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  2. Hi Everyone, Hopefully this is the end of this tutorial. Clearly I am in over my head but determined to finish! When I apply the slide style for the book cover it works well. The problem is with pages 1 and 2 which is the start of the 2nd slide style used for the pages. There is no time to view the pages and I don't know what to do about it! Slide Style Book_Jan16-2021_14-31-59.zip
  3. Yesterday
  4. Magnifique réalisation !!! le style serai le bienvenu ? Merci Paul Henry
  5. A small improvisation by one of the participants (engi) of the PTE enthusiasts forum on the topic of floral styles. Paul
  6. Hi, set of styles with decorative elements for holiday and New Year presentations. Each element is in a self-contained control container. You can change scale, position and rotation in this container (only along the C and X axes). Slide time can be changed, but only with the obligatory scaling of key frames. The optimal slide time is 12 sec. Paul New Year Decoration (white).ptestyle New Year Decoration (color).ptestyle
  7. Thank you Pavel! Excellent and beautiful style!
  8. Thank you, Neil L, for the rating. Russia is very different and huge. When there are severe cold and frosty weather in the North, flowers, trees and people swim in the sea in the South. Earlier, in the 17-18 centuries, it took about 1.5 years to travel from the West of Russia to the East on a horse.
  9. Hello paul another one superb style and which indeed is perfectly suited for children. well done Philippe
  10. Rosemary A, Henry, Michael thanks for the watching and feedback! Paul
  11. Last week
  12. Hi Paul Thank you very much . One word to sum up WHOW Michael
  13. I like the XY tripod base and external monitor. Much faster to transfer slides to digital than a flatbed. I also remember installing SCSI I/O cards for scanners and external DVD drives a long time ago. USB is so much easier now. Kodak Slide Projectors reminds me of my first job at our local University in early 80s. The Media Services department had hundreds of slide projectors for faculty to use in the classroom. My job was repairing VCRs, CRT type TVs, and servicing slide projectors. A projector has a cam stack with many levers. Timing and lever travel was critical in order to avoid stuc
  14. Merci !!!! Paul Oh la la la c'est magnifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiique !!!!!!! Henry
  15. Greetings, I finally finished putting together the setup for digitizing my slides. Not the most elegant setup but it is functional and inexpensive (except for the Sigma 105mm macro lens). Takes about 6 or so seconds per slide to manually take the image and rotate the carousel, both using wired triggers to avoid vibrations. At this point, I've process 9 carousels, with at least 40 more to go, plus hundreds of yellow boxes and slide sleeves. Gary
  16. Thank you Paul. I can only imagine the work involved with these styles and transitions. Thank you for sharing. Rosemary A
  17. The set blur, when outputting to video, affects only moving images (excluding video files). In your case, for relatively static images, blur has no effect. Paul
  18. What work ! Very nice result, well done ! Bravo, and thanks a lot.
  19. Thanks for the info, so am I correct in assuming that motion blur has no benefit for slideshows that contain just still images and no video content that are output to MP4? Thanks Geoff
  20. Hi, Flowers, a small set of styles and transitions for children's presentations. Paul Download
  21. This style is made by aleale 5025, stranger2156 sent me his version of the stars in the mail. Everything else-light bulbs, stars, balloons, flags-was made by me, aleale 5025. We have a different approach to creating garlands. Thank you, I'm glad you liked the garland. Aleale 5025
  22. Thank you for allowing me to see a Russia I had not seen or even known about. Great photography that gives justice to beautiful scenes. Again Thank you.
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