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Found 16 results

  1. Hi, In a new version 10.0.7 we introduce two new features: 1. Experimental support for TIFF and WEBP images. TIFF images support: LZW or ZIP compression, 8-bit or 16-bit, layers, alpha transparency, grayscale images. Note: Color profiles, CMYK and JPEG compression in TIFF files are not supported yet. However we recommend to convert TIFF images to JPEG for better speed and reduced EXE file size. 2. Support of video clips with Alpha transparency in RGBA pixel format. Sample video footage with a transparent background: https://www.videvo.net/stock-video-footage/
  2. Hi, Since PTE 10 updates can be downloaded and installed automatically in several clicks. PTE clearly informs that suggested update is free or it's a paid upgrade to new version (in future). So it's maximally clear for users. First update 10.0.1 is now available throught Auto Update feature. Installation works automatically - you just need approve start of installation. No question more.
  3. Hi, Since Beta 36 double click in EXE show or preview switches between fullscreen mode and windowed mode. Also a window with executable show can be resized with mouse cursor.
  4. Hi, Traditionally projects saved in all previous versions of PicturesToExe (9.0, 8.0, 7.5, etc) can be opened in the new version 10.0. Projects saved in the new PicturesToExe 10 can be opened in old version 9.0 with full compatibility. For only one exception - if a project contains applied slide styles or transitions with additional background images (included to a slide style or transition). Custom Slide Styles and Transitions All earlier created custom slide styles or transitions can be imported to the new version 10.0. New slide styles or custom transitions created
  5. In Beta 19 we added experimental Trim Beginning of Video command in the Timeline view. It works for a slide with a main video clip. This command adjust start time of a video clip and accordingly reduce slide duration. There is no special time correction for keyframes of other objects. Do you like how it works? If it works wrong, we can remove this command.
  6. In Beta 20 we introduced a new feature of PicturesToExe 10 - Themes of Slide styles. See Slide Style window > Themes tab. A Theme is a group of slide styles which can be applied in one click to several selected slides. You can use built-in Themes or create and share custom Themes. For example, I included "Ken Burns Effect" theme which includes several Pan, Zoom and Rotate styles. Themes can be very helpful for new users to quickly apply a diverse set of styles in one click, without need to apply different styles to each slide individually. Notes for authors of
  7. In Beta 15 we added a new command - Cut Audio Clip in the Timeline view for selected audio clip. This commands splits audio clip into two parts (at the point where you set red vertical cursor). Any comments? P.S. Is it correct to call this command "Cur Audio Clip"? Or maybe "Split Audio Clip"?
  8. Greetings, I've never used the 'Cut Transition' function. However, I just noticed that when you are in the Slides View in V9 it does not appear in the right-click menu window. But it does appear in the Slides Views in Beta15 (but does not seem to do anything and perhaps it shouldn't). But it is confusing that it shows up in Beta15 Slides View. Gary
  9. In Beta 14 we introduced a new command Separate Audio from Video in a popup menu of Slide list, or in the Main menu > Slide in the Timeline view. This command extracts a soundtrack from a main video clip of a selected slide and insert a linked audio to the timeline on a new track. Sound of a main video object will be automatically muted. This feature allows to easily prepare audio of a video clip for editing in the Timeline view.
  10. Hi, Try new Beta 13. It adds support of FLAC audio files: https://files.wnsoft.com/test/10/picturestoexe-setup-x64.exe
  11. In Beta 14 we added a new command: Duplicate Audio Clip in a popup menu for audio clip, or in the Main menu > Audio, or in the Project Options > Audio tab > in a popup menu for audio clip. This command copies current audio clip (with all parameters and sound volume keypoints) and inserts a copy into a new audio track below.
  12. We introduce a new feature of PicturesToExe 10 - audio waveforms in the timeline window of Objects and Animation editor. You can try this feature in Beta 7: https://files.wnsoft.com/test/10/picturestoexe-setup-x64.exe To show or hide waveforms click a button on the toolbar, or command in the Tools menu, or press Ctrl+T:
  13. Since Beta 11 PicturesToExe 10 is fully 64-bit app. Now EXE shows created in PTE 10 Beta 11 can use more than 2 GB of system memory. Also we greatly optimized memory usage in Beta 11 using new version of DirectX and new work with images. Now PTE 10 uses on 20-30% less of system memory than any previous versions. You can use Task Manager to see reduced memory usage.
  14. Since Beta 6 we introduce a new Video Converter in PicturesToExe 10: https://files.wnsoft.com/test/10/picturestoexe-setup-x64.exe Select a video file in the File list and call the popup menu > Convert Video Clip. New Video Converter allows to downsample resolution, trim video clips, adjust bitrate/quality. I'd like to remind that in many cases video converter is not necessary. PTE 10 plays smooth directly video clips. If you create a MP4 video from your project video converter is not required. If you create EXE shows video converter can be useful in two cases:
  15. Hi, We introduce a new feature of PicturesToExe 10 - Motion Blur in video output. This feature simulates an exposure in a video camera and fast moving objects will be blurred. You can try Motion Blur in PTE 10 Beta now. You can adjust 2 parameters: 1. Exposure (in milliseconds). I recommend 10 ms. 2. and Frames. This parameters affects to a quality of Motion blur. More value gives better visual result. I recommend to use 20-30 frames for normal cases. Using of Motion Blur option slow downs video encoding in 2-3 times. Motion Blur options is applied only
  16. In PicturesToExe 9 we introduce a new way to adjust parameters in the Animation tab. Click to the caption of parameter (X, Y, Z, A, R, Brightness, etc), hold left mouse button and move the cursor left or right to precisely adjust the parameter. To reset parameter double click (or click mouse wheel - middle button) on caption of parameter (X, Y, Z, A, R, etc). Right click on a caption of parameter to show the list of default parameters (for Opacity: 0, 100).
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