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  2. Try with the value of PanoZ A positive value, for instace +200 for the frame, and the same value, but negative -200 for the image Jean-Cyprien
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  4. Hi Jean-Cyprien, Interesting. It makes sense that 150 x .75 != 100. I have a transition I am working on with a mask in a frame that is zooming in while the mask content has to zoom out to compensate. I must think of another method to fix the problem. Thanks, Tom
  5. The zoom in and the zoom out are linear. But if you multiply their values, the result is not constant
  6. Maybe not a bug but just something that bugs me. If I put an object inside a frame and zoom in frame and zoom out object I would expect no change in object size because of opposite zoom. Instead it's changing size (inflate/deflate). The larger the zoom ratio the more noticeable the change. Tested in PTE 9 and PTE 10. Both the same. Thanks, Tom LinearZoom_Apr9-2020_6-47-57.zip
  7. Interesting! I'll give it a try, Ian
  8. Ian, just another idea. When I need to send *.EXE files, I often have to rename the file as a gentle *.TXT file to fool the mail system. Once received, the *.TXT file has to be renamed to what it actually was with the original filename extension. You probably could do the same with your *.MP4 files, as long as there is not a stringent file size limitation with BOX. Worth a try?
  9. The features that you require are only available in an Executable - not in an MP4. DG
  10. I am new to this Forum - I don't know if I am in the right place. I recently upgraded to the new version PTE AV Studio Pro. I need your help on the project that I am planning to make. I am doing a project on “how to learn a language tutorial” using slides, such as advancing to the Next slide, returning to the Previous slide, returning to the Home slide, and Exiting the slide. I will save the slide video in MP4 so I can upload it to YouTube. I tried different ways to make a working slide but I have not been successful. I tried using the “Wait for a Key Press (Space or Right key)” feature. The slide advances to the next slides and previous by pressing the Right and Left arrow key. There is no button to press to exit the slide. Tapping the Spacebar also does not work. I also tried to use the “Air Style” and “Sky Style” customize Navigation Bar feature. I cannot make it work. I created buttons in each slide for “Next, Previous, Exit” and using Hyperlink. I cannot make the hyperlink work. The User Guide does not explain in detail how to use these features. I checked the Forum but I did not see any example slide on the project that I am planning to make. I would appreciate it very much if you can help me with my project. Thank you. Arturo B. Rodriguez (Loyal user of Picture to Exe since Version 4)
  11. Then I need to abandon two parameters in the settings, which I mentioned earlier. 1. Save the project every X minutes 2. Load the project at startup What I don't feel like doing at all. The "Close" command (current project / file) is present, for example, in all Adobe programs, as in most others. And this does not stop anyone from working with them, but rather the opposite. Everyone has their own habits and needs when working with programs. A large number of years of acquaintance with PTEs only indicates that many have adapted to what is. But it is not a fact that the program has nothing to change and improve. A fresh look is better noticeable, which can still be worked on in this regard. Paul
  12. Greetings Judy, Thanks for the info. I took a look at the scanner you mentioned. The problem is that I have about 7,000 slides already in Kodak carousels. And a few thousand in sleeves and boxes. To take them out and run them though a scanner manually would be a tough job. I'm looking into a scanner that will scan using the carousels. And will let me use the Kodak Stack Loader for my loose slides. I'd appreciate your opinion on this type of scanner I found. I found the SlideSnap Pro. It is expensive ($3,450) and I'd have to buy a 90mm macro lens to go with my Nikon7100 DSLR. I like it but really too expensive. But if last resort, I might convince myself that it would be the only way I'd get it done: http://slidesnappro.com/product/slidesnap-pro/ But, I found a place that rents a similar setup, and includes the camera. So basically, ready to go. Three-days, $325; Five-days $450. Cheaper, relatively, but nothing additionally needed. Only thing is the pressure to get it done in the 3 or 5 days. https://services.ezphotoscan.com/home/ I'd appreciate it if you can give an opinion on this method of scanning since you're an experienced scanner. About the same price as buying the Plustek but leaving all the slides in the carousels would be a less traumatic process. And once done, I wouldn't need the scanner anymore. Just not sure of the quality of the digitized slides. Thanks... Gary
  13. I and two associates have approximately 40,000 (?? I think) slides and negatives scanned with this (or a previous model): https://www.amazon.com/2PX0321-Plustek-OpticFilm-8200i-Scanner/dp/B009724JZY It's not perfect but with some experience is a good way to process 1000's. One model is about worn out but still works. The second new one is going strong.
