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Ae project adapted for PTE AV Studio Pro, created exclusively by means of PTE.
Without using any footage from the project, the only footage was made by me
in Ae for folded corners of photographs. Everything else is done according to the demo video.
This example shows the excellent capabilities of PTE to create projects at the level
Ae, all you need is good imagination and certain skills, well, or Ae's demo videos, which
give us visual insights into scenarios.
For a style, you need 30 photos of any format, but it is optimized for landscape
aspect ratio 3: 2, although 16: 9 and 4: 3 will work. You can also add portrait photos, but they will
small size on the screen.
In the demo video I made, for example, some slides with different photo formats.

P.S. A special transition in 4 directions is integrated into the style, with a blurred joint of slides.



Card display.ptestyle

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smithrg, Rene, Henry, petitsaxo thanks for watching!

1 hour ago, petitsaxo said:

formidable mais un peu trop rapide ....pour moi

After applying the style, you can change the slide time from 13 to 20 seconds, for example. When changing the time of the slide, make sure that the "Scale time points of objects" checkbox is checked in the "Main" tab of the slide settings window. This is necessary so that the keyframes are positioned in proportion to the new slide time.


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