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  1. Bad Dancer, A very nice, soft and warm design. Thanks! P.S. Since this is not YouTube, there is no link to download the project. Next time, or give the link separately or write that need to go to YouTube and download the project there. I think it will be more understandable for everyone. Thanks!
  2. Examples of applying stylization of photography for drawing, graphics, paintings by masters of various styles and schools, as well as drawing techniques, using specialized programs.
  3. Great, Alex55! Very beautiful shots of the coastline! I really wanted to take a walk there! I wish you success!
  4. No, there are no courses. And the placement of links and text - as usual. Use Ctrl-C to copy the link/text and use Ctrl-V to paste it. The only thing that often needs to be pasted not just from the clipboard, but by the right mouse button, like plain text, so that there are no different methods of text formatting. "P.S. Bad Dancer, it's better to write in English here, since the main users are English-speaking. Although there are many people from France, Italy, Germany, India ... in general from all over the world. " [Added by Igor using Google Translate] P.S. Bad Dancer, здесь лучше писать на английском, поскольку основные пользователи англоязычные. Хотя есть много людей из Франции, Италии, Германии, Индии... вообщем со всего света.
  5. Very, very beautiful! Thanks for the autumn leaf dance!
  6. Tonton Bruno, I'll say it again. I have 5 frames. Each frame has 100 keyframes at the 0 second position and 100 keyframes at the 5 second position. It is necessary to remove all keyframes up to the 5 second position in all five frames. All keyframes are under each other (nested photo slicing into 100 strips). After displaying the contents of two frames (202 key frames) on the screen, everything merges and is difficult to see on the display, and I have 5 such frames. Then I still need to move the remaining keyframes to the beginning of the slide. How nice it would be to crop the slide to 5 seconds and continue working.
  7. Jill, how do you imagine it? I need to select over 1000 keyframes in 5 frames. How does it all fit on the screen? I can select 200 keyframes in turn in each frame and delete its. And so repeat 5 times. And then move another 5 times 200 key frames to the desired position. And only then I can change the slide time. It would be easier to crop the slide at a certain time left / right.
  8. I need to shift 5 frames at the same time in which there are 200 key frames. If you do everything gradually, then the keyframes creep on top of each other and confusion occurs.
  9. This is not at all the same. This technique is gentle for cropping a photo, not a slide.
  10. I needed to cut off the left part of the slide from the selected keyframes in the Objects and Animation window. Is it possible in the new version of PTE to make it possible to remove part of the slide time to the left-right of the selected keyframes?
  11. Thank you Bruss444 for your feedback. I wish you success!
  12. Thank jienense! It's just for viewing the presentation
  13. Thank you, Jean-Cyprien. PDF file is understandable. But the .pteav file on Windows is unreadable. Probably it`s for MAC
  14. Jean-Cyprien, Mike2003, Very interesting and necessary! But it is not clear how it works. Could you show by example or do a lesson with an example. Thanks in advance!
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