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Slides won't sync on timeline


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A friend is working on a project and asked me for help . Having recorded his soundtrack in Audition he transferred it to his project file and commenced to fine adjust his slide positions.

What happens is that when he moves a slide and then plays the soundtrack plays from a different position. If he plays the sequence on the timeline from the start it will play correctly until another slide is moved and he must return to play the whole way through. 

The Soundtrack and timeline should be independent of each other but this does not appear to be the case here. I have checked anything I can think of including that no slide has been linked to the soundtrack.

I have discussed this at an AV meeting and noone else has ever experianced this.

Ideas please. 

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I am sure you have already checked these but -

In Project Option/Advanced Tab is Synchronise Sountrack & Slides Ticked??

In Timeline view it will play from wherever the Red Play Bar is positioned.
To play the sound from a particular slide the position the Play bar at that point.




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What version of PTE AV Studio is installed on a PC of your friend?

There was a rare problem with audio synchronization in versions 10.5.0 - 10.5.5, a lag of 0.3 - 0.4 second on some computers. We fixed that problem since version 10.5.6.

Also you can advice to convert the original audio file to a MP3 in another audio editor (or in Audacity) and then add to PTE AV Studio to compare results.

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The track was as CBR.

I think that we have identified that the problem lies somewhere in making the sound track in Audition.

I think we have taken this as far as we can so thanks to those who gave suggestions and we can close this.

If anything comes to light relevant to PTE I will post it.

Thank you

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