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  2. The good news is, the registration key has been restored today. It is necessary to restart the computer (if this has not been done before), start ProShow and enter the registration key in the Help->Enter Registration. Paul
  3. Great presentation of this interesting images. Bert
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  5. Hi Berny, I have the latest version of ProShow Producer and the same problem. Since June 3, the registration key verification server for ProShow has not been working. According to information from Joshua with Photopia (previously he was a leading employee of Photodex), this problem is currently being solved. You need to wait. Paul
  6. Thank you everyone. Some great advice given. Paul your "Deselect the container" worked like a charm. I have a similar Style for PSP but couldn't convert it for PTE. Now I don't have to worry. Rosemary
  7. Hi JJB45 I understand, PTE is still lacking text editing features. Sometimes I use Photoshop PS2 (the free version, downloaded from Adobe}, en save it as PNG and open in PTE; Keep the Photoshop file, just in case you need to make modifications, because in PTE it is a picture and no text file MUR
  8. You can upgrade to Pro for just the difference between the two versions. It IS worth it. DG
  9. Hello! Does anyone else have a full version of ProShowGold 9? I was just trying something in my 9 Ver. yesterday, but now it is suddenly a trial and can't be activated with my (purchase) registration data. Thanks for your tips. Greetings
  10. Hi, Rosemary, In the timeline( under Objects and Animations I went to the beginning of the style and under Insert I chose Image(can be video). Then the image as described above by right clicking on the image one layer backwards. Then it should work. Maybe I did not make the right step as a beginner, but it led to the right result. Greeting
  11. Alice Just try it and see what happens - a good way to learn! Regards wideangle
  12. To add videos as background is the same way?
  13. Thanks Rosemary for feedback! To add a background image or video, follow these steps - 1. roll up the main container Фотографии (Photos) 2. deselect the container (by clicking on any empty place on the screen or list of objects) 3. add a picture or video for the background 4. move this object to the very bottom Best regards, Paul
  14. Hello MUR This is what I meant by proper alignment, each color of the letter is centered on the on the previous color. Otherwise, as I did above, the word becomes the center. It would be worse in a caption with even three or four words. I think what I did was change the scale of the whole text. Is there some other method I am not seeing? Your attachment will not open for me. PS: I opened your download. Seems I can be computer illiterate at times.
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  16. Thank you Paul for this great style. My German is about on a power with my PTE ability so could someone please tell me where to put a background? I have tried putting it at the very bottom but it comes in as a child in frame 2. Thank you, Rosemary
  17. Hi JJB45 To make this, you only need to change the scale of the whole text, not each letter MUR text.pte
  18. Bruno, Wideangle, sanpier, thank you for your comments.
  19. Thanks for your generosity, always appreciated. Kieron
  20. The envelope is not available in the Standard Edition. DG
  21. I tried the free trial version and then bought a licence. When I tried the trial version there was the orange line in the audio clips to adjust the volume. I've now lost this facility in all audio files and can't find how to get it back.
  22. Dom, thank you for this! I would like to thank you and all of the contributors on this forum for their hard work and creativity in creating these styles and transitions and making them available to us. As I am new at PTE, I am amazed at the talent and generosity of all of you contributors. sanpier
  23. Good idea, it would be great! May be you could start a new post in the «suggestions for next versions » section ? Thank you for your feedback, glad everything is ok. Thanks to YOU for suggested me to make a new style with this famous sequence.
  24. un Grand Merci Dom !!!! belle réalisation !! Henry
  25. Thanks, Dom Something I did not immediately think about the section for styles, I would have to ask Igor to transfer the topic. Paul
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