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I made a render test once.1920*1080 *30Fr in high quality.
Once with hardware support (4,38 min at 6,34 FPS )and once without hardware support (4,27 min at 6,61 FPS).
Project has 6 pictures total 59 sec in simple album style from PTE Studio 10.
My PC Core i7 4790K and 32 Gb Ram and GF GTX 1060 6GB and SSD's this runs with the Quick Syc option because I use a video editing program that supports this. (Very good acceleration of the rendering)
I once disabled Quick Sync and got pretty much the same results.
How do I know now which GPU is supported in PTE when hardware is supported. Thus I have in Full HD a factor of 1 : 4 .
1min equals about 4 min render. can anyone confirm this? or does anyone have better values in Full HD?
Thanks a lot, nice christmas time.


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Hi Berny,

For comparison in Medium quality I can export the 2:36 Sample Project in 1:49 at 85 FPS. In High quality the export time is 1:45 at 88 FPS. If you check Hardware acceleration it should display HW in the title bar of the encoding window.

Your render speed seems a little slow for your system.  Maybe check your NVIDIA software to make sure you are using the latest driver.

Ryzen 7 2700x 16 GB Ram
Nvidia 1660 Super 6 GB
C: Drive is 1 TB Samsung Evo 860 SSD
D: Drive is 4 TB Hitachi HD



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Hello Tom95521, thanks for your effort.
I have once a show in 1920*1080 Best quality only standard crossfade ca.2.50 min. Here I come to 19,68FPS.
Hardware support has been activated.
I also deleted and reinstalled the GF1060 and the Intel GPU. Did not help either.
I will try to uninstall the GPU's (complete software and drivers) for a longer time. Something is wrong!
I will build a new system within the next weeks (already ordered)
Then we will have a look...
Thanks again and have a nice time before christmas.


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Hi Berny,

I notice that Handbrake only supports QuickSync on Skylake (i7-6700) or later. I think the i7-4700 series is Haswell. You might try handbrake to see how fast the encoding is compared to PTE. I don't know if PTE supports QuickSync, and if it does maybe only the Sklyake and later chips.


Your new computer should be able to use hardware encoding.

Happy holidays,

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Sorry was at work!
Thank you for your commitment to help me further.
I will do a few tests and then report back.
My parts for the new PC are already on their way.
Nice to see that there are so many nice people with great computer knowledge in the forum.
Here you feel really comfortable (I am in another video forum and sometimes the comments are really unbearable.
Have a nice time and stay healthy.


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I have done some tests now and it really looks like Skylake Quick Sync is the first one to work!
Thanks again for the hint!
Now I am looking forward to my new system....

Then I will contact you again! But it can take a while!

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Hello tom95521!
So the new PC is configured for the time being.
Test 3 min. with different Voragen as 16:9 1920*1080 and 60 images and High quality and Hardwarebeschlenigung.
What can I say "WOW, WOW, WOW".
170 compared to 19.68 FPS before!
Am still thinking about whether I buy at all. if available a RTX 3060 TI at all.(Now GTX 1060 6GB in the PC).
Thank you for your assistance and stay healthy and still nice holidays for you and your family.


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