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One of things that I really miss from Proshow Producer is the ability to copy specific keyframe settings and applying them to other keyframes. I find myself having to screenshot settings in one keyframe and applying trying to copy them to other keyframes.  While I can clone a keyframe on the same layer, this doesn't work between layers.  I've attached a screenshot for how I could accomplish this in Producer...not asking for an exact match but something along these lines:



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Some people (former Proshow users) keep on and on asking for particular copy functions, but it does not make these requirements more essential. Working with suitable parent/child constructions (a feature that Proshow did not offer) will help to avoid much copying. PTE does not make things difficult. Proshow users may change their method of working. 

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1 hour ago, AlexRoma said:

ok, it is not a fundamental function but I do not see why to reject a proposal in this way...

Sorry, but I do not like it when people (users of some other software) who are not yet very proficient with PTE persevere in talking about user frustration because of missing features, features that really are not fundamental if not superfluous. This clearly makes a bad impression on visitors of this forum, and it should be avoided. Perhaps Proshow died because it was overloaded with redundant functionality. Let me repeat what I said on the copy functions in some other place: For most users they would be rather confusing than helpful.

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