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Nicely done Barry! Nice sequencing and transitions. Too many people go the route of "look what I can do Mom!" with all that is available to them.

I assume you are creating your own music for your AV's?


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I just read your comment again and feel the need to say I agree with you, if I am reading your meaning correctly when you say.  Too many people go the route of "look what I can do Mom!" with all that is available to them.

I have to say it’s something I’ve always thought, but it’s not easy to find the appropriate words to express that without feathers flying. In my view, far too much effort is placed on transient effects, even though they maybe sophisticated and clever, and nowhere near enough effort on the quality of what is being displayed or how the images are synchronised to the soundtrack.  

If there is a place we should see good examples of Audio Visual, surely it’s on a dedicated forum like this, but those examples are few and far between. The most lengthy threads seem to be tied up with obscure technical issues and rarely do we see any discussion on technique and production issues that affect the main thing we strive for. That our presentation is well received and does not have viewers reaching for the escape key one minute in.

There’s a YouTuber I view who does not appear to be a photographer, but his presentations are very appealing to me,  because he concentrates on the content, synchronisation and he keeps things simple.


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