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  2. Greetings Creatives, Brand new seamless texture images are ready on these pages on my site: GROUND - Artistic (Tile-able) METAL - Artistic (Tile-able) You can access them from here: https://soundimage.org/images-home-page/ CUSTOM MUSIC If anyone happens to need some custom music created, give me a shout. My contact information is here: https://soundimage.org/custom-work/ In the meantime, enjoy my free assets! :-)
  3. Another program that claims to colorize B/W images is NCH Photopad. John
  4. Really enjoyable and it has given me some ideas. I have nearly all of my family bw negatives going back to 1930's so maybe there will be something there that I can use when I get my scanner a new light source, John
  5. TY, forgot all about the lightbox view, many thanks! #2, more info; say my slide count is less than what should have been imported from a directory. Is there any way to tell p2e to re-import without creating duplicate files in the show?
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  7. Q1 You could use the light box view. Down in the bottom R/H corner of your working page is a miniscule green icon, (it's green on mine as I use the dark view version) click that & all your slide in the show will be shown in a light box view, See screen shot. Q2 not sure what you want? Rosy Just realised you said files, maybe my answer will help someone?
  8. Besides the good old mk1 eyeball, is there an easy way to find duplicate files in a show? side issue: Is there a way to add only 'missing' flies from a source directory to a show? thanks
  9. Thank you Alex, looks amazing!! i will try it, and hopefully can a suprise my wife with the firsts years with our kids...
  10. As a part time senior student at the local University I am lucky to have access to all the Adobe Creative Cloud software. In my limited testing I did not find much difference in quality between Photoshop and PhotoGlory. Back to the original topic. Fantastic slideshow of old black and white photos, colorized photos, and rust. I know a few people that collect old metal objects that rust and they place in their yards as art sculptures. Not tractors, but pieces of boilers, saws, etc. Thanks, Rusty Tom
  11. It couldn't be any easier, just click Save or Save As to give it a new name. This saves the .pte file which is all the instructions to build the Sequence. If you mean you want to save all the images, sounds etc as a complete thing then just Create A Template. This makes a Folder with all of the items needed including the .pte file. You can specify where this Folder will be placed in the Manage Templates option Jill
  12. The one thing I would like to have is a much easier and surer method of saving a sequence, both completed and work in progress. Canico
  13. Many thanks am now up and running again.
  14. My experience is that you would never know it was cloud based, because it works faster than many other filters I’ve used. Is there an issue I’ve not noticed? It’s made no difference to me at all. Photoglory would not be less expensive to those who are users of Photoshop, because the Neural filters are a free addition.
  15. Hi Barry, Photoshop colorize filter processing is done in the cloud? I thought it downloaded the neural filter to the PC and it does the object detection and color processing? I have PhotoGlory which is a less expensive Windows only alternative. It is not a cloud based colorizers. It's not perfect and the skies are usually washed out. Thanks, Tom https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/using/colorize.html https://youtu.be/9rfb_AHLIwY?t=306
  16. Last week
  17. Just point your "Set Graphical Editor" to the new location of PS 2022 "Photoshop.exe" - you should not have to reboot (PC). DG
  18. In this video, I show some of the steps of an exercise, to transform a flat image to a polyhedron. It is not a tutorial, nor is it fully adjusted MUR It is in Slideshowclub
  19. Hi Dave My apologies I have a Mac. Do I need to reboot my system for it to take effect.
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