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Co-Existance of synchronous and asynchronous audio clips

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Presently, I am working on manually controlled live presentations. Here I see a deficiency in the audio part of PTE.

My suggestion: Introduce the co-existence of synchronous and asynchronous audio clips. For each clip the user should have the choice to make it synchronous or asynchronous. In the synchronous case, everything should be as it is at present time. In the asynchronous case, the clip should start (fade in) when the cursor reaches its start point on the timeline, and it should stop (fade out) when the cursor passes its indicated endpoint. Of course, the asynchronous clip should go on running in cases when the show stops between these two points (e.g. when waiting for a key press to show the next slide). If needed, the asynchronous clip should run in a loop.

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I am trying to imagine such a presentation. Maybe you have many bird photos and each slide has a bird with the sound of the bird linked to the slide. You want the slide to loop with the bird sound while waiting for a keypress. At the same time you also have background audio that continues to play. In the timeline we can already trim audio and fade in/out? All we are missing is the async track option (continue to play during pause)? I am sure your case is more complicated than my example and more audio features always welcomed.



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The features that I am asking for is part of so-called "Speaker Support", as it is called in the professional German/Austrian AV products.

Think of a live presentation. In this case you will have parts which run automatically, and which need normal synchronous audio. But there will also be parts where you speak live to your slides. In this situation you cannot work with automatic slide progression; you must work with manual control (on one day a particular slide will stay on screen for 25 seconds, on another day it might be 45 seconds, depending on the situation and the audience). In such a part of the presentation your background audio has to be asynchronous. Furthermore you need well-defined time points for soft changes of audio clips (synchronous and asynchronous).

At present time, I use PTE for playing the synchronous audio parts, and I use batch scripts for controlling foobar2000 to run asynchronous audio (in combination with NirCmd).

This is the first time that I have to admit that my German AV friends are better off using their classical AV tools.

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