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Happy days - PTE for Mac is really welcome

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I've used PTE on my iMac under Parallels/Windows 7 for some years and held the program in the highest regard. I ran a virtual machine PURELY for access to PTE, so I'm more than relieved I don't have to suffer that process any longer. I'm extremely pleased the Mac version is now available and I've been Beta testing it for about 6 weeks.

The superb output quality is still there and MPEG files played on my HD TV are indistinguishable from the old EXE files, yet a lot more flexible in terms of playing mediums. It's great being able to put shows on a USB stick and play shows on any TV, without having to plug in a laptop. Brilliant!

The new Dark colour scheme is easier on the eye and makes photos stand out really well when working on a show.

I've always found the majority of the program intuitive and easy to learn, though advanced handling of key-frames took a bit longer to grasp. It's amazing what some users can achieve in this area, so it's worth putting in the effort. There's plenty of help and advice out there and Barry Beckham's videos are always extremely useful and well thought out.

The very small number of hitches I've come across in the new Mac version will inevitably be sorted and Igor and his team seem amazingly quick at responding to feedback.

This is a top-quality program, producing superb results at a very good price. Your imagination can run free and create all sorts of wonderful effects. I love using it and really enjoy sitting with a coffee (or a beer) and watching my shows on a big TV.

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