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The Oregon Coast


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This video brings back childhood memories. When I was a child in the '60s my mother decided my sister and I should join her on a hike from Crescent City to Rockaway (the town where she lived as a child). I was only about 10 years old. I remember backpacking on the beaches and when that was not an option we hiked along highway 101. We must have hiked for at least 3 weeks and stayed in campgrounds. I think my favorite spot was Depoe Bay with the amazing boats that somehow manage to navigate between the rocks even during storms.




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I don't remember we've passed Depoe Bay. Is that before Newport?

This place is incredible. Looks like they can leave the harbor only at high tide and low swell.

3 weeks of hiking sounds unreal today.

That was my first trip to Oregon. My grand daughter starts to study at Oregon State University in Corvallis and we've decided cut back home 

by coastal US101. Unbelievably beautiful area. Unfortunately we had just 1 day to get back to Bay Area. So that was just couple of stops.

Thanks for the comment

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Liked this a lot, looks a great area to visit but unfortunately a bit far from Western Australia!

For me I would have liked the changes between locations to be just a little slower


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According what I see on  Barry's Beckham sites Australia has absolutely beautiful coastline.

I love it very much !

The changes between locations speed depends on the music, to me. I simply fallow.

Thanks a lot for the comment.


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