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Smooth scrolling with touchpad or Magic Mouse

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Hi Igor,

I tested Beta 17 scrolling with Magic Mouse and it worked very well. I don't use a touch pad.

I also tried it with a Wacom Intuos Pro using the pen and with Touch Gestures On (I don't usually have this on) and it worked very well with this too.


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I have just downloaded Beta 17 and scrolling with the magic mouse is much better.  I also slowed down the tracking speed on the mouse settings before downloading Beta 17.

Yesterday in Beta 15, every time I tried to drag and drop an image into the slide list by holding down the mouse button it forced the image out into the desktop screen and I had to restart PTE.  I have disabled the right hand mouse button.

So far I am not having that problem in Beta 17.

Many thanks for the quick responses and fixes you and your team are doing.





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Try new Beta 18. We added smooth scrolling in all lists and window of PTE AV Studio, including File tree, list of keyframes, Animation tab and Properties tab.

If you'll notice any other problem in Beta 18, please start a new topic.

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