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  1. Thanks for the update. I have tested other symbols and they all appear to be working. https://www.macworld.co.uk/how-to/mac-keyboard-type-symbols-3504584/ Tom
  2. I have a Mini with a Windows keyboard. I think it's supposed to be option g (alt g) but that keyboard shortcut doesn't work in PTE. You can copy it from this web page with a simple click. https://fsymbols.com/copyright/ or maybe copy/paste this. © Tom
  3. The transition has 3 types of photo albums each with 2 rotation options. The number 2 version is my attempt to copy the really nice Album style in PTE. The number 3 version was copied from an old photo I have from 1961 that protects the photo when closed and also can be used as a stand. You can change the cover from an old camera to something else (2 images 480x1080). I decided to keep things simple and not worry about shadows (maybe later). I was able to keep anti aliasing enabled and remove the line at the center of rotation. Going to take a break and work on the vegetable garden f
  4. That is really nice Paul. I am still working on the one and two page transitions. This video has both versions. I noticed that you can add an album cover to the first transition by enabling the Transparent background of slides. This requires the photo or video cover the complete slide or have a fill rectangle in the layer below, so by default Transparent background of slides will be disabled. Two transition versions, a straight and a rotated version based on Igor's Album style. The line down the middle seems to be visible if Edge antialiasing is enabled. Tom
  5. Hi Rosemary, There might be another update or two in the next few days. Paul has a great version with better shadows and background. I'm adding a full image page turn to add to the Album transition with a few different viewing angles. Thanks, Tom
  6. Yes, the Mac version is amazing. I think I made a slight course correction after leaving the Stop Lock. It could be removed and the rotation changed slightly at the Stop Lock. I can imagine the drift due to wind/current. The rotation center can be changed at each keyframe but I usually try to set it one time and disable the center object property on future keyframes unless needed. I probably just made a mistake if the rotation center changes during the boat turning. You might have to fine tune the keyframes. I think I would need a z-drive or at least a bow thruster narrowboat to
  7. I removed the boat from the frame and added my own keyframes so the timing is probably way off. Tom Moving boat_tom95521.pte
  8. New version with shadow on/off option. The black center stripe in the fold is a caused by the shadow. Also changed from zoom to pan Z and rotate animation speed is now smooth. Thanks, Tom Album.pteeff
  9. Yes. The advantage of PteViewerX.exe is that it is updated to the latest version when PTE is updated. Minor version updates (10.5.n) should not require file association update. Tom
  10. Disclaimer: This will only work for users that have the PTE AV Studio editor installed on their computer. This is not for sharing slideshows for friends/family that do not have the editor installed. WnSoft does not currently support this method of viewing slideshows. It may not work with previous (before 10.5) versions of .pteav or .ptshow files. How to play standalone .pteav files on Windows My primary PTE editor is now a Mac mini. I have a network share so I can copy files between my Windows and Mac computers. When I want to play a slideshow on my Windows PC I create one .ptea
  11. I think you just need to change the center of rotation outside the center of the object. If you shift and click on the circle in the center of object the mouse cursor will change and you can move it to the center of rotation outside the object. That is a very sharp corner for a long boat. Tom
  12. Hi Paul, Yes. It's just a quick example of a book animation. Not very sophisticated compared to the other book/album styles posted to the forum. The narrow line down the middle could probably be hidden and the page shadows could also be improved. Just for fun. I just noticed I used zoom instead of pan Z for the center of the transition. I will try to improve and post a new version (or someone else can make changes and post). Thanks, Tom
  13. Very simple. No curved pages. Thanks, Tom Book.pteeff
  14. Thanks. It's really simple and has limited use, but fun to play with transitions. Tom
  15. The mask was created in PTE using 20 circles and a rectangle. The red curtain was created in PTE using gradient rectangles. Semi transparent and opaque versions. Thanks, Tom Curtain.pteeff
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