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  1. Hi Igor, Yes. The Publish Video, Preview problem happens on 4 different slideshows I have tested. I have noticed that the Publish Video, Preview, has the label of the temporary .pte file. After the temporary video is created it auto opens my default video player (PotPlayer without clicking on Play). If I click on the Play button in VideoBuilder it opens a new copy of PTE editor. Thanks, Tom
  2. Hi Igor, Great news! Preview works again on my Windows Insider which is currently. Version 10.0.20215 Build 20215 Video preview might still have a small problem. It creates a video preview file correctly. But the videobuilder encoder window still displays .pte file extension (like graphic in previous post). When I press play button to preview video it works properly but it also opens a new PTE program window. Thanks, Tom
  3. When adding a video as a slide you can easily separate audio from video when you right click in Timeline view (even multiple times, maybe useful for additional audio level increase or echo?). It would be nice if we could do the same when adding a video object from Objects and Animation editor screen. There are a couple of existing methods like adding the video as an audio file or adding the video as another slide, separating the audio, and then un-linking the audio before deleting the video slide then dragging the audio to the correct slide. My suggestion would just save a small amount of
  4. NVIDIA's latest GPU using Ampere architecture. 28 Billion transistors. 24 GB memory. My first computer in the early 1980s had a 4 Mhz 8 bit CPU and 32KB of RAM. ASCII block graphics, no GPU. I don't think Apple silicon can compete with Ampere. https://blogs.nvidia.com/blog/2020/09/01/nvidia-ceo-geforce-rtx-30-series-gpus/ Tom
  5. You have a great system. AMD and NVIDIA work great together. PTE is very efficient (system memory < 500 MB and GPU memory <2 GB). Photoshop CC might use 16 GB on large images. The only upgrade to my 2 year old Ryzen 7 2700x has been a 1 TB Samsung EVO SSD. Starting to plan for my next computer. If Apple sells a Mac Mini ARM with 14x cpu I will probably buy one. If not maybe a AMD 5000 APU computer. The integrated graphics on the new AMD cpu should be enough to run PTE. Maybe someday PTE will be ported to Android since it can run on the Mac ARM instruction set. Tom
  6. I don't think it's possible to make the background slide transparent. You can change the color but not the transparency. It might be a limitation of direct3d or media foundation. One of my other apps wallpaper engine is also limited to a solid color background. You could add the request to ideas and suggestions subforum. Tom
  7. Another strange behavior possibly due to Windows update is when you select Publish Show, HD and 4K video, and then Preview it creates a short 10 second video clip. My default video player (PotPlayer) will auto start and play the video which is correct. If you click on the Play button it opens PTE again with the project instead of the temporary mp4 file. I would expect the Play button to use the .mp4 instead of .pte. This is the way it works when Publishing a full length video. I am presently unable to test on another Windows PC. Thanks, Tom
  8. Yes. I created an EXE of the Sample Slideshow and other slideshows. The EXE versions play perfectly. The problem is only with Preview. Since this is a Windows Insider Preview edition it may fix itself in the next (frequent) patch. I will update this posting if it starts working. Thanks, Tom
  9. My PC updated today and now PTE has changed. Tested using both my own media and the Sample Project. Anyone else running the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview and having a problem with PTE preview (double click or button) not working? The Preview button grays out and after about 10 seconds it is enabled again but no preview running. I can see PteViewerX.exe running in task manager then it quits. The mini player works and publish .EXE both work properly. PTE 10.0.12 Build 2 OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Home Insider Preview Version 10.0.20190 Build 20190 DirectX 12 Ryzen 7
  10. Igor, Thanks for the update. Apple has managed to compete with Intel and AMD on the desktop with the custom ARM chips. Rosetta 2 performance is a nice alternative. Microsoft will probably respond with more ARM software in the future. Tom
  11. Hi Igor, Congratulations on porting your code. I'm guessing you are not allowed to comment on ARM vs. Intel performance in PTE since that would be posting a benchmark? My guess is due to optimized Apple GPU the ARM version will be slightly smoother in transitions/frames per second compared to Intel/AMD. I'm waiting for an ARM Mac Mini like the developer kit except with the A14 instead of A12 CPU. Thanks, Tom
  12. I agree. It's a great forum with great support for many years. I enjoy the creativity of others and it gives me ideas for new transitions and styles. Lately I have been taking advantage of summer weather working on my house but in a few months I can spend more time with PTE again. Thanks, Tom
  13. I am noticing more javascript coded software designed as a PWA that runs inside a modern browser or as an Electron application. Here is a recent example of free software that I think is really interesting. It's a screen recorder that runs inside a modern browser. Google Chrome can record video and audio. It does not work on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, but it does work on my Chromebook. There are potential security issues (personal info, passwords, ...) of screen sharing so be careful what you share. I recorded a PTE screen and it looked great, but limited to 30 fps.
  14. It might make sense for the embedded PteViewerX app which is about 4 MB on Windows. Tom
  15. Very good news. The native ARM performance is impressive. https://wccftech.com/mac-mini-a12z-bionic-native-benchmark-scores-much-higher/ Thanks, Tom
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