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Latest VLC Player - sound breaking up

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It appears that there is a problem with the latest VLC Player 3.0.11

MP4 files play perfectly in an earlier version 3.0.8, but the sound breaks up when playing in the latest version.

The same MP4 file will play OK in Windows Media Player & in PTE.

We have emailed VLC about this problem.


Best not to update yet if you have an earlier version.


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I experienced a little of that distortion with VLC recently with a screen capture video I made. I thought it may have been a fault that had crept into the stitching of several takes. So,  I re-created the video, but the distortion was the same.

I tried the same video on YouTube and it was fine, so I tried the one on my PC through media player and it was OK there too.

Not tried it since on VLC,  so not sure if the issues are still there or not

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Having done some more tests it appears to be happening with MP4 files created with M.Objects software.

We are currently receiving entries for a competition & these are the ones causing the problems.

VLC have come back to say no one else has of yet reported a problem & wanted to know what the Codec was.
We have replied that it does appear to be related to M.Objects.

MP4's made with PTE both Windows & Mac versions play OK



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Can you send me one video file which has this problem with VLC 3.0.11?

Probably I can help you and send my report to VLC developers. I'll try to find what parameters of audio codec cause this issue.

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