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  2. In the latest version 10.0.14, everything is the same. It would be logical to disable the Convert / Trim Video Clip line in the large file list window if this is only supported in the small window. P.S. As far as I understand, in previous versions this circumstance did not bother anyone, to convert and crop video (if necessary) only in a small window of the file list. Paul
  3. PTE 10.5. If I right click on a video in full screen file list there is a convert/trim video clip option but it does not seem to do anything? It is the same on Mac and Windows. I can still convert/trim in the normal file list. Thanks, Tom
  4. Hi Tom I actually rendered it down to medium quality @30p in PTE to get the size to fit in a post. The original is quite good considering the price of the camera. Only problem I've found with it is the night setting, haven't found it yet. Cheers Rosy.
  5. Just a quick note on Mac audio. The Mac has many audio input and output channels that can be mixed together. I am using Big Sur and the new M1 silicon Mac mini. I think I finally have the missing audio screen recording issue resolved after watching this video and installing 2 ch Blackhole virtual audio driver. Now Quicktime Player screen recorder is capturing the audio. Audio Hijack might be another option but Blackhole is free and was easy to install and configure. https://existential.audio/blackhole/ Thanks, Tom
  6. Hi Rosy, Great video quality. I like TP-Link products. We have 3 indoor cats but they have an enclosed Catio (Patio for Cats). Thanks, Tom
  7. Yesterday
  8. Maybe you should post it in "Sideshow Club".
  9. The title of the section is Equipment & Software, I debated wether to post it in Off Topic, but you can't use PTE without a camera, unless you use someone elses work. The video was edited & converted in PTE.
  10. I'm confused. What does this have to do with PTE?
  11. Since we moved from a town centre apartment to a semi rural bungalow, we have been plagued with the lawns being used as animal toilets. As there is quite a large animal population around here, I wasn't sure wich animal was the culprit. Last week I dug out the mower from the garage & started on the larger rear lawn which backs onto open fields, on the second strip, "squelch" I'd trodden in something nasty which stunk to high heaven & filled the cleats on my new gardening boots. I completed both lawns then sat down to find some way of preventing this happening again. My first though
  12. Last week
  13. Hi Igor, Good to know. Also, if there is a directory path in front of the filename does PTE first look in that directory, then if it does not find the file, also look in the current working directory? I try to remember to remove the path in front of filename but not sure if that is required? Thanks, Tom
  14. Only noticed during testing Menu compatibility between Mac and Windows. Easily fixed by renaming the .pteav file or moving it to a different directory. Thanks, Tom
  15. On Windows and Mac "Run Slideshow..." commands use the same PTE player window, just loading a new show file.
  16. Tom, Thanks, we'll fix it in the next update.
  17. I noticed that Windows PTE AV Studio created slideshows (Executable File for PC) checks for a .pteav of the same name before looking inside itself for .pteav data. For instance, if I have test1.exe (created with Executable File for PC) and test1.pteav (created with Show for Mac) it will play the contents of test1.pteav (might not contain the same media as test1.exe) if they are both in the same folder. Maybe PTE AV Studio only has one type of player which may or may not be integrated with data, so it defaults to searching for a .pteav file first? Maybe just normal behavior? Thanks, Tom
  18. I'm not sure if this is how it works for everyone else but on both Windows and Mac I just use "Run Slideshow With Return" and point to the .pteav file. It seems to work fine. I'm guessing it just uses the same player in memory instead of loading a new copy. Thanks, Tom
  19. Hi, Let me know about a result. Good luck!
  20. Many thanks for your replies and help. I will try the updated versions tomorrow and probably upgrade to 10 when I have looked at the trial version
  21. Thanks. I was going by a screen shot of the Mac Publish Show button options. DG
  22. No, you can get the ordinary Exe for PC from the Publish menu, not the Publish button. No idea why it is not included in the Publish button.
  23. Probably you need to update drivers for your graphics card.
  24. Thank you for the effort you put into helping me. I tried with another web browser, but there was no problem. Fortunately, after getting it on Google, I was able to solve the problem. I just disabled hardware acceleration from the Chrome settings. Now the freezing has significantly reduced.
  25. Hi, This problem may occur for several reasons: - Network problem with your local Internet provider (the most likely). - Unstable Wi-fi connection. - High CPU loading due to programs working at background. - Hardware problem with a computer or drivers. Check another web browser (EDGE or Firefox). Check videos on Vimeo.com Check a playback of a local video file (with HD 1080p quality).
  26. Safe Executable is the only (exe) option you mac users have so maybe people should get more familiar with their use in both camps. Standardisation is imperative to make things as easy as possible for all. DG
  27. Yes, Dave this is true. However almost no one saves their sequence as a safe executable for the Internet. Also in competition you can also get exe’s created in other software like Wings, some of which are 32 bit and some 64 bit. This is why I suggest having two bottles available. It would be even better if they contained Malbec!
  28. I believe that the mac will play the .pteav file contained in a Save Executable produced by a Windows PC. Am I correct? DG
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