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DVD burning issue [SOLVED]

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I'm using ver 9.0.22 and trying to burn a dvd disc.  I have burned countless of these over the years and all of a sudden it doesn't work

I have not changed anything that I am aware of.  I recently bought a new pc and tried burning on both machines with the same result

I have a screen grab to show what I get when I try to play the disc but cannot see how I attach an image to this post?

the screen quickly flashes up a series of grey vertical bars for about 1 second and that's it.  


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to add a screen grab, look at the bottom of the window where you type your reply.
There is a paperclip & it says Drag files here to attach or choose files.
Just drag your image from Windows explorer or click the Choose Files & find the one you want to add.


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Hi There

I find this very strange over the years I have burnt many DVD's with great success using Nero but then some time ago now it started to be hit and miss if I used verify it was a miss every time . I tried many things including new updates and upgrades new burners still hit and miss I finished with 4 external burners . Just very recently I purchased a new computer which did not include a burner I decided to try one of the 4 external burners and low and behold it will not only burn but I can use verify and scan disk feature . I have just burned 12 DVD's all 100% . Strange .


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Did you try to play DVD-Video disc on another computer or on TV, or in another video player, not VLC? 

Try to create and burn a DVD-Video disc in another software to compare results with PTE.

Also when you burn DVD-Video in PTE, it's possible to create single MPEG2 video files (see the last page with output settings in VideoBuilder).

Try to play created MPEG2 video files in a video player.


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