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  1. Hi Tom The idea with a second one was for quickie situations. The Smooth 4 takes minutes to set up, whereas the Manfrotto could take up to an hour & is a much larger package & visually obtrusive. The Smooth 4 was posted back to Wilkinson's this afternoon & I'm resigned to layoff looking for one for the phone, until the next one takes my eye. Cheers Rosy. PS will post a Manfrotto show as soon as the weather allows.
  2. Well I saw that Wilkinsons were advertising the Smooth 4 at £10 off £79 (£89). Having found the additional pairing bluetooh setting on my phone & as I had liked the first one but couldn't get it to recognise my phone, I threw caution to the wind & ordered another. It arrived last evening so I unpacked it & put it on charge. The packaging was very flimsy so I took pictures before unpacking. I mounted my phone, balanced the gimbal & switched it on. Went through the pairing sequence & glory be it worked. I tried a few buttons until I came to the camera picture & vide
  3. If you have screen recording software, you could run the show in it & create an MP4 video copy. Rosy.
  4. Hi Gary I wouldn't think so, it's in the list of "publish as". I'm going to try 4K with my next show. Rosy.
  5. Hi Tom I've been using Ebay since 2004, it's getting harder & harder to get refunds. You have to be very careful what you say is the reason for the refund. Amazon also are hardening their refunds. The DJI Pocket 4 I sent back I had to pay the postage by way of a £2 deduction of the refund. I didn't query it at the time because it was such a small proportion of the cost. But I'm sure they shouldn't have deducted it. I've been looking again at the Smooth 4 that I sent back to WEX, Jessops another retailer in the UK actually state it is compatible with all phones. I've asked them to
  6. Quick update on the SJCAM Gimbal 2. After I mentioned it SJCAM suggested I upgrade the firmware to 1.49, I did this with the new card reader that SJCAM said I must use. The problem was still there, so I went back to support, they then suggested I use firmware 1.52. I tried to download it but got an error message. There should have been an app with it but there wasn't. I decided I'd had enough & told them I was sending it back for a refund. I checked the cost by Royal Mail, (SJCAM's suggestion), £20.50 for 750g to China. Also raised a dispute with Paypal. According to Paypal's info, they pa
  7. Hi Tom Yes it does "look" impressive, but, it does have a few foibles such as the weight, the time it takes to assemble it & transportability. I suppose the design with the fitted case means it is supposed to be stripped down, just leaving the camera plate on the camera & stored in the case. But I could see it taking up to an hour to re-assemble it as it has to be re-balanced every time the camera is removed together with the sub camera plate & the low level handle to make it fit the case. The alternative being to assemble it at home before leaving on a shoot. One other downsi
  8. Final piece in this jigsaw, last night before retiring. I switched on the SJCAM camera & gimbal assembly & the SJ6 Legend fired up of its own accord. I hadn't up dated the firmware yet, but had played around with some of the camera settings. I then switched off the gimbal, but the camera stayed on & the only way to switch it off was to remove it from the gimbal & do it manually. I will up-date the software when the card reader arrives, & hopefully get out & take some pictures when the lock down eases. SJ6 Legend Legend Air OFFICIAL MANUAL 2017_1.4.8 and 1.2.4.pdf
  9. Progress report. Email back from SJCAM support, suggested it was what I'd queried a firmware update needed to correct the lack of camera switch on when gimbal powered up. SJCAM's instructions suggested formatting the memory card outside the gimbal & installing the firmware from there. Have a card reader on my PC & l/top but decided to send for a universal card reader from Ebay. The screen & lens protectors for the Fuji arrived, fitted the lens protector. Decided to try fitting the camera to the Manfrotto gimbal, what a toil, wouldn't like to do it in the field so to speak. Th
  10. Hi Tejano Bob Try this Video Cheers Rosy.
  11. The Manfrotto MVG220 Gimbal arrived this morning by TNT. Very well packed. Un-packed looks impressive, typical Manfrotto quality. Comes with a fitted case & all the leads needed for the specified cameras, this one also has a tripod, which the SJ Gimbal 2 didn't. . First impression, feels very heavy compared to the previous gimbals I've handled, even without the camera attached. Instructions say fully charge before switching on, first problem, no charging light. Only way to check charge, is switch it on. Will check with Manfrotto, in the mean time, it's on charge. Back to the SJ Gimbal
  12. Hi Tom I had the original FZ1000 but found it a bit on the heavy side. Continuing with this tale, as the memory card hadn't arrived for the XT-30, I decided to fit the camera & charge the SJ Gimbal-2, is anything easy these days? The gimbal comes with two leads to connect it to the camera, depending on the model plus a USB charging lead, which is only about 300mm long. I made the mistake of mounting the camera before inserting the camera lead, what a fiddle the gimbal end of the lead is. Had to remove the camera & the mounting clamp, then decide which way round the plug fitte
  13. Well I finished the manual, speed read most of it, hopefully some of it will stick. Got conflicting emails from DHL about the camera delivery, one said today, one said Monday, as it happened, it arrived at 9.30am. Unpacked it & found the charging connection had a continental two pin plug. Then followed a 2 hour saga with John Lewis's help! Chat I was 37th in the queue, after 40 mins I got through & cut off. Rang the help line, girl hadn't a clue what I was talking about, eventually put me through to so called technical help. Eventually got through to what was wrong, but the saga contin
  14. Started to read the manual for the Fuji XT30 before I went to be, also ordered a new memory card from Amazon. This morning I continued with the manual, read up to page 78 of 320. Also ordered a 52mm protective filter for the lens & a screen protector. Got acknowledgements from John Lewis & Manfrotto that items had been dispatched. The camera should arrive Monday & the gimbal, maybe tomorrow, TNT's info a bit vague. Rosy. x-t30_omw_en_s_f.pdf
  15. Hi Tom I've watched lots of Youtube vlogs on both items, hopefully it won't be too steep a learning curve. The weather gods are fluctuating here but we've had some glorious sunsets that long to be photographed. Will report back when they have arrived. My last Manfrotto tripod was excellent, hopefully the gimbal will be the same. I've ordered the basic one without the focus gear, but I think I may be able to link the camera with my phone for that. It's quite a while since I had a Fuji camera & from the YT Vlogs I've watched, the menu may take some getting used to after the Panason
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