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Paul L

Combining styles on same pic

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I am slowly getting the grips of PTE AV Studio.

Quite some editing software allows applying several effects on the same picture. Not so PTEAV Studio?

I want to have a 4:3 pic cover the 16:9 screen and change color to sepia.

It looks to me that one cannot achieve that by first applying the color style and then the image style. The first always replaces the next one.

This is how I worked around to get the wanted result:

1. Apply the sepia style

2. Go to O and A and apply a zoom to get the 16:9

3.Click Close go back to project timeline

4 Click Styles and Themes

5. Click Tools and select Create Style.

Is this the intended workflow?

Looks quite a cumbersome affair to me. 

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Styles are not "additive."  When you create a style you can have as many effects on the same slide as you create for the image. That could be one effect or a hundred or more, but when you apply another style, it puts your image back as it was before any styles were applied before applying the new style.

To do what you have suggested, first forget applying any style and make your image sepia with the color filter (perhaps this is what you meant by applying a sepia style?)Then fill the screen with your image and then if that's something you want to do with multiple images or image in the future, create the style. 

A style can have virtually any number of animations and filters, it can have any number of keyframes and can even contain animated gifs and videos, but when a slide which was created with a style has a different style applied to it, it only does what the new style instructs. Perhaps sometime in the future it may be possible to have additive styles, but that's not possible right now.

Best regards,



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Hi Paul,

You can also open your slide in  the O&A editor and on the "Properties" tab in the bottom "Common" section under "Fit mode" select "Cover"  without the need for zooming your slide.  If by chance all of the slides in your project are 4:3 and you want them all to fit 16:9, you can go to your "Project Options" under the "Default" tab and tick the "Cover" box and apply it to all slides in your project.  Here's a simple style that will cover a 16:9 screen with any size aspect ratio file (4:3 or 3:2 or whatever) and then apply the sepia filter.  If you don't like the exact placement of any of the individual slides, you can still modify them in the O&A editor  with either "Image Crop" on the Properties tab or Pan or Framing on the Animation tab.  You have lots of options.  


Sepia Cover.ptestyle

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Thank you so much Lin and Mary for the details.

Before I posted my question, I did create a new style that combined sepia with cover.
Thanks to you both I now see that there are more straightforward ways to achieve that. 
As with many editors, it looks like also with PTE AV Studio Pro, there are several roads that lead to Rome.
Sepia and fill screen is a combination I use now and then, I only mentioned it as an example.
Your sugestions led me to a better understanding of how AV Studio is designed and how flexible the program is.

Thanks again, it's much appreciated.


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