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  1. Hi, Thank you Igor, for your kind wishes and for your big work about PTE it's my turn to wish you a Merry Christmas, a very Happy New Year, and lots of good things for you, your family, and PTE Team
  2. Lin has always been dedicated to PTE and ready to help all forum members with great kindness. We are losing a friend who has struggled a lot in recent years. May he rest in peace.
  3. Hi Igor, YES, it does ! Bravo Igor. With PTE 5.6 in the prevue, miniplayer, O&A window, all is correct, no sound lag. Playing a .pteav file made with this new version is OK too. The use of .pte files made with previous PTE 5 is possible without lag. Thank again Jean-Cyprien
  4. Example of the issue with a pteav file not made by me The original : http://www.diapositif.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=44144 and what I see/hear from 36 s 2021-11-11 11-19-24.mp4
  5. Hi Igor, Sorry for the delay. "Do you observe any audio synchronization issue when you watch a movie in a video player app,, and video on YouTube?" No, never in "a video clip in PTE preview" Yes, always at the first playing I have two other PC, but not of the same brand, one with Windows 7 the other with Windows 8 No problem with those two PC Jean-Cyprien
  6. Hi Igor, It will be daylight tomorrow, there is no rush ! Answer 1. All is OK with mp4 Answer 3. Not correct with PTE 10.5 Correct after a pause ( but perfect with PTE 10.0) . See the result in PJ . At the end, you can hear an additionnal Bang ! Answer 2. I'll see tonight 2021-11-10 19-54-20.mp4
  7. Hi Igor, I have tried everything, with - the five files in mp3 (converted by Audacity) - the soundtrack (the five ogg files) converted by PTE into one file mp3 - this above PTE mp3 file converted into a M4A file (by the way, what do you mean by "and check a synchronization".) with antivirus and firewall disabled . The system is using a SSD, my files are using a HDD. If I put the files on SDD it's the same problem The audio output settings on that PC for sound card (Realtc version 1 sept 2020) are 24 bits 48 kHz. Same problem with the option 16 bits 48 kHz Attached a video of the problem. After a pause the synchronisation is correct. After a second longer pause (for ex. 30s) the problem reappears ! 2021-11-10 16-37-34.mp4
  8. Thank you, macian. Perhaps it's perfect with Apple ? I don't know if v10.14.6 is a 10.5 or 10.0 version. With a PC, it is possible to work with PTE 10.0 using a .pte file made with PTE.5 and in this case there is no time lag problem.
  9. Hi, Time lag problem. The problem is delicate because the defect appears with some PCs but not with others. So, first, there may be a PC configuration problem. This defect appeared in the first version of PTE10.5 (PTE AV Studio 10.5.0). It did not exist with PTE AV Studio 10.0 (10.0.14) or with previous versions. The sound is notably delayed (of the order of a second),when : - playing an executable file or a pteav file, - working in PTE in preview, or in the miniplayer, and even in the O&A window but only when one starts these playings, workings, the time lag continuing until the end. If you do a pause, the sound resynchronizes correctly, and so the problem disappears until you close PTE or end the playback. But it reappears if you open PTE or play the slideshow again. However it seems that if we start again immediately, the time lag is less (memory effect ?), but not zero. I attach a test project. Thanks in advance. Jean-Cyprien Tintinnabule_Nov9-2021_14-18-19.zip
  10. Hi, It is possible but not easily if the text is animated. You have to copy the text on each slide. Maybe not for beginners : note that keypoints can be located outside of slide. See an example there (my post of april 2nd:
  11. Hi, The full slideshow can be found here : https://www.slideshowclub.com/files/file/171-two-poppies/ Twists, unwinding and winding of the lace require a spreadsheet to be done quickly
  12. Hi Tutorial very quickly executed. And example requiring work on spreadsheet Fantaisie papavérine.pteav PTE-spreadsheet.pdf
  13. Hi Mike, In the O&A window, an object (image, frame ...) can be copied and pasted into a spreadsheet (EXCEL for example). Once modified in this spreadsheet, the new file can be copied and pasted in the O&A window.
  14. Hi, Astonishing result, and very interesting construction. Thank you Pascal.
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