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The video presents the works of the famous contemporary Russian artist Konstantin Razumov and the contemporary well-known artist from Argentina - Fabian Perez. Both masters, each in their own manner, convey femininity, grace and unique airiness of a woman, their mood, desires, hopes and dreams.

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Congratulations on making this show. I love the albums and the individual picture displays. My favourite album is the first one showing the increasing page volume on the left whilst decreasing on the right as the pages turn. I enjoyed the show very much.


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What a show! Totally absorbing!

Beauty & Grace brilliantly captured by Masters.

Admittedly cheating, it does remind me that I have several ‘painting type programs’ and occasionally do try to attempt to ‘jazz up my own photos’ to make them more like oil paintings. Certainly anything I attempt are nothing like these works of art though.

The Albums, one returning to the coffee table at the end of the album, and the painting of an image within an image. Captivating. What also caught my eye was the flickering fire behind one of the pictures.

A masterpiece.


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15 hours ago, Xenofex2 said:


Thank you George for a nice and pleasant review. Beautiful things, beautiful women, flowing water, flickering fire, nature - make life more interesting and beautiful. Not for nothing is it said "Beauty will save the world"

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