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Dropped my Panasonic FZ330********

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Went out on our first serious photo shoot since before Christmas to Martin Mere wetlands bird sanctuary. I was on a mobility scooter with 2 camera bags, coats & a handbag. I had my Panasonic FZ330/331 on a tripod as I was shooting video, between shots I collapsed the tripod, the set it across my knees until I reached the next shot (the otters), as they only came out at feeding time I was rushing to get some pics & the tripod wasn't fully extended, as I moved backwards, the tripod & camera fell over, landing on tarmac on the rubberised edge of the camera. I checked the camera over & found with the viewing screen unfolded, the picture was inverted 180 degrees, If I folded it back into the screen recess on the camera, the picture was correct.

Q I've scoured the menu but can't find any setting procedure to enable that. I removed the battery & replaced it, but the fault persists, checked the manual to see if there was a factory reset procedure, but couldn't find anything. Before I resort to Panasonic, has anyone any idea what the problem might be & is it a user fix. Thank you.

screen inverted.jpg

screen ok.jpg

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Hi Tom

Thanks for suggesting a possible fix. However, I went through all that with the Panasonic chat guy.

I posted the problem on another couple of sites & the most plausable IMO is this suggestion "The general position/orientation of an articulatable LCD screen may get detected by magnets and magnetic switches.  If either gets dislodged (the magnet being the more likely candidate since it is not wired), the LCD will not switch its orientations in the expected positions.".

I'm now reconciled to either put up or shut up.  We have two other Panasonics, so we aren't short of cameras. The amount of photography we are able to do at present doesn't warrant putting up a substantial amount of cash to get it repaired. If the explanation I think is correct, the repair could cost more than the camera's worth. It's still usuable in a restricted way so I'm going to carry on with it as it is. Thanks adain for the suggestion.

c'est la vie Rosy.:(

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