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  1. Well I finally figured it out. It's certainly different from the last time I did it. For those who are wondering, I did what I should have done in the first place & read the on-line help. Scroll down the L/h list of subjects until you come to video, video click that & go to adding video, it's all to do with Single Video Clip & Master Video Track. I blame my eyes, the print is a little small & I didn't pick up the difference between SINGLE VIDEO CLIP & MASTER VIDEO TRACK, my bad Rosy.
  2. I've done this years ago, but can't seem to get my head around how it works in the latest version of PTE. I'm in the middle of making a show, originally I started with a blank slide but couldn't add a video clip & make it carry on running past the first actual slide. I then tried using the video clip as the first slide & adding picture slides & text to it, managed that OK. Then came towards the end of the first video clip where I wanted to add a second video clip, but I can't make the 2nd clip run. I can see the reduced opacity first frame but that just sticks there. I've added a s
  3. Hi Tom Thanks for suggesting a possible fix. However, I went through all that with the Panasonic chat guy. I posted the problem on another couple of sites & the most plausable IMO is this suggestion "The general position/orientation of an articulatable LCD screen may get detected by magnets and magnetic switches. If either gets dislodged (the magnet being the more likely candidate since it is not wired), the LCD will not switch its orientations in the expected positions.". I'm now reconciled to either put up or shut up. We have two other Panasonics, so we aren't short of c
  4. Hi Rosemary Thanks for your comments on the show. I asked the question about the camera in 3 different sources, spent 10 minutes with Panasonics chat but as yet haven't found a solution. Panasonic could only come up with an address in London to send it for repair. At the moment we are not using our cameras to a great extent, so my thoughts are to put up with it. We have 4 other sources to take pictures with. Kind Regards Rosy Cheeks.
  5. You may have read earlier on another thread, I dropped one of our cameras which has damaged the viewing screen. Luckily, I was able to download the images I took. This is another 90% video production so it's too big to go on SSC. My partner & I have the same birthday week with a years differnce. We booked this some time ago. Luckily the weather wasn't bad. One of us has memory problems & the other mobility problems. Luckily our eldest daughter came along to help us through & pay for the fish & chip lunch. The show is just over 5 min's & can be seen on vimeo. The link is
  6. Went out on our first serious photo shoot since before Christmas to Martin Mere wetlands bird sanctuary. I was on a mobility scooter with 2 camera bags, coats & a handbag. I had my Panasonic FZ330/331 on a tripod as I was shooting video, between shots I collapsed the tripod, the set it across my knees until I reached the next shot (the otters), as they only came out at feeding time I was rushing to get some pics & the tripod wasn't fully extended, as I moved backwards, the tripod & camera fell over, landing on tarmac on the rubberised edge of the camera. I checked the camera over &
  7. Audacity has a beat detector unde Analise. Rosy Cheeks.
  8. Juddering scrolling text was an old chestnut with PTE, you may not see a difference in scrolling one line of text, but try scrolling a full page. It works for me & always has. Could be something to do with hardware acceleration? Mine is off permanently. Rosy.
  9. As an add on, when you set text to scroll either right to left visa versa or up or down, got to the properties tab in the objects & animation screen, at the top right you will see a minus 100 setting, sharper smoother, change this to 200 + which will make the text flow smoother. Cheers Rosy Cheeks
  10. Paul I see a lot of video clips on Youtube, almost 70% of them have been taken in portrait mode, then they try to stretch them to fill a lamdscape mode by either showing a stretched version as a background with the original overlaid on top, or a semi stretched version as the main image, either way they look a mess, maybe JJB45 will let us know? Rosy.
  11. Hi Paul That wasn't mentioned. Not sure why someone would want to rotate a video clip in the main window when it's so easy to do it as I said? Cheers Rosy.
  12. Hi JJB45 Rotation of a video clip is available as in the procedure for a still pic' Highlight your clip in the row on the bottom of your working showscreen, go to the Objects & Animation tab, that sould open the screen where you animate your clip, see my screen shot. Regards Rosy
  13. Once more I find myself unable to walk for any distance, which for a photographer, is not good. Now we are in Summer & a significant birthday approaching, my partner has booked a day at a local wildlife sanctuary Martin Mere. I decided I needed a mobility scooter to be sure of enjoying the day. So I bought a new machine from Ebay, (that's another story). This weekend was sunny so I tried attaching one of my cameras to the scooter & take a trip around my locality. I set the camera (so I thought) to record a fast motion movie, but it didn't turn out that way. When I downloaded it fr
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