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  1. Hi Igor, Yes, it's OK now with the Release Candidate Thanks Igor
  2. Sorry, Paul, not for me (I'm with Windows 7)
  3. Hi, Previously, when we displayed an offset value in this specific window, we immediately saw the keyframes move, then we validated. With version 10.5, the keyframes only move after validating. Nothing very important, but we could see better what we were doing (for example forgotten points, or others not concerned). Thanks - Jean-Cyprien
  4. With PTE AV Studio 10.0 it was possible to write special letters using the alt key and four digits, for example alt0156 for "œ" - in the text space, Space 1, - and in the space for the name of the Text object, Space 2. This was not possible with PTE 9 With PTE AV Studio 10.5 it is still possible to put an altxxxx character in space 2 (Name of the Text Object) , but if some of us can do it in Space 1 (Text Space), it seems it's not possible for everyone.
  5. Hi Igor, In O&A window the "Clear Slide List" command works (sometimes, not always - according to the number of slides ? ) in "Timeline" mode but not (never ?) in "Slides" mode. ( It was already like this with version 10.0 )
  6. What work ! Very nice result, well done ! Bravo, and thanks a lot.
  7. Thank you, Igor ! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and the WnSoft team, and all members of this nice forum !
  8. Hi Claudio, I send you a tutorial in French
  9. Hi MUR, Clever ! Thanks. Jean-Cyprien
  10. Hi MUR, The first version was very nice, but the second version is much much nicer. Bravo. Thanks a lot ! Jean-Cyprien
  11. Nice ideas ! I'm glad it works fine.
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