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  1. Just a Slideshow... Here's the link:
  2. Hi everybody, This is the attempt to rebuild a slideshow I've done years ago in another app. Nothing fancy, but great way to learn how to use PTE AV to make a simple things. Here's the Link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5kvkxobJUg Thanks Alex
  3. Nicely done, It reminds me the "Blue Angels" flying around San Francisco the other days. I like how the audio follows the airplanes. Don't you think it's possible to play with speed some more? Best, Alex
  4. Hi there, I just reload the link it works now. Try again. Sorry for inconvenience. Thanks for the watching
  5. Thank you Tom, This is a good news to me. At some point when you have a lot of layers and masks expanded you have to constantly resize the windows. Or, for sure I definitely need to play more with the app. Thanks again
  6. Hi everybody, Keep on learning the app. Here's another attempt to handle the Mask effect. The memories is from another dimension, before COVID era... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuYuUvZGabI
  7. Yes, I've got some background. I like this app so far. Wasn't able to overload my old Core i7 in any way. Didn't try video so. Have a lot of questions of course. One of them is any way I can undock the panels or split them to 2nd monitor? Would appreciate any advice. And thanks for the comment!
  8. Thanks Tom. My bad on spelling. Gonna fix it.
  9. Agree with you on black sides. I hate that. But this video was intentionally done for the sell phone means vertical format. So I'm safe here. Yes, whatever is ordinary today gonna be precious tomorrow regarding our love ones. Like you said I'm trying to preserve family history too . Thanks for all of your advices.
  10. Hi everybody, Here's a new member, Alex55. Found out about this beautiful app couple of month ago. Got registered yesterday. Would like to share with you one of my efforts to understand how it works. This is my dear granddaughter at her 4. Have couple more on web. Feel free to comment and share if you like. Thanks. Alex
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