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Project without images [SOLVED]


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I thought I was going mad, losing some of my computer skills, most of my love of PTE, and ALL of my patience.  Wrestling with a dozen groups of similar projects, I could not work out why some worked and others misbehaved.

It appears that the offender was a small project with only text objects on blank slidies .  Inserting a totally unwanted irrelevant image gave relief.

Is there a rule that a project MUST contain a slide with an image?  If so, why???  Was it so in previous versions?

I trust a fix will be forthcoming.

Ken Travers, Bowral, Australia.  (famous home of the great Don Bradman)


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I often make Menu projects that do not have any images, they are all on blank slides. Although they do contain a rectangle to give a background colour and maybe a PNG image with a logo. 

Never had any problems with these.

I have never made a project with just text.


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Hi Ken,

A project may has only blank slides (with text objects and rectangles) without any images. It should work fine. And I frequently created such projects for testing purposes.

If you think that you discovered a problem, please send us a sample project for testing.

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Thank you Igor.  I am sorry to have mis-led you.  It appears I have lost some of my trouble-shooting skills!

It seems I was suffering from a case of cnfused or confllicting attributes, which included having a default transition duration of 1 second, and a single slide with duration less than 0.1 second.  I suppose I was unknowingly breaking some rule.

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