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Windows 10, Possible up-date Problems.


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Had an accident few days ago when I spilled somethink sticky on my wireless keyboard which caused a number of keys to stick down. I ordered a new wireless keyboard & mouse & plugged in my spare HP wired keyboard. This morning on my browser there was a note about MS problems with W!0 which had been present from day 1, but had been acknowledged by MS 2 weeks ago, but the patch wasn't in auto up dates & had to be requested. Then my new k/board & mouse arrived so I plugged in the transmitter & unplugged in the HP keyboard. Some time later I put the PC to sleep, which I usually do through the day. Sometime later I tried to awaken it & got a "wrong pin number" message. After some messing around & using my MS password I managed to awaken the PC. I tried this a few times & had to use my MS password each time. I tried to do a system restore, but it isn't available on W10 I believe,, then tried a couple of other options but didn't get anywhere.

Eventually I decided to ask on here, as I typed my message, I noticed the lower case L key on the new wireless keyboard wasn't working, (not a good day today). As it worked on the old wired KB I decided to order a replacement. When I filled in the Currys auto request it didn't recognise the order number or my account details. By this time I was pulling my hair out, (probably the cat god getting its own back). Eventually I managed to complete the wizard & got an email back saying they would send a refund depite asking for a replacement. So I rang them & eventuall got through to a human. Explained I wanted a replacement. not a refund. He said it would take 7-14 days!!!! I said I could get one from Amazon in 3 days & to change my request to a refund, he couldn't, so his only advise was to refuse the replacement when it arrived. I had binned the box so returning it would be difficult. Then I got an email saying Currys would collect in 2 days time. So I made an Amazon priority order & hopefully I can use the box from them for the Currys replacement.

However, has anyone else had any problems with MS updates or anything similar to my problems today.

Frustrated Rosy.:angry::angry::angry:

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On my Win 10 PC I can set the PIN at Settings, Accounts, Sign-in options, Windows Hello PIN.

I enrolled my PC in the Windows Insider Program so I get updates earlier than some computers would normally get updates. I did have an intermittent network problem a few weeks ago that required me to manually update the Realtek network driver and BIOS firmware. No problems with wireless devices.


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Thanks Tom

Only just seen your reply. Since my first post I asked the same question on the AV Forums PC forum & got this reply

(The most recent cumulative update KB5001330 has caused various problem such as boot loops BSODs slow running etc. If this is the update that preceded your problems I would uninstall it and wait for MS to issue a fix. You can uninstall the update by going to
Start>settings>update and security>update history.)

I tried that but chickened out part way. I did get this message while trying-

(NEW 4/13/21
REMINDER Microsoft removed the Microsoft Edge Legacy desktop application that is out of support in March 2021. In this April 13, 2021 release, we will install the new Microsoft Edge. For more information, see New Microsoft Edge to replace Microsoft Edge Legacy with April’s Windows 10 Update Tuesday release."
Not sure how to proceed.)

which confused me even more:wacko:. So at the moment I'm running my PC using the wired keyboard & awaitng Amazon to deliver a replacement wireless keyboard & mouse. When I get that sorted I'll re-visit the pin number issue.

Thanks Rosy.

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New wireless mouse & keyboard installed. After asking for more detailed info on how to delete the offending up-date, received this-

When you get to the update history page, above recovery options click on the uninstall updates link on your screen (highlighted in my screenshot) this will then bring you to another window


select the required update then click uninstall. You should then pause updates for a week or so and wait for MS to release a fix. To pause updates go back to the windows update page and choose pause updates
Which I have now done. Still haven't addressed the pin number issue.


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