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  1. They used to be called Dodge Ram now it's just Ram. I guess both Dodge/Ram and Citroen are owned by the same company now. Tesla is probably the most popular electric car in California. My wife drives a Subaru. Hardly anybody in the US drives a car with a manual transmission. Stellantis is the new corporation formed from the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Peugeot S.A. merger. The name is explained as being rooted in the Latin verb “stello” meaning “to brighten with stars.” The FCA brands sold in the U.S. are now under Stellantis: Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, Maserati, and Ram. O
  2. Another amazing style! Thanks, Tom
  3. Old posting revisted. I thought I should also add that storage requirements on slideshowclub.com would be less due to a single .ptshow file instead of both .zip and .ptshow. The player could be an optional part of the .ptshow download for those few users without the player installed. Thanks, Tom
  4. Yes. PTE for Mac is very fast on the M1 chip. Unless Intel is able to catch up with Apple my last Intel CPU will probably be the i3 in my Acer Chromebox. I use it mainly for secure browsing and progressive web apps. The next Apple Silicone (M1X?) should be amazing. https://www.macworld.co.uk/news/m1x-mac-3801943/ If anyone is looking for an affordable Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign alternative that does not require a subscription the Affinity Products are currently discounted 50% (Checked on Feb. 27, 2021) https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/photo/ https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/
  5. Nice looking car. I think Vimeo videos are higher quality than YouTube. 80+ mpg is really good fuel economy. My full size Ram pickup truck has a 5.7L V8 hemi engine that can switch to V4 on the freeway but only gets about 25 mpg (11.3 L/100km). Not many brick houses in California due to earthquakes. New houses in California must have solar panels and an electric charging station for cars. Some tech companies are leaving California for Texas (no state sales tax and cheaper housing) but now finding out that Texas has a poor power grid during the recent cold spell. Thanks, Tom
  6. At first I thought it was the surface of Mars. Amazing photos. Thanks, Tom
  7. I'm glad you were able to get it embedded. Great slideshow. The watercolor style is one of my favorites. Thanks, Tom
  8. I can embed Vimeo videos. You might want to check the privacy settings on the video. Maybe check "Where can this be embedded?" is set to Anywhere. Tom
  9. Affinity Photo Benchmark comparison. Intel and AMD need to improve their system on chip technology to catch up with Apple. My 2 year old AMD with NVIDIA graphics is not as fast as my Mac Mini with integrated graphics. I am happy that WnSoft has created a Mac version of PTE AV Studio. From Affinity Help: "The numeric results reported by the benchmark are linearly comparable, i.e. double the score means twice as fast." Tom
  10. I think you have to watch it on vimeo. Thanks, Tom https://vimeo.com/515013651
  11. Maybe the player as a separate beta in the future. We can already create Mac .ptshow files in 10.5. It is interesting when I tried replacing the PC version of Sample Project.ptshow with the Mac version the file sizes were different. The PC version was 30 MB and the Mac was 19 MB. The Mac .ptshow must have a different data format than PC. Tom
  12. Downloaded. So many stars in the universe. Great looking planets. Thanks, Tom
  13. That will work. I don't have an older Mac but for most slideshows I can watch on my PC and convert using a screen recorder if I need to transfer to my Mac. Thanks, Tom
  14. Is it possible to extract and convert the data from 32 bit Mac slideshows inside the .app folder (Contents/Resources/slideshow.dat) to a .ptshow file? Thanks, Tom
  15. Hi Denis, The planets look great. I didn't know someone had created rotating spheres almost 7 years ago. I tried to open on my Mac Mini but since the Mac slideshow was created during the 32 bit era it would not run on Big Sur which is 64 bit only. Also Mac apps have to be authorized by Apple now. Maybe the slideshow.dat file can be converted to a slideshow.ptshow file. I will ask Igor. Thanks, Tom
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