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I am trying to add a video clip into a sequence, something I have done successfully before, but am struggling.   The clip runs through as a series of static images, but I cannot get the video to play.   It is in MP4 format, and when it asks if I want to convert in order to allow smooth playback I have agreed, and saved in same folder, I have also tried saving to a different folder.
I usually go into Objects and Animation, click on the video icon, choose file and then close.
All the settings are the same as previous successful videos,  
I have tried it on both my PC and my laptop, with the same result from both.
I do hope that you can help

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Which version of PTE are you using? It sounds as if you may not be using PTE AV Studio 10. If not, download the trial version and see if you have the same issue playing this video. If not, there is probably something specific to the video which is causing the issue. Usually converting corrects that but not always. Make certain that after the conversion, the file being used in your slide list has the word "converted" in it.

Best regards,


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