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Nested Opacity

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We added Nested Opacity mode for an object for its child objects in future version 11.0.

I remember that this feature was requested several times.

Earlier you could implement this effect using a Mask container and adjusting its opacity parameter.

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Question on the alpha channels: Will there be a common alpha channel for all child objects (as in the case when working with a mask container), or will there be a single alpha channel for each child object (would be equivalent to changing the opacity of each child object separately)?

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3 hours ago, Igor said:

Common alpha channel. The same result you can reach now by adding a group of objects into a Mask container and then adjusting common opacity of the container. 

That's fine :)

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5 hours ago, Igor said:

Probably nested (common) color filters also could be useful?

Yes & maybe Blur.

Also it would be great if we could move a group of Objects all at the same time.
I often find, especially when making Menus that I want to shift a group of Text Items to make spce for another.
To be able to shift them by selecting & changing the Pan values with the mouse would be really useful.


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16 hours ago, jkb said:

... maybe Blur.

Regarding Blur, it seems that presently we have "nested blur" automatically, and it would fine if we could switch it on or off. In the future version, there might be 3 buttons (or tick boxes) for switching on/off the common effects for opacity, blur, and color correction.

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Igor, now, when working with Frame, the Blur parameter works, but the Opasity parameter does not. It would be nice to add this feature in the new version.
In addition, I wanted to be able to perform group operations with key frames in the new version. When you cut a photo into 20-30 parts, group cloning and copying operations are very necessary. As well as group operations with the Color correction parameter.

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