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On the Windows keyboard attached to my new Mac Mini the command key (windows logo key) + page up and command + page down work to move object layers.


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That seem logical as "fn up arrow" is the Mac equivalent of Windows Page Up. So CMD fn up arrow moves the object up as shown in my little table above.

I haven't had a Windows based PC for so long that I don't have access to a Windows Keyboard and I wonder how many people use a Windows Keyboard attached to a Mac?

That would be asn interesting survey.:)

I have been keeping a pages document with a table showing the keyboard shortcuts I have tried so far. Generally speaking simply swapping Opt for Alt and Cmd for Ctrl works but not in all cases. I would be happy to post this if it is of any interest to others. It is however work in progress and ig Igor is reviewing them all it could soon become redundant.


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Thanks Dave,

I used that as the basis for my Mac version which as I said above is still very much a work in progress.

See attached pdf.

I use a Wacom Intuos Pro, small size version.  I find it very useful for Photoshop and PTE AV. It is also excellent for editing tracks in Google Earth.

PTE Keyboard Shortcuts Mac.pdf

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