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  1. Good-morning Paul, Another interesting style that I just downloaded. I am also interested in a video tutorial for usage examples. Thank you for sharing. René
  2. Thank you Paul for these great transitions well suited to the holiday season. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year René
  3. Thanks Paul for sharing this style. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2021. Thanks again René
  4. Bravo for these transitions and thank you. Very nice gift at the end of the year. Greetings and mery chrismas René
  5. this is a very interesting style, I just tried it out. Bravo and thank you. Very nice gift at the end of the year. Greetings and Merry Christmas..... René
  6. Hello Paul, Bravo for this achievement and thank you for sharing. René
  7. I have never created a DVD with PTE-7-8 and 9
  8. Thanks Dave for sharing this style. I will certainly use this style in my future slideshow editing. This is a very good idea for using animations in PTE. René
  9. thank you Dave for these three styles. I just built a small slideshow for experimentation, and it works fine. Thanks again
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