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  1. Tom95521, you are well aware that this is not at all what I wrote about. I do not need a backup, I need to copy the slides with the files included in them.
  2. Often, when creating new projects, I open old projects and copy slides from different projects to a new one. I consider it important that you need to copy the slides with the files belonging to the slide into a new project and create a new folder (in the new project). The folder name should contain the name of the old project and the number of the slide to be copied. Permission to copy slides and files can be issued in the settings of the Project or Slide
  3. Thanks thedom Very interesting.
  4. Спасибо, Давиджи . Я попробую. P.S. This style didn’t suit me because photos often get out of the border
  5. I often use large photos in the frame and in the rectangle, and so the borders in them are partially not visible. Therefore, I would like to have the opportunity to create borders in a frame and a rectangle for beauty.
  6. Close button is needed. I often do tests or experiment in PTE without saving the project. In many programs of Windows, there is a button and I'm used it.
  7. Hi davegee, I also created an empty template and made it read-only. But every time I have to look for it on the disk if I want to do a test or experiment. Let after clicking Close an empty template be loaded and everything will be fine.
  8. Hi jkb, Close is not the same as New. Close is close and forget. To close it is like walking out of a room, but leaving the door open. Thanks for your opinion.
  9. Hi it49, I open an empty PTE. I create a test transition or project and then close the project. The screen remains empty PTE as at the beginning. There is a similar in PhotoShop and I'm used it.
  10. I believe that the Close button is needed. I often do tests or experiment in PTE without saving the project. In other programs, there is a button and I'm used to it.
  11. Hi Scott, Download both versions of the program from the site. You have 15 days for a free trial using and I think you have enough to make a decision.
  12. Success, good luck and health
  13. Would like to have the same ability to stretch timeline interval for the O&A window as in the PTE Main window (using Ctrl + mouse wheel) for more accurately position keyframes.
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