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  1. Thank you Pavel! Excellent and beautiful style!
  2. Thank you, Neil L, for the rating. Russia is very different and huge. When there are severe cold and frosty weather in the North, flowers, trees and people swim in the sea in the South. Earlier, in the 17-18 centuries, it took about 1.5 years to travel from the West of Russia to the East on a horse.
  3. Thank you, George. I hope all your ideas will come true. I wish you success, luck and health!
  4. Thank you, Frans, for your kind words and wishes! All the most joyful and happy to you and your family!
  5. Thank you, wideangle. I wish you success, happiness and good!
  6. Today is Christmas in Russia! I bring to your attention kind old Christmas greetings in the Russian Empire of the 19th century and not only Russian ones. Also some nice and kind photos of that past tense.
  7. Thank you, Barry, for the colorful video and interesting story about whales! Very beautiful and colorful photos!
  8. Thanks Berny. Beauty makes life better and more enjoyable!
  9. Thank you Rosemary for your rating and review.
  10. A little about the beautiful nature of Russia and its reserved places ... and of course about the beautiful, beloved and unique Women!
  11. Thanks Tom! Very beautiful and mesmerizing video. Especially flying over the ocean! It's fantastic and wonderful!
  12. The past year has been very difficult for many people. We bring to your attention a short video for relaxation and improvement of the neural system in order to prepare for the New Year. Maybe this video will remind you of a calm and serene vacation on the shore of the infinity ocean under the rustle of waves. P.S. The photo of the ocean was taken as a basis, water was animated, quiet calm music and the rustle of waves were added.
  13. If anyone is interested, you can watch a video about the elegant New Year's streets in Moscow
  14. Mainly from the Moscow news channels and the Moscow government website.
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