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  1. Igor Thanks, I will have a further look when I have time, if anything changes will report it but the rest of PTE is working fine. Adrian
  2. Good morning Igor Have tried as you suggest but unfortunately the situation is still the same and preferences freezes with a failing to respond message. Windows 10, PTE, and all drivers are up to date. I attach system details with the fault I am reporting listed at the end. Thanks again Adrian DxDiag.txt
  3. Hi again Igor Further point - I noticed from my screen dump that the chosen folder for styles/templates had somehow migrated to my OneDrive. I have managed to change that back to the default on c: dive but the fault with manage templates still persists. Adrian
  4. Hi again I selected the folder as you can see in the attached screen dump. I am not able to select any new folder for templates including desktop and folders on my C: drive. For the time being I am quite happy to work around this. Adrian
  5. Thanks for replying Igor, I have just tried to select another folder and the problem remains. I tried to create a new template folder which was empty and still the program hung after selecting this. Templates are created OK in the folder shown in preferences d:/slideshows which is not I think one which I ever selected but cannot be sure as I only use create template after finishing a sequence. This is a folder with several subfolders within it and this does not seem to cause any problem. I will continue to create templates in this folder and drag them to the folder I require
  6. In PTE AV Studio 10.0.10 an attempt to change the default folder for show templates causes the program to freeze. Whether I try to do this through Manage Templates in the file menu or directly through Settings-Preferences produces the same problem. I can select the folder I wish to select but when I then click OK the program freezes and reports that preferences is not responding., I then close the program and on reopening, PTE works fine. The problem occurs whatever sequence I have open at the time even with a new project open containing only a single blank slide. Mine is a new i7 desktop
  7. Good evening Igor and everyone, As one of the first to report this issue in May 2018 can I congratulate Igor and his team on solving the problem with the release 0f this beta version of PTE 10. As reported previously I use, as president of Leeds AV Group, a Medion Erazer Laptop with a Nvidia 870M in addition to the onboard Intel card and find that sequences made with this beta version run very smoothly both on the laptop's own monitor and also through HDMI lead to a second monitor. Sequences made in PTE 9 often failed to run either on the Laptop's monitor or when using both an HDMI c
  8. I have just installed the new NVidia driver for the GeForce 870M, dated 22/05/2018, in to my Medion Laptop and can sadly report that it leaves the situation unchanged. PTE 9.0.17 runs as normal and produces working exe files but files made previously in versions before 17 will not run on the Laptop's own monitor and result in the same access exception error as before. They continue however, to run as normal through an HDMI lead to an external monitor. Adrian
  9. Igor Have downloaded your 9.0.17 Beta and can confirm that it runs normally on the Laptop monitor and previews run in full screen without problem. I also created an exe file from it, using a fairly recent show template of mine, and that also runs fine on the Laptop monitor. We now have to wait I assume on Microsoft and/or NVidia for a solution which will allow us to run our existing exe files as we were formerly able to do. Fortunately for our show tomorrow these still seem to run fine through the HDMI output to an external device. Thanks Adrian
  10. Igor On my Medio Laptop specified as above Test 10 will run on both its own monitor AND through HDMI to an external monitor using both the NVidia card AND the integrated graphics Test 19107 will NOT run on the Laptop monitor with the NVidia card WILL run on an external monitor through the HDMI output using the NVidia Card WILL run either on the Laptop monitor on external monitor using the Integrated graphics As I understand it the architecture of this Medio Erazer is such that the HDMI output is dedicated to the NVidia card. All aspects of PTE and all PT
  11. No change: Despite a further update to windows 10 today (May 9th) and downloading an driver update for the NVidia 870M also dated 09/05/2018, there is no change. basically PTE exe files will NOT run on the laptop's own monitor and show the EAccess Violation as before. PTE exe files, PTE etc. will all run when laptop connected to an external monitor via HDMI. They seem to run without difficulty. Sorry Igor that message is not more positive. Adrian
  12. Have now checked the comments from jt49 (for which many thanks) and can confirm his findings. PTE exe files will not run on the laptop's monitor using the NVidia card but will run using the integrated graphics. however, connecting the Laptop to an external monitor (I do not have a projector to hand) using an HDMI lead changes the position. PTE exe files will now run using either the Integrated Graphics or the NVidia card. The architecture of this Medion Laptop is such that the HDMI output runs from the NVidia card by default. I am able to select the NVidia card as default and also run seq
  13. The situation seems to me be outside of Igor and his team to affect. The problems I encountered were with a variety of sequences produced using PTE 7, 8 and 9 by various members of our AV Group. A change to PTE's structure would surely not affect the failure of a Laptop with the Windows 10 Feature update 1803 and an NVidia card installed to reliably run any PTE exe file. Many AV groups, like ours, have a large archive of exe files produced by their members, some of whom are sadly no longer with us. the situation as it is, at its worst, threatens the viability of these archives on our current s
  14. HP desktop i7 with AMD Radeon R9 380 video card and Windows Feature update installed, all your shows run without problem. Please excuse me not running them on my laptop but I need that for a public show this Saturday and do not wish to risk its stability and availability for the show. Adrian
  15. Update Following helpful suggestions above, for which thanks, I installed the Features Update on my i7 HP Desktop with an AMD Radeon R9 380 graphics card and immediately after the Windows Update was complete I installed the latest Radeon driver, dated 30th April 2018, from their website and all works well. Both PTE itself and exe files run normally. Encouraged by this I returned to the AV Group's Medion Erazer i7 Laptop with an NVidia 870M graphics card and reinstalled the Windows 10 Feature update. I then went to the NVidia website and downloaded and installed the latest driver for
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