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Question about F1..F12 shortcuts

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How you think, should we avoid use of F1..F12 shortcut keys on Mac and replace them with other key combinations? I see that F1..F12 keys work on Mac only with Fn key by default.

If you use Adobe products on Mac and Windows you can tell me how Adobe solved this situation?

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Hi Igor,

Adobe do use the F keys for several things in Photoshop. I have attached a screen shot showing some of these.

I don't see pressing the fn key as much of a hardship.

In Mac's System Preferences there is a box that can be ticked to make the F keys operate as standard function keys. Pressing the fn key then reverses this so for example fn F1 would reduce the brightness.

I don't think this is a problem worth worrying about.




Screenshot 2021-01-02 at 12.40.18.png

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Thanks for this valuable information. It seems that Adobe prefered to save compatibility with Mac and Windows version to use the same shortcut keys.

I think that we'll keep F1-F12 shortcut key for Mac version, too.

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Generally, the keystrokes Cmd + H is used to hide the application currently in use, However…

…using Adobe Photoshop on a Mac, Cmd + H hides any 'extras' such as selections, guided etc. and repeating Cmd. + H makes them visible again. So, the keystroke to hide Photoshop is Ctrl + Cmd + H.

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