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  1. I have been using the latest version of PTE with Windows 11 (AMD Ryzen 2700 CPU, Nvidia 1660 Super GPU) for about 2 months. No problems so far. From previous posts by Igor. One license key can be used to activate PTE AV Studio on any 2 computers - PC or Mac. Tom
  2. Depoe Bay is just north of Newport by about 12 miles. I have not been there in years but would be fun to visit again. Thanks, Tom
  3. This video brings back childhood memories. When I was a child in the '60s my mother decided my sister and I should join her on a hike from Crescent City to Rockaway (the town where she lived as a child). I was only about 10 years old. I remember backpacking on the beaches and when that was not an option we hiked along highway 101. We must have hiked for at least 3 weeks and stayed in campgrounds. I think my favorite spot was Depoe Bay with the amazing boats that somehow manage to navigate between the rocks even during storms. Thanks, Tom
  4. I accidentally posted a separate message. I hope your surgery goes well. Tom
  5. I found it under User styles. Lin has not been online since May 22. He was having some medical issues. I hope he is okay but I was reluctant to ask for an update. Tom
  6. Here is an example of an audio mixer from a video editor that I sometimes use to trim or join videos before inserting into PTE. If 100% = 0dB then it would not have a volume increase (gain) option, just reduction in audio level? Volume increase and vu meter would be nice, but it would require additional programming/difficulty. Thanks, Tom
  7. I suggested something like this awhile back. Tom
  8. This is one of my favorite styles. Some of the newer members to the forum may have missed this great style. Tom
  9. Some of the newer cameras have wifi transfer and it would avoid physical damage to cards/connectors + location of the card reader on the computer. Tom
  10. Hi Alex, Nice slideshow. I like the transition/style between the images. The music and font style were great too. Thanks, Tom
  11. It would be nice to have a graph with adjustable curves for a smooth speed ramp. https://filmdaft.com/what-is-speed-ramping-and-how-to-create-it/ Tom
  12. Hi Jill, I did a quick search before posting and I guess I misunderstood what speed modifiers Barry was talking about. I thought he was posting about video playback speed but instead animation speed, which is different. My request is for adjustable video speed at keyframes like in the video above. A keyframe graph to set the speed would be great if that is an option. Maybe like timeline audio level adjustments. Thanks, Tom
  13. +1 for adjust video speed at keyframes. Tom Example of keyframe speed adjust. Sample video from pexels.com.
  14. Very nice. I have seen a similar method for trees. The only part that is noticeable to me is the double gold canopy when the jet is around 45 degree angle. I don't think it is possible to fix. The formation flying is very good. Thanks, Tom
  15. Streaming video... It's been over 5 years last visiting a movie theater. My wife loves to bake so waiting for 9/24 to watch the new season of The Great British Baking Show on Netflix. Our HP home office b&w LaserJet printer/scanner has been very reliable. I purchase non HP toner cartridges from Amazon that are 1/2 the price of HP that work perfectly. If I need a nice color print I upload to Costco and pickup the next day. Tom
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