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  2. Peter, I saw this behavour with Audacity. We'll check later why it happens. In macOS there are several ways to run external apps and pass a project file.
  3. Hi Igor Beta 10 is working with the external editors with one exception. If Audacity is already open the sound file will not appear even if no other sound file is open in Audacity and it is just live in the dock. If Audacity is not live it opens and the file appears. This is strange because if I open one file in Audacity from the Finder and then open another one from the Finder Audacity simply opens a second window. It does not do the same thing if it has already opened a file from PTE even if that window has been closed. I have another audio editor called Fission and it behaves
  4. Children inherit the blur of their parents. So a parent-child-construction is not the way to go
  5. Claudio, in my opinion, NOT as children of the master video, just over the blured master and linked video in all other slides. This way you do not need to touch any actual image, just add the video. I hope your actual PNG images do not occupy all area, as video will only show outside images.
  6. Hi Claudio I would insert the video first as the master video in objects & animation, blur it & add the PNG images as children of the master video. Rosy.
  7. At present time, you have to insert the video into all slides: In the first slide insert it as master video; in all other slides as a linked video.
  8. Peter, Try new Beta 10. External editors should work now.
  9. Beta 10 is available See the download link in first post above. Preview now plays in a fullscreen mode (hiding Dock and Main menu). Improved rendering of text objects with a cursive font. Improved a full screen view of the File list. Fixed problem with choosing external file editors in Preferences. Cmd+Shift+F switches between fullscreen and normal view in the main window and in the Preview.
  10. I am facing the following problem. I prepared a video show with mainly PNG images and with appropriate audio clips associated to each of them. I would like to use as background a video (out of focus in order not to disturb the images) covering the entire time of the show. It would be nice to insert it like we normally do for an audio track. Is there any suggestion in how to proceed without the need to process again the entire work? Thanks for any help Saluti Claudio
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  12. Great article about H.266. https://www.videoproc.com/resource/h266-vvc.htm AV1 might have a license fee due to IP based on prior H.2nn patents. https://rethinkresearch.biz/articles/aomedia-will-relent-to-fair-av1-patent-licensing-program/ Google Duo supports AV1. I didn't think the smartphone hardware supported real time encoding. https://www.blog.google/products/duo/4-new-google-duo-features-help-you-stay-connected/ Tom
  13. It would be really helpful if there could be a Shortcut key for 'Split Audio Clip' EG Alt+S Having recently made 2 AV's with voiceover - I do the whole voiceover as 1 take. I then need to split it up to be able to move the phrases into the correct place on the Timeline. The Split Audio Clip command works great, but it would be so much quicker if I could just hit Alt+S (or another key combination) Jill
  14. Hello together! Can anyone give me a tip on how I move an image in a template of e.g., DaveGee - Advanced Filp 3D in the frame itself, so that I can move the height of the image as shown in the appendix, so that my image is always central (the white sign is higher up in the frame). Thanks for your suggestions. I am tense and almost resigned. Furthermore you can check if I create a show and calculate it as a movie HD 1920*1080 /30 pictures MP4, I can't play the movie in the render window after the calculation. Thanks and greetings Stay healthy
  15. Hello, We didn't change anything in Video Builder for DVD creation several years. This output option was kept for compatibility for users of previous versions who still need to burn DVD video. Try again with another project, and with another DVD player.
  16. I'm trying to create a DVD-video from my slideshow using Video Builder. in Project Options, I have a box ticked to 'Add Chapters' based on xx minute intervals. I assume it is supposed to break the video down, so that one could use 'skip forward' button on a DVD player remote. However, when I play the disc, it has only one chapter, so no skipping through. I've been using PTE for a few years now, and it used to work just fine before. I had to re-install the program recently, and it's the first slideshow I'm doing since then - not sure how that could be related though.
  17. And, if we can overwrite the original MP4 file when we re-Publish HD Video and remove the '(2)', it works...but not in Trim/Convert??? Gary
  18. Last week
  19. Hello Igor I was at work today and am again tomorrow, so I'll carry out my testing as you suggest over the weekend and post after that. The op system is Mojave 10.14.6 Andrew
  20. Greetings, Your 'converted.converted' file is only35.6Kb, so that is the 'empty' file, similar to what happens to me. And your original 'trimmed/converted' file disappears. I don't receive the 'Video not found'. It seems to me to be a problem that you can not trim/convert an already trimmed file (.converted.mp4) and rename the '.converted.converted' back to just '.converted'. Seems you have to accept the 'converted.converted' filename and then have to delete the original 'converted' file and then rename the 'converted.converted' file back to 'converted' in a separate step. Does not make
  21. I started using PTE AV Studio Pro only three months ago. I was previously an user of Photodex Proshow for several years and recently I was an user of Photopia Creator for about 3 months. Now I am a "Delighted" user of PTE AV Studio Pro. It allows me to do more creative shows than before. THANKS FOR YOUR EXCELLENT PRODUCT.
  22. Greetings Igor, I don't understand that you say I can not overwrite a Converted/Trimmed file with the same name. I want to trim a previously Converted/Trimmed clip and keep the same name. Seems like a normal Windows function to overwrite a file. Why would it give me a useless file with a filename with an 'underscore'? And remove the previously converted/trimmed clip?: When I try to do this, I do get the question if I want to overwrite the previous file. So it looks like it will do it, but it does not: Then, I try to close the window of that appears
  23. I have noticed something similar when I completed a show, created an MP4 video then re-named it. I expected to find the re-named MP4 in the pictures folder of the show but couldn't find it, only a blank square with the new name. I used Microsoft's search facility & found the re-named MP4 in an un named folder on my D drive. So I copied it & added it to the picture folder of the show, strange.
  24. Hi Gary, I think I can guess about the reasons for the failure during the second pruning, if I understood your actions correctly. You crop the video and leave the new default name (xxxxxxxx.converted.mp4). OK. The second step, the newly trimmed video is trimmed again and the program sets a new name, i.e. one more converted (xxxxx.converted.converted.mp4) is added to the end. But you decide here in the window to fix it in order to overwrite the already cropped source. To which the program, before starting the conversion, asks whether it is necessary to overwrite an existing file. And after co
  25. Gary, You cannot overwrite the same file. If you open and convert filename.converted.mp4 file, a destination file should use another filename.
  26. Greetings, I found a problem when I try to trim a 'converted' video clip and try to rename it by removing the second 'converted' in filename to overwrite the first converted clip. More details: I trimmed a video clip and saved as 'filename.converted.mp4'. I then tried to trim that clip. The filename would have been 'filename.converted.converted.mp4'. But I wanted to save it by overwriting the previous file so I edited out the second 'converted' to save it as 'filename.converted.mp4'. But the process freezes. This happened twice. And I noticed that the file that is created when i
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