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  1. Hi, How good stability of PTE AV Studio with Beta 12 or 13? Do you observe any freezings with Mac version? I'm curious, do you observe any freezings with other apps under macOS? Adobe products, Final Cut, or other apps? It would be interesting to compare a stability of PTE and other programs on Mac.
  2. Joan, I checked your project, you need to add Smooth Pan modifier. Because you have 2 animations for zooming and for Pan Y axis. So if you add any speed modifier for zooming you also need to add a smooth modifier for panning to synchronize the animation. The same behaviour with Windows version of PTE. P.S. Sorry for the late response.
  3. Hi, Thanks for your opinion.
  4. Hi, This problem should be solved in Beta 13: https://files.wnsoft.com/test/PTE-AV-Studio.dmg
  5. Beta 13 is available See the download link in first post above. Improved smoothness of video playback. Added hints for toolbars buttons. Improvements in the main menu. Improved stability.
  6. It's not available in Mac Beta version yet.
  7. Hi Frans, It's alternate translation from another translator. You can try it and let me know your impressions.
  8. macOS checks ALL apps with Gatekeeper before run it. When we build a new DMG installation file with PTE, we send it to Apple for checking. In fact, it's antivirus from Apple. If Apple approves it, we receive a signed DMG file and then we can distrubute it for end-users. In other words, security checking is the same as for apps in App Store. Apple can block any app for all users at any time.
  9. Tom, Currently we pay 6%. Compare with 15% or 30% in AppStore. Another problem of AppStore - all apps should work in a sandbox. It's a very complicated system of file rights to give app an permission read/write any user file. I realized that we will implement/test it several months. If a project links images/audio from different folders, macOS will ask user's permission for every folder. And finally, PTE in AppStore means that you have to buy again PTE, instead of using the Pro license together with Windows version. So we decided to release the first Mac version outside App
  10. Thanks, Mark. It would greatly help us with testing Mac version. We don't have any Mac with M1 chip yet. Only a special Mac with A12Z chip for developers.
  11. All modifiers should be visible (a result of their work) in the Objects and animation editor. It's a cross-platform code, common for Windows and Mac versions.
  12. Yes, Beta 12 is already compatible with new Macs on Apple M1 chip. This Beta includes Intel code which works with Rosetta 2 emulation on M1 chip. Future Beta 13 or Beta 14 will be fully optimized for Apple M1 chip and will be Universal App (code for Intel and M1). We very need your help with testing.
  13. I created Universal App with PTE AV Studio for Mac which includes the code for Intel CPU and for Apple M1. If somebody already purchased a new Mac with M1 chip, please let me know.
  14. Stuart, Thanks for the sample videos, I see this problem. Give me some time to fix it.
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