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  1. Even a gadget nut like myself thinks one gimbal is enough unless you need a lighter model for hikes and vacations. Tom
  2. While waiting for my mac mini to arrive I've been looking for a good performance monitor. This one has a large amount of information and is popular. It has been updated for silicon Macs. https://bjango.com/mac/istatmenus/ and another that is used to test RAM and temps on the silicon Macs.. https://www.imagetasks.com/istatistica/pro/ Multicore processors are excellent for memory compression. It's amazing how fast the processor can compress/decompress memory so you can run multiple programs with 1/2 the amount of physical memory required without compression. This is one of
  3. 30% off regular price. Sale lasts 2 weeks. https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/ A non-subscription alternative to three (four if you count Lightroom) Adobe products. I purchased Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, and Affinity Publisher for the Mac. It's supposed to be fast on the M1 silicon. https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/apple-m1-chip-support/ I have access to Adobe products from our local university extended ed program but I still like Serif software. Tom
  4. That is Apple and their walled garden. Google Chromebooks and Amazon Tablets also probably the same. At least I will know that the computer is secure. If I want to break out I guess I will install Linux on one of my old PCs. Thanks, Tom
  5. I think the Apple store is good for advertising of software to a wider audience but I didn't think about folder security. I hope the Gatekeeper problem does not happen again. Do the binary slideshows have to check in with Apple Gatekeeper/OCSP before running or just the PTE installation with code signing check? Thanks, Tom
  6. I notice Apple has recently changed their cut to 15% in the Apple Store for developers with sales below 1 million dollars. Not sure how much of a delay it takes to get tested and approved but maybe some day we will see WnSoft PTE AV Studio in the Apple Store. Tom
  7. Intel has been the top selling x86 processors for almost 40 years. The ARM RISC processor family integrated with GPU and RAM is rapidly changing personal computing starting with portable computers and expanding to the desktop. Problem The x86 and ARM processor instruction sets (code) are not compatible. There are two solutions to this problem. Emulation and translation. Emulation is required every time the program or operating system is run until the source code is compiled into binary for ARM processor. Translation converts the program one time using the new instruction set. Apple Rose
  8. Having ordered items from China via AliExpress I feel your pain. Last summer it was three months before the package arrived. Amazon sometimes does not want the product returned due to shipping cost. I ordered a small upright refrigerator from Amazon and it was damaged in shipping (cosmetic corner dent). Amazon said keep it or donate it to charity and refunded my money. Maybe you will get lucky with the Ebay vendor. Good luck, Tom
  9. Google Chrome M1 native is available now but it appears that Apple Safari browser is still the fastest for the M1. https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2020/11/google-chrome-is-available-as-an-apple-m1-native-app-today/ Tom
  10. I am thinking about buying a X-Rite ColorChecker on sale until December 31, 2020. and how I might use it with various software. I know some video editors use vector scopes and other graphs to show levels. Ideally you would white balance in your camera but I was wondering if a simpler solution might work. I don't think this would require a calibrated monitor if you are matching between a reference and a colorchecker in a photo or video. Macbeth ColorChecker https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ColorChecker *Update* I created a colorchecker based on the sRGB values and attached it to t
  11. Nice looking camera rig. It will be interesting to see how it does smooth pans and video stabilization. Tom
  12. I have ordered the 16 GB M1 Mac mini but does not ship until mid December. Also ordered a budget LG 32 inch 4K monitor. All the YT reviews I have watched so far using the M1 to edit multimedia have been very positive. My main concern on the monitor is getting the text sharp at 4K. I find it a little strange that most of the reviewers are amazed how fast timeline scrubbing is on their M1 Mac video editors. It's normal behavior for PTE to rapidly scrub the timeline or full screen preview without waiting to generate a proxy file or background rendering. I think PTE will be very fast on the A
  13. Reviews for Apple M1 computers are showing up on YT today. The M1 is a great video editing computer. I'm sure it will be super fast with PTE AV Studio. Tom
  14. The X-T30 is a real versatile camera. With a hdmi to usb converter like Elgato Cam Link 4K it can be used as a webcam (using dummy battery/power supply) with zoom, skype, obs. Tom
  15. Great looking camera. The X-T30 received the Gold Award from dpreview. Gimbal looks great too. Have fun with your new equipment. It makes me want to take my rarely used Panasonic FZ-1000 outside when the weather improves. Tom
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