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  1. I use the video converter / editor regularly. I haven't noticed anything different in the latest PC version in the method I adopt. Maybe someone who uses the full screen method would object to it being changed? Rosy.
  2. Hi Tom I actually rendered it down to medium quality @30p in PTE to get the size to fit in a post. The original is quite good considering the price of the camera. Only problem I've found with it is the night setting, haven't found it yet. Cheers Rosy.
  3. The title of the section is Equipment & Software, I debated wether to post it in Off Topic, but you can't use PTE without a camera, unless you use someone elses work. The video was edited & converted in PTE.
  4. Since we moved from a town centre apartment to a semi rural bungalow, we have been plagued with the lawns being used as animal toilets. As there is quite a large animal population around here, I wasn't sure wich animal was the culprit. Last week I dug out the mower from the garage & started on the larger rear lawn which backs onto open fields, on the second strip, "squelch" I'd trodden in something nasty which stunk to high heaven & filled the cleats on my new gardening boots. I completed both lawns then sat down to find some way of preventing this happening again. My first though
  5. Thanks Igor, that's much easier on my peepers, (eyes). Rosy
  6. I use Digital Photography Review forum & that is available in dark mode which I find easier on the eye. Would this be possible with this forum? Rosy.
  7. Just recorded my first project with Camtasia Studio. (it's a bit like riding a bike, once you've done it, it all comes back). Happy with my purchase. Rosy.
  8. Tried a few times but I soon get disenchanted when I can't make things work. So after checking my bank balance I added the latest version of Camtasia to the basket, then changed my mind & looked at something else. Then I got an email from Camtasia saying I had an incomplete item in my basket & that if I completed I could have a 12% discount, (never look a gift horse in the mouth) as the saying goes, so I bit the bullet & bought the up-grade to Camtasia Studio. Gave it a try but it's quite different to my original one, need to look at their tutorials. Rosy.
  9. Hi Tom My version of Camtasia wouldn't work with W10. they did send me a free fix years back, that worked for a while, but after changing PC's 3 times I couldn't get it to work. I still have the original disc but it's gathering dust somewhere. Had a look at Steam but it looked as if you need a play station / xbox so I left it. Regards Rosy.
  10. Hi Tom I tried GFE but having previously used Camtasia didn't find it user friendly. So I downloaded OBS which looked very similar to Camtasia without the bells & whistles. However, when I tried it I fell at the first fence & couldn't record a YT video. Had my 2nd Pfizer jab last Tuesday, maybe it's slowed my brain? I'll have another try tomorrow. BTW my Camtasia ran out a few years ago & I didn't fancy paying for an up-grade as I didn't use it that much. Regards Rosy.
  11. Thanks Dave, first time I've tried it so it's a bit daunting. I had GFE installed but never tried it, thought it was just to play games Thanks for the heads up. Rosy.
  12. Thanks Igor I have a NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1660 SUPER™ but not sure how to get the capture app? Rosy.
  13. Hi Has anyone used this for screen capture, it's supposed to be free? OBS Screen Capture software. Rosy.
  14. Hi Tom I think it may be wireless printing it gives problems with? Rosy.
  15. Hi Jim

    Just seen your name pop up on the forum & noticed you aren't far from us, We live in Hesketh Bank. Wondered if you have an AV group near you?

    Regards Rosy.

    1. Jim Higgins

      Jim Higgins

      Hi Rosy

      I'm in Crosby Camera Club and while we don't have a group as such we do have about a half dozen members that enter AVs in our yearly comp. Not sure about this year as everything is being done on Zoom.

      However there was a very good group based in Ainsdale. I'll see if it is still runnuing and get back to you, if you like.


    2. rosy


      Hi Jim

      I was a member of the Ainsdale group but it eventually faded out. Not sure if it's still active, but it was fragmented & very small. The guy who ran it had a projection room in his back garden, which was great, but the meetings eventually faded away, not sure if due to illness.

      Thanks anyway.


    3. Jim Higgins

      Jim Higgins

      Sorry Rosy,    

      That was the group I was talking about. Good hunting.


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