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Continuing yesterday's topics re Beta 18 and magic mouse, I have started a new topic

I installed Beta 18 and the Styles window does not work. Using the magic mouse is working well

I am using Big Sur

I went back to Beta 15 again and the custom styles were missing so copied from external disk to Document folder PTE Styles etc - worked well

Followed your advice re Application Support and PTE Studio folder does not show any Styles - it only shows Project Extra Data - Registration 10.5 - Templates empty - Version 10.5


Just to clarify different classes of Style (my interpretation) so I can better understand

Standard - supplied by PTE as part of software - saved in ?

Purchased - supplied by 3rd parties and downloaded to Documents PTE folder

Forum - developed by PTE Forum members and downloaded to Documents PTE folder

User - developed by PTE users and created in Styles window and saved in Documents folder

I do not need to know exactly where each class is saved as long as I can access them BUT

Are you advising that all the above classes of styles should be copied to Application Support PTE Studio Folder. Should this be done once or each time a new style is added? This may not be easy since a lot of User styles are only identified by a series of letters.

Should the default Style save in Preferences be changed to Application Support PTE Studio?

Sorry if I have confused you but I am trying to understand the best way to access and save Styles.

PTE AV Studio is a great programme and so far, the problems have been minor and you have fixed them in very quick time.  Your support and responses are appreciated.



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Try updated Beta 18 (Build 2): 

Regarding Slide styles and Transitions 

There are 2 storages with styles/transitions: 

1. Built-in styles/transitions included to PTE AV Studio.app bundle (which you install to Applications).

2. Styles/transitions created or imported by user (downloaded from forum or purchased).

In Beta 1-17 this storage was located in Documents > PicturesToExe > StylesAndTransitions

Since Beta 18 this storage is located inside user's home folde > Library > Application Support > PTEAVStudio > StylesAndTransitions.
macOS automatically backups this folder when you use TimeMachine and macOS generates backups.

You can change a location of this folder in Preferences, it can be useful for advanced users to prefer have more control on files.

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I have installed BETA 18 Build 2 and everything seems to work perfectly so many thanks for that.

Although everything seems good I checked the Library - Application Support - PTEAVStudio- but there is no Styles and Transitions

The PTE Preferences is still set to Documents/PicturestoExe/StylesandTransitions/ - Can I leave it as that?

As everything seems good I think I will leave things as they are

I will delete BETA 15 later

Once again many thanks


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I'm glad that Slide Styles window opens now.

Once you import or create a new custom slide style/transition, PTE AV Studio should create a folder StylesAndTransitions in user's home folder > Library > Application Support > PTEAVStudio

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