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  1. Warm congratulations to Igor and the entire WnSoft team with the release of the final version of PTE for MAC (and Windows). Excellent! I wish you all success and further prosperity!
  2. Cool, cool and beautiful! The letters are beautiful and very readable! It's great that you can change the color! The tilt of the pen suits me perfectly. Everyone holds the pen differently.
  3. I agree with stranger2156 about the invisibility of blue on light and dark themes. The green color is also sometimes difficult to see. Better and more noticeable will be red color. It is still possible to apply underlining.
  4. Thanks Igor. The program works great. The red line is captured the first time. It seemed to me that the program works faster and loads projects quickly. I was a little surprised by the size of the installation file, it has become somewhat larger compared to version 10.0.14. Thanks again.
  5. Perhaps, it is necessary to put small markers in the form of a square / triangle / circle at the top and bottom of the red line. For which you can take and move the line. A similar one already exists in the Main window on the Timeline tab.
  6. stranger2156 > It's really inconvenient when you accidentally hit the line with your mouse and you can't move it. +100
  7. stranger2156 showed good red line blur. Perhaps because of this, it is impossible to hit it accurately and capture it. I get it from 4-5 times.
  8. I often use a red bar around keyframes. Already used to it. Doesn't work in this version. I will try to do it according to your suggestion.
  9. In the latest version of PTE 10.5 beta 27 (as in the previous one), saving the shadow template (Preset 1) does not work for me. Everything works great in version 10.0.14. Also in version 10.5 beta 27 in the O&A window I can not capture the vertical red bar in order to move it along the timeline to the right and to the left. The strip is captured only from 4-5 times. The files used in the project are highlighted in blue. Sometimes it's hard to see. It may be better to use red color or/with underscore of the filename.
  10. Several styles from the "He&She" series. You can change the scale and viewing time. All photos are cropped to the portrait version - 3:4. You can see video examples at the link: https://radikal.ru/video/HxIF9tav8K0 Download the styles: https://yadi.sk/d/hGuiBZyIHGFnYw.
  11. Thanks, Igor, for information! Bad news for you and for us. The labor of people is lost and the money invested in the server. But it will still take time to recover information. It is impossible to go directly to the WnSoft website and the forum from Moscow, only through the VPN server. Good luck and success to you!
  12. Thanks Berny for your feedback.
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