what you are doing, and will know exactly where your file has been saved.

You can keep saving your file at various stages in the development of your project if you wish, but make sure you save it at the end, in order to keep the final version.

Using File->Save as   gives you the chance to save with a new name each time.

Using File->Save    will overwrite the previously saved version.

I suggest you search YouTube for some videos on ‘Saving files in Windows’ to help you understand a bit more as to how Windows works.



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