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  15. If you need to do tests, then simply do File/new to open up a new project. You will be asked if you wish to save the current project - click do not save. When finished with the test just close the window with the red X, again select do not save. No need for any extra buttons or options. I have been using PTE for about 16 years, regularly do tests & demonstrations & have needed any other options to close. Jill
  16. It seems that I have an intellectual deficit
  17. Thanks Kieron, I was excited about perhaps using the new fan action to create the Quicktime mov with Alpha channel, but at least until now, I can't install Photoshop CC latest version on my system. If I get that resolved, perhaps I'll make another video and demonstrate better how that works with PTE. Best regards, Lin
  18. Hi Tom, I suppose one "could" do it that way, but since the image was created by the PanosFX action in the first place, it's just much easier I think to do it with the action. There are three separate actions which create three types of fan. Two of them are amenable to this template. Dave created an action which as I remember took the individual fan blades as output from Photoshop in the layers to files and assembled them into the animation. There was some problem with accessing them which I think Igor has corrected by using one of his forum backups, but I haven't been able to find the action yet or I would have included it in the tutorial. Best regards, Lin
  19. Hi, I don’t think so ... the lack of the option "Close project" made me refuse two parameters in the program settings. Such as autosave every X minutes and opening at the start of the last presentation. The problem is that I often have to open the program for short tests when communicating with users on my forum. However, I have absolutely no desire to save these short test slides as projects. If you are able to understand such situations, then you will also understand the need for the "Close project" parameter in Menu -> File. Paul
  20. Hi Lin, Amazing. I wonder if we could skip the Photoshop action and just use image crop to split the image into rectangular pieces (like waving flag/curved text)? Thanks, Tom
  21. Judy, When I retired about 17 years ago, my main desire was to scan all of my slides...many thousands. I fooled around with my Nikon digitize but it did one at a time. Then I got a flat bed scanner, but it did about 9 or so at a time. So far I've digitized about a few dozen or so. Just can't get motivated to slog through is sloooooow process. Most of mine are still in Kodak carousels. I recently found that I can rent one where you can digitize from these carousels. That would make it so much easier. But I still get weak in the knees thinking still of all the work involved in post-scan processing. But being able to use PS to batch crop gives me a little hope that I can do it, eventually. I think it would be easier to just scan all the slides and then just pick out the ones I want for PTE shows for post processing. Gary
  22. I have done a lot of scanning and found no consistent way around hand cropping. You get the best job that way. Might depend how important good cropping is. In my experience, nearly all photos need some post-scan processing anyway. Dust. Color. Fuzz on the edge of a slide. Fingerprints on film. Makes me grimace to think of it.
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  24. Barry... I guess it nice to have both possibilities in the same Action. Just need to check/uncheck the box. But good to know. Gary
  25. Lin, Just wondering why PS would change the DPI, anyway. I don't think I made any such choice in the Action I had created. I'll have to take a look. So the difference in the color (and maybe sharpness) just had to do with the cropping process. To me, the crop done by PS seemed better for color/sharpness. I can't see much difference in the two images in my posting above, but I can see the difference on my monitor when I open them up side-by-side. No big deal at this point side I can use the PS Action in batch to process all the crops. Gary
  26. Thanks for taking the time to do this Lin, always appreciated. Kieron
  27. Hi Folks, This is an older subject revisited because Panos has recently updated his Fan Action so that it can output an animated fan in Photoshop CC by way of exporting to a Quicktime mov format video with alpha channel. This movie, or several can be dropped right in PTE AV Studio 10 and it plays perfectly. It can be placed over a still image or another video and the Quicktime video can be moved, keyframed, sized, positioned, etc., very easily with PTE AV Studio 10. However, not everyone has Photoshop CC but you can still use your version of Photoshop or Elements to output a static fan. This static fan can then be output from even older versions of Photoshop as individual fan blades which can then either be plugged into my template or with Dave G's style, used to create the animation of opening and closing in PTE AV Studio 10. This video shows you how to do that once you have followed Panos' instructions to create the static fan. Also I have links to my template as well as a zipped rtf text file (open with any text editor) which verbally explains the process. Those who don't speak English can use Google Translate and translate into their native language. I think everyone will be able to follow along O.K. First the links to the zipped rtf file and the tempate. Hopefully Dave will also provide a link to his style which also makes it even easier to do. Lin http://www.lin-evans.org/panos/fan template rtf.zip Then the link to the template http://www.lin-evans.org/panos/fan template.zip
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