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  1. Ann, feel free to send me your mp4 file by WeTransfer. I will try to run it on my Mac's and get back to you. I use MovistPro on my Mac to view mp4's almark dot net at gmail dot com (to avoid the web spiders harvesting my email address ;-)
  2. Is this supported yet? It is easy to covert FLAC to WAV, but ...
  3. Just checking, should I be playing with this, I do not have a M1 chip. I have 2019 5k iMac 64GB RAM, 8GB Video card.
  4. This is great news.I strongly suspect a new toy will be ordered soon.
  5. Hi folks, I see Igor's new beta 12 will work with the M1 chip, or Apple Silicon. Has anyone bought one yet? I might give my granddaughter my MacBookPro and get a new one. (The excuse is my granddaughter really needs a laptop, not that I want a new toy, of course!)
  6. The latest 'Big Sur', the next MacOS, is now at Release Candidate 2. It works fine with the latest Beta of PTE AV Studio Pro for Mac.
  7. I agree, so many plans now on hold.
  8. Can you tell a story in just 30 seconds? Created with the Beta version of PTE AV Studio
  9. An experienced photographer will know how to draw the eye, with a carefully composed image. Often they have a focal point and use lines and curves in the composition to draw the eye to it. This creates a perception of depth and makes the image more pleasing to the eye. Consider how a print draws your eye and think about how this could be translated into a slide show. There is a way to do this subtly. In PTE AV Studio, select an image with a clearly defined focal point. Then tap on the 'Slide Options' box/icon on the bottom left. Select Standard Transitions Shapes Tap o
  10. Come with me on a Norway coastal voyage
  11. Just for your information. I have using PTE AV Studio 10 for Mac, since July, when Igor released the first Alpha. It went through a number of Alpha’s before going into the Beta stage. It has also gone through a number of Beta versions prior to this public beta. Right from the very first version I have found it to be stable and quick. I have remade and published numerous mp4’s here, on AV Makers International Private YouTube channel (organised by Jeff Morris, South Africa) and also on my YouTube channel. Clearly, as it is a native Mac app your computer resources are not reduced by running
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