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  1. I have 10 photos and each one is cut into 10 pieces. Total 100 pieces. I selected everything and wanted to give them Color Correction-Sepia as a group, but it doesn’t work out only one fragment at a time. Interestingly, Shift, Rotate and so on can be done in a group, but Color Correction is not possible. I had to do the same thing 100 times. And this is only the front side of the photo, and there are 100 more fragments of the back side, a total of 200 times.
  2. I fully support the proposal. And add the ability to clone multiple keyframes.
  3. I don’t even understand what you’re talking about ...
  4. I would like to have a container-constructor where you can load any objects and do any actions with the contents of the constructor, as with a single object. The frame does not fit, because Transparency does not work in it. The rectangle does not work either, since Transparency works only with it, and does not work with other built-in objects.
  5. I do the same, but sometimes I need to describe more, describe lot key frames and other parameters and nested masks.
  6. I would like to be able to write comments on various objects in the Objects and Animation window. Sometimes, looking at youself projects or examples/lessons from other PTE sponsors, need to write comment on what the object is for and what it does. Especially when there are a lot of frames, nested masks, etc. As comments for functions when writing programs.
  7. thedom, Very beautiful and impressive style, and most importantly - very high quality done. I think this style is suitable for many events: weddings, anniversaries, etc. A series of photographs of cities, streets, mountain ranges, forest and field landscapes will look beautiful. You can make styles 2x2, 4x4, etc. You can take many photos in one line and move them from left to right or vice versa. Regarding the texture: For weddings and anniversaries, you can choose pastel colors, a floral ornament, or a leaf ornament. For seascapes - the color of the sea or sky. I liked the steel color and wood color. For the rest, photos need to be selected separately, either by color or by contrast. Thank you, very beautifully done.
  8. I tried to place the logo on the bottom left and move the right a little - it did not work. Adjusting the parameter moves the logo only up. I would like the adjustment to be in all four parameters: up-down-right-left.
  9. Thank you, thedom, for both advice and help! Some of the great ones said: learn from mistakes. If you are interested, you can see my works on YouTube, though there are more than 40 of them and they are names in Russian. You can find them by searching MrVbl2007. Thank you again! Good luck in life and in the creation!
  10. Often, I have to clone several key frames at once - 5-10. Now this can only be done one at a time.
  11. Often when moving an animation, I need to specify the path of the movement - circle, ellipse, rectangle / square, etc. Such movements are necessary for the movement of the Sun, the flight of birds and insects and other objects. If I use the current settings, get either a torn motion, or there are a lot of key frames. P.S. I get it. To move in a circle, the ellipse must use modifiers. If someone has examples, I will be glad to see and take note.
  12. Aleina Show , thedom, Thanks for the help in creating the style! You can see the final version at the link: https://youtu.be/bfWGcXccViM You can download the style at: https://yadi.sk/d/s7hPPDnRsbjgRA
  13. Thank, Aleina Show! I remembered this information and took advantage. It turns out beautifully! Thank you for evaluating my work! Good luck!
  14. Aleina Show! Thank you very much for your help and tips. Everything turned out just wonderful and beautiful! It’s a pity that the edges of the created mask cannot be edited. But I’ll do it all over again and beautifully. Look what happened after some refinement. Thanks again a lot! I wish you success and good luck! Zoom_lupa_test.mp4
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