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  1. Success, good luck and health
  2. Would like to have the same ability to stretch timeline interval for the O&A window as in the PTE Main window (using Ctrl + mouse wheel) for more accurately position keyframes.
  3. Sometimes I need to fill a rectangle/frame with a texture or a picture from file. For example, create a metal pipe from a rectangle.
  4. Hi Bert Because it's a beta version
  5. Sometimes in the OA I work with 5-8 objects and I need to create copies of keyframes for everyone at the same time.
  6. If insert a GIF into a blank slide as a picture, the Border option disappears, but insert the same file as a video, the Border option is available.
  7. Hi Igor, How to use Support of video clips with Alpha transparency in RGBA pixel format? Or PTE will do everything automatically?
  8. Hi Lin! All your videos are very impressive. I am new to PTE. I downloaded your book`s styles , I will study. Thank you and success!
  9. All members of the WnSoft team a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! Health and happiness, recognition of friends, a bigger salary and a lot of ideas! And personally to Igor - well-being, success and good luck in creativity and in life, creativity and beautiful solutions to the tasks, and of course - happiness and health to him and his family and friends !!!
  10. Hi David MP4 format is a container so the buttons and menus do not work. Only in EXE or in DVD format.
  11. Hi David, MP4 is just a container for codec-compressed video. There is nothing there. An EXE file is a program with a built-in video, a viewer, and some control command buttons specified by you. If possible, try creating your show in DVD format, in PTE 8 I did this. VBL
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