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  2. Thank you Igor. That will be a great help with transition organization. Rosemary
  3. Hi Rosemary, We added Rename Category command in future version 11.0
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  5. Hi, What browser are you using? Try another browser to compare. I don't have this problem with the latest Chrome. Probably this issue occured after a recent update of the forum software to a new version 4.6. If so, the most likely it can be fixed with a nearest update(s).
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  7. The last week I have been having problems adding comments and topics on this forum. After adding a topic or comment, the browser hangs for 5-7 minutes, after that there is no topic or comment on the screen.
  8. Thank you Rosemary for your feedback. All the best to you and health!
  9. Congratulations on making this show. I love the albums and the individual picture displays. My favourite album is the first one showing the increasing page volume on the left whilst decreasing on the right as the pages turn. I enjoyed the show very much. Rosemary
  10. The video presents the works of the famous contemporary Russian artist Konstantin Razumov and the contemporary well-known artist from Argentina - Fabian Perez. Both masters, each in their own manner, convey femininity, grace and unique airiness of a woman, their mood, desires, hopes and dreams.
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  12. I'm a great believer in the phrase, "a picture is often worth a thousand words" Rosy.
  13. Menus are very easy to make. Make a show, that has 'Wait for Keypress to show next Slide' This will keep the Menu on screen while individual shows are running. As mentioned previously, add Text or images for each show you wish to run. For each add an 'Action on Mouse Click' to 'Run Application or Open File' Make sure that all your shows are in the same folder as the Menu. The Menu has to be an exe file, but individual shows can be Exe or MP4 or another Program. Jill
  14. Just dug out a menu I made about 10 years ago, have to scratch my head a bit to remember how I did it. Maybe the screen shot will help. this was done originally about 10 versions ago, so I'm not sure if the construction is different? Rosy.
  15. It involves more software, but I always use Nero Video for making my DVDs. It has some creative templates that allow for impressive displays of the videos included much like one finds on commercial DVDs. I export the slide shows as mp4s and then use Nero Video to organize and burn the actual DVD. It is part of the Nero Platinum package. https://www.nero.com/
  16. Alex, I wish I could remember!! I'd follow Dave's advice above. Here I show my one and only menu slide with its 6 shows. One shows the Animation tab.The other shows the Properties tab and the first show's title and the link to the "Close up" show.
  17. Hi Jill, Thank you for your advice. I have managed (I think) to overcome the problem - by copying the first slide and then pasting it - as a copy it takes the sound with it, then I just change the picture!! It seems to work Ok Jim
  18. Not knowing anything about Pro Show it is difficult to know where to start. Export your individual shows as mp4 or Executables. If you want to create a self running sequence of shows then I think that you will need Exe files. Construct a Menu slide with Buttons or Text etc. Each object can be linked to a specific show via "Action on mouse click" in the properties tab of Objects and Animation. The last slide of any show can be configured to play another show. Normally you would be returned to the Menu to choose your "next show". Please experiment. If you have any specific questions, please ask. See this page in the OH for info on "Action on Mouse Click": https://docs.pteavstudio.com/en-us/10.0/objectsandanimation_1/properties_tab DG
  19. really macian? this is very interesting. how you do it?
  20. Hello John ! I believe the 8000 ED and the 9000 ED are almost identical - except that the 9000 accepts the 6x6 dias and negas. The 9000 costs an arm... if you find one. But some are avalaible on the used market. The main problem is that it is fairly delicate, and must be handled sith great care (don't carry it using the door opening !). And it may be difficult to find a repair technician... I try not to move mine at all... And I still use Windows 7, as I am not certain that it would work with Win 10 (Ed Hamrick says it does...). The problem, as I see it, is that it is connected by FireWire, a connection which is not available on recent computers. They are both of an excellent quality
  21. Greetings Fellow Creatives, This week’s new free-to-use-with-attribution music tracks are: On my Fantasy 12 page: SWEET DREAMING SWEET DREAMING_v001 https://soundimage.org/fantasy-12/ On my Puzzle Music 7 page: SNOWY PUZZLER SNOWY PUZZLER_v001 https://soundimage.org/puzzle-music-7/ And on my Sci-Fi 10 page: GALACTIC RENAISSANCE https://soundimage.org/sci-fi-10/ I hope everyone has a productive week!
  22. Does PTE AV Studio Pro allow one to create "projects", as did ProShow Producer, where several slide shows can be linked together by a Menu page, and then shown serially or one a time?
  23. Yes, it is primarily a portable gaming PC. The low resolution besides cost is probably to keep higher FPS and less power/heat. It does have usb-c for an optional docking station with hdmi or displayport output. I think the ideal solution would be to port the PTE AV Player to iOS/Android so no code translation required and to keep file sizes smaller than MP4 slideshows. I will be interested to see if the AMD APU running Linux/Proton translation can play .pteav slideshows without performance issues. Thanks, Tom
  24. Dan Thanks for your kind reply. I use a Nikon as well, mine is 8000 ED and Vuescan. I also have got Silverfast which I will get to try sometime. regards John
  25. Hi Toms, Thanks for this info. I guess that Steam Deck should allow to run Steam games written for Windows using CodeWeavers Windows API emulation (CrossOver technology). This device looks interesting, but it's screen is small (7" 1280x720) and the device is heavy (669 g) as 13" tablets. Windows apps are not optimized for a small screen. It would be hard to read small fonts from 7" screen.
  26. Hello landsberger ! Thank you so much for liking my pictures of mountains ! Carryng the camera, the lenses and sometimes the tripod, was worth the effort. Like you, I could not dream of doing that again now, but at least I have the pictures ! And I spent a wonderful time scanning them and putting them together in a show... It was worth it : otherwise, the pictures would be lost forever... I have an excellent scanner - maybe the best : a Nikon Coolscan 9000 ED. And I use Vuescan. I scan to raw (dng) and I make the corrections with Phososhop and Camera Raw. I did spend quite a few hours to decide on a working process... Regards ! Dan
  27. Dan I think that your "mountains" sequence is absolutely superb in the presentation and quality! When I was a bit younger Used my Rollei 6008 plus lenses along with a Leica R7 plus lenses on holidays in Switzerland, however I don't think I could carry that much now! A question if I may. What scanner and software do you use? Regards John
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