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  1. Natural paintbrush painting software. Discounted price and a percentage goes to charities. Offer expires March 17. https://www.humblebundle.com/software/natural-digital-painting-kit-software Software from https://www.escapemotions.com/ Amberlight 2 looks interesting. Tom
  2. Very nice. Custom transitions are my favorite feature of PTE. Almost infinite possibilities. Thanks, Tom
  3. I had forgotten the selection option. I have used it for other purposes but never time range. Out of habit I always assume when the parent object is selected (blue) all the children objects are selected (blue). Maybe it could be more user friendly since when you select an object it works for copy/paste of children objects but not for properties of children objects. Thanks, Tom
  4. Currently in version 10.0.7 objects can not inherit a time range and the time range must be set for each child object. It would be convenient to be able to group objects in a frame and set the time range so that all objects inherit the time range. Thanks, Tom
  5. Thanks everyone. Just practicing during colder weather. Another transition of helicopters. Just having fun. https://ptearchive.com/pte/Tom95521/?name=Helicopter.pteeff Tom
  6. Hi Dave, I'm just having fun playing with transitions. I don't know if there is an easier method to create a weave without using many layers (maybe a checkerboard mask?). I agree about the ending. I will try to fix. I have noticed the user interface is really slow when using many layers/objects in a custom transition. It makes editing a real time consuming operation. I try to enter new keyframe value and it might take a few seconds for the change to happen. Have you noticed any performance issues editing large custom transitions? Thanks, Tom
  7. Does not use masks, but it does have many layers and object time range to simulate a weave. It was a learning experience. 16:9 aspect ratio https://ptearchive.com/pte/Tom95521/?name=Weave.pteeff Tom
  8. Weird. Maybe the first one had too high of a dpi.Here is the original and new one at lower dpi (realizing it shouldn't make a difference). I don't see the ghost but I believe you. I see you fixed the problem by removing background and adjusting white. I can't blame that on Serif Affinity Designer. Good to know. Thanks. Tom star_mask.zip
  9. A star mask should work. It's easy if you have a vector drawing program. Tom
  10. Hi Pascal, Still playing around with parameters but it works great. Thanks, Tom
  11. I forgot I had a free online Excel live.com that launched Excel on my PC. I think I have it (almost) working. The calculation lasted about 12 seconds. I just need to change the image property to the correct path. Thanks! Tom
  12. Hi Pascal, This looks amazing. As much as I would like to use Trapcode Particular it is not within my budget. Have you tried using your spreadsheet/macro with Google Sheets (spreadsheet)? Thanks, Tom
  13. Hi Barry, If I close my eyes and hear your voice I think of Paul Hogan, not Paul Hollywood. I'm glad people think my post is amusing. People should laugh more often to stay healthy. Fyi, awesome and cool are proper Californian dialect. Thanks, Tom
  14. Sadly the mediadigitronics website is not very modern. I was unable to view the demo videos because of the older youtube URLs pointing to .swf video files. I have found the equivalent modern versions of the youtube URLs. It is interesting how the node paths are generated and populated with objects and maybe some day such a feature could be added to PTE at the same time bezier curves are programmed into PTE. VisisketchPro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBxBH4ClrV0 HighlighterPro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tKwVvPvh40 CaptionsAlivePro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yh-vMbEia8 Tom
  15. Hi Inova, It has been many years since I have used Photofiltre but it does have many nice features. http://www.photofiltre-studio.com/freeware/reflet-en.htm Thanks, Tom
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