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  1. Hi, Please check a new Beta version of PTE AV Studio 10.0.11: https://files.wnsoft.com/test/pteavstudio-setup.exe Fixed problem with a multiline text description of user slide style. Fixed problem with a color of a title of windows in Dark mode of PTE AV Studio under Windows 10 May 2020 Update Improved stability of the main window on some computers. Improved the Color window. Translated OK and Cancel buttons. Improved the Objects and Animation editor. Translated names of themes for a Button object. Improved Dutch translation. If everything is OK, we'll publish version officially.
  2. Hi, I created a new section on the forum: Work in Progress Shows, Tips and Constructive Feedback https://www.pteavstudio.com/forums/forum/83-work-in-progress/ I welcome any suggestion to correct the name and the description. Also remind a list of existing topics which can be moved to the new section.
  3. Hi, I apologize for this problem. Let me know an exact version of PTE AV Studio on your computer - check the About window from the main menu > Help menu. Please try the following: 1. Uninstall PTE AV Studio. 2. Download the latest version: https://files.wnsoft.com/pteavstudio/pteavstudio-setup.exe 3. Install PTE AV Studio. It will keep all your projects, templates or styles.
  4. Thanks so much for your feedback
  5. Hi, I can start a poll for members regarding a new section on the forum. Please suggest: 1. A text of question for this poll. 2. Variants of answers. 3. Suggested name for this new section of the forum.
  6. Dom, Send me all foder "Styles and Transitions" in a ZIP archive. We'll check and recover it. I guarantee confidentiality and all files will be deleted after short testing.
  7. Hi, Can you explain in more details?
  8. Hi George, This topic was deleted by request of his author. Please write him directly via personal message.
  9. Gogs, Do you use the latest version 10.0.10?
  10. Adrian, Honestly, I have no new ideas. Sorry.
  11. Hi Peter, Do you have the Pro edition of PTE AV Studio 10? This feature is available only in the Pro edition (earlier in the Deluxe edition 9.0, 8.0). If you have the Standard edition, you can upgrade to the Pro edition for a price difference: https://www.wnsoft.com/en/pte-av-studio/buy/upgrade-standard-to-pro/
  12. Roel, Probably some PTE files were corrupted or locked by another app. Let me know how it will work in several days, or week.
  13. Roel, Try the following: 1. Close PTE 9 and 10. 2. Browse Documents folder > PicturesToExe. Make a full backup of PicturesToExe folder and delete this folder (or rename). 3. Uninstall PTE 9 and PTE 10. 4. Restart Windows. 5. Install PTE 9 again. If the program will offer import settings from previous versions, SKIP this action. Check the work of PTE 9. 6. Install PTE 10. Skip import of settings. Check the work of PTE.
  14. Dom, We'll check again this code to see if it possible to carefully change this behaviour.
  15. Adrian, Please try again: 1. Close PTE. 2. Find a foldere where you original Templates folder is located. 3. Copy all sub-folders from Templates to another new folder. 4. Delete Templates folder. 5. Run PTE. And move a location of Templates folder to a new location. 6. Close PTE. 7. Copy folders from a backup of Templates into a new location with Templates.
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