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  1. And Know the Place For the First Time, also by Max Richter.
  2. Puffins, Isle of Canna, of the south coast of Isle of Skye (boat trip) in April. Pine Martin, Sleat, Isle of Skye. Highland cattle, Isle of Skye. Deer, Glen Etive. Landscapes, Rannock Moor, Glencoe, Glen Etive (near Glencoe), Glen Orchy, Isle of Skye, You could spend a week in the Glencoe area alone. I usually stop there en route to the Isle of Skye. I hope this helps.
  3. In Icelandic folklore, the huldufólk or the hidden people, are elves and trolls. In Iceland, more people believe in the Huldufolk than Christianity. I wanted to tell this story and I thought a poem would work. Just another excuse to play with the Beta1 of the Mac version of PTE AV Studio. ;-)
  4. Thank you for your kind feedback.
  5. The title comes from the second piece of music in the sequence, by Max Richter, which was my initial inspiration. The saddest, but most beautiful piano music. Playing and testing a well-loved and successful AV in PTE AV Studio for Mac Beta 1. I wanted to tell a story, one that almost everyone knows, but without spoken words or actors. I hoped that viewers would discover a unique and personal experience, based on their understanding of the holocaust. It is rather long, for a sequence without narration. But, the iPhone 6S+ images and the music holds it together. Previous versions of t
  6. JRR, please refresh your page. If you can still not see it please let me know.
  7. Just as an excuse to play with the new Beta1 version of PTE AV Studio 10.5 Pro for Mac, I updated an old sequence. It won the Bridgend 5 to 8 Photo Harmony Competition, way back in 2015. I have since visited Scotland a number of times and had few better images to play with. I must thank Lakelandlass, for her eagle eye. She was the only one to notice that I had used the same image, twice. Any ideas or suggestions on how it could be improved would be most welcome.
  8. No, it was another sequence, but the approach I use is the same. I now realise there is a better and easier way, by stacking the images in one slide. I still have to play with that.
  9. My daughter's wedding. I hired a professional wedding photographer. His work is outstanding. When he sent me his final jpgs, he included a batch that he thought worked well in mono. I agreed and made this slideshow to record the day for posterity.
  10. A once in a lifetime trip above and beyond the Arctic Circle, along the coast of Norway. Almost everyday was a great sky day.
  11. IMHO, I still think this is one of my best. Updated to 2:1 format, which I think suits Iceland.
  12. Ok, thanks for the confirmation. I would be really happy to beta test your mac version
  13. I installed a new font 'Built Titling', I include screenshot below shows what it should look like. Also screenshots of Font when set to Tahoma and Built Tititling, the font does change a bit but it is not right.
  14. Running PTE AV Studio 10 Pro in Windows using VMware Fusion, on my Mac, I have had a few font problems. The font was wrong and the kerning was occasionally off. I had to change the font to a generic Windows font to get it work right. I suspect it is a problem due to Catalina OS. I noticed when installing PTE AV Studio using Crossover, my Mac was giving me error messages for about 10 fonts in a row, saying it could not be opened has it hadn't been signed by an approved developer. Looks like I will have to create my text as pngs in PS. Roll on the Mac version!
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