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Thanks Tom M. - I'm fine - just not on my system much these days....

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Hi guys I'm just not doing much on the computer these days. I have five foot long tubes and bags attached to each kidney and a permanent illiostomy bag so I don't feel much like myself any more. I'm hoping that at my next surgery they will remove to kidney bags and that will free me up a bit. 

Best reagards,

Lin & Ruby Pup

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Lin, good to hear from you and I am sorry to hear of your health issues.
I am hoping you are well soon, we miss you on the site.
All the best robertg.

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I would not be a PTE user without your help Lin.

I am always grateful and think of you often

Best wishes and good luck.


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Hi Lin,

If you are still here reading, I want to add my get better soon wishes and prayers for a recovery to a much better level of health.  Knowing how much you enjoyed PTE, making tutorials, and creating slideshows, I can only imagine how bad you must feel to have given it all up.  I will add you to my prayer list.  Take care my old friend.  No one should have to go through all the troubles you have had over the last several years.  God bless you!


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