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  1. The direct upload to Youtube worked, obviously. So, no problems. Just a little curious about logging in via PTE.
  2. I'll give the direct upload on Youtube a try. I just thought PTE might do something special that a direct upload won't, since the feature is included in the PTE Publish section. Thanks, as always.
  3. I'm trying to publish my first project to Youtube but keep getting stuck at the first step where I'm asked for my YT login and password. Everything I try, it says "Your login was in correct". But it IS correct. I tried many times, both with and without the "@gmail.com" part. I confirmed my information is correct by logging into YT directly on the web.
  4. Ah, very informative! I've learned so much in these forums from my sole PTE project, and conquered every hurdle I've encountered. My next goal is to make a playable BluRay disk. So, thanks for taking the time to post this information, potwnc.
  5. OK, test file loaded onto PC with Bit Defender. Let's see what happens. Last time it took a few days before any problem appeared.
  6. Igor, Sure, I can do that this evening after work and load the test file onto my office PC tomorrow. Unfortunately, my problem exe file is too large for VirusTotal to scan. I'm confident there is no virus and I think I convinced my I.T. department it was a false positive. I installed that same file on at least 5 other people's PCs at work and the I.T. department said it was only a problem on my PC. I'm tempted to reload the file back onto my office PC to see if the same thing happens.
  7. Igor, I'm at work now but the PTE program is on my machine at home and I can't tell you the exact version, but I can tell you I downloaded it about 2 weeks ago and I'm pretty sure it is the current version 7.5.10 for Windows. That should my version unless there are different builds within each version. If there are different builds, I can get that info later. Just to be clear, the machine with the anti-virus issue does NOT have the PTE software installed on it. It only has the published PTE projects on it.
  8. Ken, I'm not sure what details you're looking for, but it's a very basic presentation consisting of 100+ jpegs and one mp3 music track. The output is 1920 x 1080. I have an AVI, MP4, EXE for Mac and EXE for Windows PC. It appears to be from file for PC. Hope this is what you're looking for.
  9. Just want to report something about my .exe project which I loaded onto my office PC a few days ago. After having that file on my work machine for several days and after viewing it several times, my office I.T. department informed me of a problem with my exe file just yesterday. The I.T. guy emailed me: Host intrusion Detection did not like something in the file... it was seen by Bit Defender as “The program tried to inject its code into the process space of another application. No further details. He said Bit Defender blocked whatever action the .exe file was trying to do but didn't delete or quarantine the .exe file. It wasn't a virus, per se. Currently using Bit Defender Business client 3.5.12.
  10. Ken, yes I did, in fact, read EVERY post in that thread. My initial post clearly said there is merely talk about dropping DVD support. As a newbie, I came here for information, not criticism. You came here from left field, offering nothing but a jab in the third person.
  11. I found the options setting. Thanks. I guess I should save each one of these settings changes a different project. See attachment for screen captures regarding output resolution.
  12. I'm curious about a couple of things while trying to burn my first project to CDs. In Video Builder, you can select between PAL and NTSC. Both are 4:3 SD formats but the fixed resolution shown in PAL is 720 x 576 (5:4) and in NTSC it's 720 x 480 (3:2). Neither of the 4:3 formats is actually 4:3. Anyway, I burned my 16:9 project to a 4:3 NTSC disc and when playing back on the DVD, of course the video is cut off on my 4:3 SD TV. It seems like the creator needs to know what specific device the content will be played and adjust the output accordingly. Not PicturesToExe's fault. Just so darned many formats out there. Now, about an HD DVD. I read the forums and there isn't support for it and there is talk of dropping DVD support altogether. If I want to burn my 1920 x 1080 project to a BluRay disk, is it as simple as converting my project to MP4 (which I've already done in PTE), then using another program, burn that file to a BR disk? I heard h.264 is the same as MP4, which is the BluRay standard. Any help is appreciated.
  13. Great. Thanks, Tom. Looking at the folder on my PC seemed strange. I'll be sure to pass your info on to the Mac users.
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