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  1. Hi Claudio, I send you a tutorial in French
  2. Hi MUR, Clever ! Thanks. Jean-Cyprien
  3. Hi MUR, The first version was very nice, but the second version is much much nicer. Bravo. Thanks a lot ! Jean-Cyprien
  4. Nice ideas ! I'm glad it works fine.
  5. Try with the value of PanoZ A positive value, for instace +200 for the frame, and the same value, but negative -200 for the image Jean-Cyprien
  6. The zoom in and the zoom out are linear. But if you multiply their values, the result is not constant
  7. Ce bouton n'est-il pas suffisant ? Il suffit ensuite de réouvrir PTE pour travailler tranquillement sur un autre projet Is this button not enough ? Then just reopen PTE to work quietly on another project
  8. Hi Paul, Here are two examples of PopUp books like yours of the 4th december (much simpler), made with PTE http://diapositif.net/Diaporamas/19-12-05_JJB_-_Calendrier_de_l'Avent_du_5_decembre_2019.zip http://diapositif.net/Diaporamas/13-12-17_JCV_-_Calendrier_de_l'Avent_17-12-2013.zip Jean-Cyprien
  9. Hi Alex, To see the parent object above the child object, you need to use a frame. It is this frame that must be animated, not the parent
  10. Thanks Lin ! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too and your loved ones, Lin, and a lot of great ideas to make a lot of wonderful AV ! Jean-Cyprien
  11. Yes, thank you Igor, I do not do enough style to remember this opportunity to use the crop ! In the instructions that came with my style, I said that the 3/2 ratio had to be very precise.
  12. Hi, The ratio of your pictures must be 3/2 to the nearest pixel. Check if this is the case.
  13. Hi, Enlarging the Timeline in O&A will be a great improvement, for example with a lot of keyframes on a long view - more than 30s
  14. Hi, In preview and in exe, « alt + enter » allows now to change from full screen to windowed mode (and reverse). A nice improvment. This is also valid using the « Fullscreen preview from current position » button. A double click does the same things in preview and in exe, but not with the « Fullscreen preview from current position » button. Is it voluntary ? Jean-Cyprien
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