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  2. My experience is the reverse of yours Jill. From the earliest days of digital cameras I’ve only ever used card readers. That would be about 25 years now and I’ve never connected any of my cameras to my computer to download images. I’ve not had one failure in all that time, be that a card failure or lost images, but I always format the card in the camera and never allow software to remove images from the card as part of the download process. I also don’t allow images to build up on a card either, which means the cards are in and out of my camera probably a lot more than most peoples. I download the images I shoot every day with few exceptions. Then format the card ready for the next day out. I’m not sure what one persons experience amounts to, but with not one issue in all that time suggests I must be doing something right. I do buy good quality cards, but I have to admit my card reader was a cheap one that I used for many years. Only changed it recently when I needed to download the new type of Compact Flash cards.
  3. Just a Slideshow... Here's the link:
  4. +1 but never used a card reader as the act of removing the card & re-fitting it into the camera can cause faults. I did buy a card reader when I was into gimbals as the manufacturers wanted to transfer info using one. Just keep it for emergencies now. Have one on my PC & LT but never use them. Rosy.
  5. I once had an SD card damaged by a card reader and lost all of the photos on it. Since then I have always connected the camera. Jill
  6. Hi, It is possible but not easily if the text is animated. You have to copy the text on each slide. Maybe not for beginners : note that keypoints can be located outside of slide. See an example there (my post of april 2nd:
  7. Jill An obvious solution! I hadn’t thought of that straightforward solution probably because I’m the opposite to you and always connect the sd card rather than the camera or other device. That’s probably because my desktop, my laptop, and my printer all have integrated card readers. Regards wideangle
  8. Hi Is it possible in PTV AVS 10 to have a single instance of text to remain visible across multiple videos and/or slides? If it is can someone explain how to do it? Thanks Ross
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  10. I did not miss that point. But JBB seems to have the same problem with various external devices. So he may plug a (short) USB 3 extension cable into the back permanently in order to use it for a card reader, external HDD, thumb drive ... Perhaps not a very elegant solution, but quite a universal one
  11. connect the camera to the computer via a USB cable. I never use a card reader & always connect via USB for all my devices Jill
  12. jt49 That would be ok for the USB connection but he would still need something to deal with his camera memory cards. Regards wideangle
  13. Did you try a short USB extension cable?
  14. Last week
  15. Thanks, that will likely be the answer.
  16. Greetings Fellow Creatives! This week’s new free music tracks are on my brand new Jazz / Big Band page: BIG BAND SWINGIN’ MELLOW MIND https://soundimage.org/jazz-big-band/ Both tracks are available as looping and non-looping. This is going to be a fun page to build! In the meantime, please don’t forget about my Ogg music packs and tracks. They’re a great way to support my efforts. Enjoy and please stay healthy.
  17. Mike, Try other WAV audio files. If the problem occurs with a certain WAV file, send us a sample file for testing (via Google Drive or WeTransfer.com).
  18. Hi Dominique, Let me know, did you create a 4K video with default settings - 3840 x 2160, High quality, 60p? If not, please try these default settings.
  19. Does it play and if so, is the volume very low? In Preferences, see the setting for Timeline Audio track height.
  20. Try dragging a a different, more "lively" WAV/MP3 into the Timeline as a trial to see if it makes a difference to the waveform. Could it be that the piece you are using in just very quiet?
  21. I have dragged a Wav file onto the music frame and only get a straight line not the wave form. This makes editing to the music very difficult. Is there a solution.
  22. "Twists, unwinding and winding of the lace require a spreadsheet to be done quickly" "With excel and macros, it is possible to automate many things,..." Very nice to know. Is it possible to put the "HOW" in the Help wiki? It might interest other users and expand their knowledge. Moreover, it is again an additional advantage for the extensive possibilities of PTE. Thanks.
  23. Hello, PTE AV Studio 10.5.4 has improved compatibility of created 4K videos with some 4K TV but it's still not working on Panasonic TX-55GZ1000. I can read the PTE 4K files on bluray player Panasonic UB820EFK. 4K Test.mp4
  24. JJB45 If you google ‘usb extension for card reader’ there are lots of devices around which would solve the problem of inaccessible slots on an AIO. Regards wideangle
  25. I am shopping for an All In One, 27 inch computer. My current AIO is an HP and it has USB/SD card reader slots located on the back and bottom of the screen. Neither is easily accessible for thumb drives or camera cards holding photos. My old Dell did have the slots on the side but they seem to no longer be available on new Dell machines. Is there a workaround for this issue? I would like to go back to a Dell.
  26. Hi all With excel and macros, it is possible to automate many things, mainly in large projects. For example, modify the duration of a large group of slides by a certain amount or percentage, without having to do it one by one or the batch adjustment of any PTE variable. MUR
  27. Hi, The full slideshow can be found here : https://www.slideshowclub.com/files/file/171-two-poppies/ Twists, unwinding and winding of the lace require a spreadsheet to be done quickly
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