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  2. Greetings Fellow Creatives! This week’s new sounds are on my SFX – Weather page. LIGHT RAIN + THUNDER (1-4) https://soundimage.org/sfx-weather/ If you feel that my 2000+ free tracks of music and sound effects are helpful, please consider making a small donation on my website to help support my efforts. Soundimage is 100% community supported. Thanks in advance and have a good week!
  3. HI Igor, I am following up on your October 27 reply regarding adding additional IPTC codes. At the time I wrote, we were about a year away from our 2020 competition season - but now we are in it and having access to these additional codes will be critical for us. I am presenting working with a dataset of over 3,000 images and a proportion of these will need to be built into some 11 different presentations. Having the IPTC fields available means we can automate this. Can you let me know if / when you may be able to update the list? I would say we will need it by mid-August to prep
  4. Well I finally figured it out. It's certainly different from the last time I did it. For those who are wondering, I did what I should have done in the first place & read the on-line help. Scroll down the L/h list of subjects until you come to video, video click that & go to adding video, it's all to do with Single Video Clip & Master Video Track. I blame my eyes, the print is a little small & I didn't pick up the difference between SINGLE VIDEO CLIP & MASTER VIDEO TRACK, my bad Rosy.
  5. Nicely done. A beautiful memory !! Frans
  6. Merci, Henry. Espérons que le style sera utile pour des vidéos intéressantes et belles.
  7. I've done this years ago, but can't seem to get my head around how it works in the latest version of PTE. I'm in the middle of making a show, originally I started with a blank slide but couldn't add a video clip & make it carry on running past the first actual slide. I then tried using the video clip as the first slide & adding picture slides & text to it, managed that OK. Then came towards the end of the first video clip where I wanted to add a second video clip, but I can't make the 2nd clip run. I can see the reduced opacity first frame but that just sticks there. I've added a s
  8. un Grand , Grand MERCI !!!! encore un magnifique cadeau . Henry
  9. I am glad that the style is useful to you.
  10. Igor - you nailed it ! I installed that version and the error has gone. Thanks very much.
  11. Thank you! I had looked for the Tekct and missed it! I need to work on my Russian some more. I have lots of uses for these styles. Rosemary
  12. Thank you Rosemary for your feedback! Of course, you can write your own text in the Properties tab. This is a regular text object placed on the border.
  13. Hi, You need to install the latest update - 9.0.22 from WnSoft website > Download > Previous versions page.
  14. Thank you vbl2007 for the styles. They are really neat. Is there any way of changing the text and if so how? Rosemary
  15. Hi Folks, I hope everyone’s having a good weekend. Brand new free texture images are ready on these pages on my site: BRICK (Artistic) ROCK/STONE (Artistic) WOOD (Artistic) You can access them from here: https://soundimage.org/images-home-page/ Feel free to edit them as needed, generate maps from them, or whatever you like. OTHER NEWS I’ve finally begun my quest to begin expanding the ambient sounds section of my website… sound effects, too. Both sections really need it and it’s taken much too long to get around to it, but life has been hectic. Anyhow, I hope some of t
  16. thanks - yes I can play p2e exe's fine - no issues with that. It is an old laptop, graphics card sw is up to date. Everything in P2E seems to be working despite the issue..... I have a sneaking suspicion it might be something to do with accessing the files or folders (maybe !)
  17. Examples of applying the Drawing ellipses style. You can download the styles on link: https://yadi.sk/d/EMnuY7tUoe0NSQ
  18. Can you play a .exe slideshow without an access violation? If you don't have one you can download from https://www.slideshowclub.com/files/category/1-slideshows/ I would check my Windows operating system and graphics card to see if any updates are available. Tom
  19. I am getting a memory error every time I start up P2E 9 (win 10) , even on new projects. "Access Violation at address 0075ACE0 in module 'picturestoexe.exe'. Read of address 00000000' Any ideas? (tried a re-install - that didn't help)
  20. Hi Bill, We’re glad to see you again, thanks for waiting the Mac version of PTE!
  21. Hello Igor, Made the purchase of the Pro version of PTE for our new MacMini M1---16GB---1 Tera SSD and runs perfectly and should I say "fast"!! It has been at least 10 years since we moved over to Mac from PCs and losing WnSoft was the saddest part of that move.(Didn't want to run Windows on our Macs) I waited 10 years while always hoping to come back to WnSoft and now so glad to be back. When I checked your website a little over a week ago I couldn't been more pleasantly surprised!! Thank you Igor and your team for making a wonderful product available now on Macs! Bill
  22. Earlier
  23. Hi Tom Thanks for suggesting a possible fix. However, I went through all that with the Panasonic chat guy. I posted the problem on another couple of sites & the most plausable IMO is this suggestion "The general position/orientation of an articulatable LCD screen may get detected by magnets and magnetic switches. If either gets dislodged (the magnet being the more likely candidate since it is not wired), the LCD will not switch its orientations in the expected positions.". I'm now reconciled to either put up or shut up. We have two other Panasonics, so we aren't short of c
  24. So I’ve finally begun my quest to begin expanding the ambient sounds section of my website… sound effects, too. Both sections really need it and it’s taken much too long to get around to it, but life has been hectic. Anyhow, you’ll find new suburban daytime ambience here: https://soundimage.org/amb-suburban-ambience/ And some new sounds effects here: https://soundimage.org/sfx-vehicles/ Lots more on the way. Enjoy!
  25. I was wondering if anyone has used automatic AI/neural engine colorization software for old photos and which is your favorite? On Windows I have tested Photoshop 2021 Neural Colorization filter, PhotoGlory, and MyHeritage. I think MyHeritage uses https://github.com/jantic/DeOldify . My next step is to try a Mac version of auto colorize software for comparison. Photo of my grandmother probably sometime around 1940-1960 era. Thanks, Tom
  26. Hi Rosy, I don't have this camera but it looks like there is a reset option. https://panasonic.ca/viewing/ALL/DMC-FZ300PP/OI/sqw0419/sqw0419.pdf From pages 73 and 74. Tom
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