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Transparent Background for Single-Picture EXE Slide

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I have been looking for a 'How-To' for a 'seemingly' simple task.

The effect would be simple and straightforward in that I want to create a single-slide picture produced as an EXE file... BUT with a 'transparent background' effect.

Imagine a picture of a HAND (with fingers spread).  I can easily create an EXE of this in a Window WITH and WITHOUT a border.  Currently, I am creating it WITHOUT a border and when the image is clicked then the Window closes.  I want to make the background of the 'picture-of-a-hand' transparent so that when the EXE is run the 'Hand' is displayed on the screen, but with 'transparency' you can SEE between the gap between the pictures of the 'Hand'. 

I guess you might imagine the effect would be like having a 'Hand' displayed on the screen, but being able to SEE whatever is BEHIND the 'Hand'... between the spread fingers.

Is this possible???



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Yes.  I created a PNG picture file specifically because it does have alpha channel capability.

Trying to figure out how to display on a monitor via a self-displaying EXE file... so that the effect is preserved.  This should yield an effect where the 'picture' just shows on the screen desktop with NO background or borders.


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I don't think it's possible to make the background slide transparent. You can change the color but not the transparency. It might be a limitation of direct3d or media foundation. One of my other apps wallpaper engine is also limited to a solid color background. You could add the request to ideas and suggestions subforum.


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