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  1. Hi Dom, An option to attach grid to object orientation would be nice. Thanks, Tom
  2. Ray tracing with millions of emitters much faster using new technology. Maybe lower end NVIDIA graphics cards (< RTX) will support ray tracing? Maybe not since NVIDIA wants to sell you a new graphics card. https://news.developer.nvidia.com/rendering-millions-of-dynamics-lights-in-realtime/ Tom
  3. +1 Yes. It has been requested a few times. Having the ability to add a stroke width and color would be nice. The workaround is not that great. I'm hoping it will be in PTE 10.N or 11. Tom
  4. Hi Kieron, There is an article about Midi 2.0 in a recent issue of New Scientist (May 9-15 2020.). In California most of us are still wearing a mask and social distancing in public areas. I hope everyone stays healthy. Thanks, Tom
  5. Remember the original 7 bit MIDI from 1983? The sound was not that great. The new MIDI 2.0 is 32 bit. I never used MIDI in PTE (version 5?), but for sound content creators this should be good news. https://qz.com/1788828/how-will-midi-2-0-change-music/ Tom
  6. Hi JJB45, I like your grayscale to color. It is a really nice addition. I'm trying to add a circular wiggle using multiple masks. If it works I will post. Thanks, Tom
  7. Hi Dom, That looks great. So many ways to make transitions... Thanks! Tom
  8. I am not aware of any video container (avi, mp4,...) that supports a menu structure. It's possible to add chapter markers to mp4 video but I don't think that PTE 10 has the capability. It was added to suggestions. Tom
  9. Hi Dom, Strange. If you rename the .pteff to .zip you can see the mask images are in Mandalas.zip. I deleted the transition in PTE, downloaded from the forum, imported, and it works again. Not sure what might be wrong with the transition. I will do some more testing. Thanks, Tom
  10. Four Mandala transitions. Mandala images from svgsilh.com. Photos from pixabay.com. Thanks, Tom Mandalas.pteeff
  11. Hi Dom, Amazing animation. Looks very professional. Thanks, Tom
  12. Hi Dom, Thanks for the idea about the second slide. Tom
  13. Great suggestion. Updated transition. Thanks, Tom
  14. Hi JJB45, Welcome to the forum. It's good to see another Californian online. Tom
  15. Using a programming language like Pascal/C++/.. it must be harder for you to compile for different operating systems compared to something like Unreal or Unity. I'm sure your team is up to the task. I'm still thinking about an AMD 4000 or 5000 series laptop with onboard Nvidia graphics. This laptop looks interesting but it doesn't have a webcam. https://www.pcworld.com/article/3534771/asus-rog-zephyrus-g14-review-the-first-ryzen-4000-laptop.html Thanks, Tom
  16. Hi Dom, I think I understand what you mean. Just do the same modifier action to slide 2? It would be interesting to see how it turns out. I will not be able to test for awhile though. If you want to try it and publish here that's fine with me. Anything I post to this forum is in the public domain for others to improve upon (and for me to learn). Thanks, Tom ps. I noticed the Y pan value should be increased to maybe 8.9 to make it more visible due to the narrower width of Y (108 px) vs. X (192 px). I have updated the values in the transition and uploaded again.
  17. Hi Kieron and Rosemary, It might be good for a flashback or dream type of slideshow or maybe as a water effect. It was easy to create. Thanks, Tom
  18. Simple dissolve transition. Images from pixabay.com. * Updated with slide 2 animation and smooth acceleration. Thanks, Tom Wiggle Dissolve.pteeff
  19. Hi Gary and Dom, I was almost ready to give up and tell Gary it would be easier just to add a frame around the image in a photo editor but then you were able to solve the problem. I like both of your versions better than mine. Thanks, Tom
  20. Hi Gary, I think it would take two rectangles below the image crop layers and in front of the water gradient. The top rectangle would be a blue gradient rectangle and then a slightly larger white rectangle below that for the border. I'm guessing it would not 'bend' like the water so maybe it will require a different method. I will see what I can do. Thanks, Tom
  21. Gary, This one should work for both images and video. I was having a hard time getting the videos to link to the master video but it seems to be working now. I'm not sure how much use a video water reflection will be due to the movement in the video. I tested with your video and it seems to work. I might try to work some additional wave movement in X pan direction and maybe a better gradient mask that makes the edges a little softer in the future. Thanks, Tom Water Reflection.ptestyle
  22. Hi Gary, The style might still have some issues with duplicate video and audio. I might have to convert from image cropping to masks. Thanks, Tom
  23. I agree. It would be a great feature to have displacement mapping. It must be possible in PTE sometime in the future. I thought that when video was first added to PTE years ago there would not be anything else to add, but it seems the list keeps on growing. Tom
  24. ... and when we all have Nvidia 3080 Ti cards maybe PTE will support Ray Tracing... Tom
  25. Hi Dom, Cool. I might try to make a transition using the same concept. Thanks, Tom
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