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  1. Hello, AE Style, assembled in PTE AV Studio Pro. For family photos. Good luck.
  2. Hello. Spring came, there was a desire to travel. I saw the project in AE, collected it in PTE AV Studio Pro.
  3. Hi, on our forum, we studied the lessons,the work of colleagues. And we got these rotating balls on the Christmas tree. Thank you all.
  4. Pavel thank you! I looked at it with pleasure and sadness.Great job, great class.
  5. The program allows you to make similar styles, but unfortunately not everything is possible to implement your plans. Thanks.
  6. The style was made for the New Year with a Christmas tree on the table. Then I changed the Christmas tree for flowers. It seemed to me that with the flowers on the table, it also looks nice. Thanks.
  7. The music in the video creates a mood, so I take the music in the video very seriously. Thanks.
  8. Good afternoon, everyone. I created the style of Flowers on the table, so you can congratulate your loved ones with this style. Good luck to all.
  9. Pavel, thank you, I will definitely use it.
  10. Very interesting and beautiful style is created simple.That's what's important, interesting, thank you.
  11. This style is made by aleale 5025, stranger2156 sent me his version of the stars in the mail. Everything else-light bulbs, stars, balloons, flags-was made by me, aleale 5025. We have a different approach to creating garlands. Thank you, I'm glad you liked the garland. Aleale 5025
  12. Igor translated everything into English, inserted it from the translator. I didn't write a single word in Russian. I checked, everything was in English, and went out. Now I have entered everything in Russian Now I've unchecked always translate. In the browser.
  13. The Garland Style 3. When assembling the style, there were two options for asterisks. One of two options from stranger2156 Look, I wanted to hear your opinion, Thanks. Setting the style Download Style: https://yadi.sk/d/59FBrNAbwG_H9A
  14. Hi, everybody. I duplicated the slides and made the same style for 68 photos. Fixed a typo, format 1x1, 27 photo, corrected to 37. Maybe someone will need it. https://yadi.sk/d/m_djYOoLQj_Xaw
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