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  1. It seems to be another Application Support folder on your screenshot. The necessary folder should be: /Users/YourMacName/Library/Application Support/PTEAVStudio If you find this folder, delete "PTEAVStudio" folder. Please watch again Youtube video from the link above. P.S. We plan to create an uninstaller for such cases, but it may take some time.
  2. In macOS apps usually don't have uninstallers. User simply moves an app to a Bin. Try the following: A. Restart macOS. Then try to run PTE AV Studio. If it didn't help: B. Rename a project file name (in Finder) which you opened last time. Then run PTE AV Studio. It should open a blank project. If it didn't help: C. Close PTE AV Studio, make sure that it's not working in the Dock. Find "Application Support" folder on your Mac. It is shown here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a10BiE9t7RY Instead of "peterjoh" folder it will be your Mac name folder. Then in Application Support > PTEAVStudio > Versions > 10.5. Delete "10.5" folder. Try to run PTE AV Studio again.
  3. Denis, I confirm this issue. Animated GIF which contains only 2 frames cannot be played as a video object. You need to add this Animated GIF as an image object (by default). We'll try to fix it in future.
  4. Gary, Try to use time value for a keyframe in the Animation tab. The last parameter is "Key frame time" (ms). It should allow you find an optiomal time value for these keyframes. To quickly go to the next/previous keyframe in the Timeline, select any keyframe with mouse cursor and then press Left or Right arrow key. Then edit time value in the Animation tab. Also consider using Time range values for instant appearing or disappearing of an object. We plan to add a horizontal scrollbar for the timeline with keyframes. UPD. We'll improve dispaying of a progress during packing of large files.
  5. Hi Gary, A slide is a container for multiple objects (multiple images). If user manually renamed a slide, PTE AV Studio should not change it automatically. Change Image/Video File command automatically updates a slide name only if it was not renamed manually, or if a slide name equals to current main image file name. I just checked how it works and didn't find a problem. This behaviour was implemented many years ago. I recommend to replace image/video file with Change Image/Video File command, which does all the job. Missing Files window is designed to recover links to broken paths (files in other folders), not to replace a file name.
  6. What version of PTE AV Studio is installed on a PC of your friend? There was a rare problem with audio synchronization in versions 10.5.0 - 10.5.5, a lag of 0.3 - 0.4 second on some computers. We fixed that problem since version 10.5.6. Also you can advice to convert the original audio file to a MP3 in another audio editor (or in Audacity) and then add to PTE AV Studio to compare results.
  7. Honestly, I don't remember such problem. Try to restart Windows. And if it doesn't help, also reinstall manually PTE AV Studio 10.5.7 from WnSoft website: https://www.wnsoft.com/en/pte-av-studio/download/
  8. If you use Norton 360 antivirus, check this information: "Hard-to-Delete Cryptocurrency Miner Irks Norton 360 Users" https://www.pcmag.com/news/hard-to-delete-cryptocurrency-miner-irks-norton-360-users This miner may affect to PTE AV Studio, reduce smoothness of animations and slow down video encoding.
  9. Tom, B/W picture is super sharp with thousands small dots at high contrast. Such kind of picture always produces terrible moire effect while zooming. The only solution is to add smoothing or avoid any zoom. Color picture. Setting "Sharper/smoother" in the Properties tab to "0" or even "100" will fix slight moire effect around cat mustache. "Sharper/smoother" parameter changes a balance between sharpness and smoothness for mipmapping. Setting "-100" gives more details and sometimes moire may appear. Setting "0" and more helps to avoid moire (with one exception described above) but a picture looks a bit blurry (especially on non-Retina screens).
  10. Hi, I didn't delete your topic, I'll ask our moderators today. The topic was not deleted, it's hidden.
  11. Hi, We updated the link to the example style: https://files.wnsoft.com/picturestoexe/styles/examples/WikiEx-01.zip
  12. Hi, I want to wish you and your family a Happy New Year, health and happiness! I hope that the world will again be open for travel, new meetings and impressions. You make this world a better place by bringing Beauty to people through your photos and AV shows. Good luck! Heartly,
  13. Gary, Usually a difference is noticeable when you encode a video recorded with a good digital camera, or PTE AV Studio project with pictures. Not sure about High8 camera. P.S. I purchased Topaz Video Enhance Ai to recover old videos, it removes noise, performs good interlacing to progressive converting, and upscales in 2x (HD to 4K, or DVD to HD).
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