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  1. I have licenses 8 - 9 - 10 but for some time this bug. As soon as I work on my editing table after 2 or 3 videos; the software is no longer responding. Why. ? it's very painful to work .... Please post details of your system - processor, graphics card etc. Have you tried mp4 Video instead of .avi? DG
  2. Create a small project where this happens and post here as a Backup in Zip. Someone will take a look and hopefully pinpoint your problem. Limit is around 3.5mb. DG
  3. Download from here: https://www.wnsoft.com/en/pte-av-studio/old-versions/ DG
  4. If you have your Web Site listed here : https://docs.pteavstudio.com/en-us/10.0/users/main Please check that the link(s) are current and report any problems. If you wish to be added you can reply in this thread. I will start removing broken links shortly. DG
  5. Perhaps it varies between manufacturers but in my case the instructions for updating firmware SPECIFY the use of a card reader. I am thinking that Warranty issues would apply if something went wrong doing it any other way. For the record, I am in the same camp as Barry - after many years of using a card reader with zero problems I am happy to continue that way. CF, SD and now XQD cards give no problems. So whether the OP uses an extension lead to plug into a camera or a card reader is going to be a personal choice. DG
  6. As far as I am aware, you still need a card reader for Camera Firmware Updates? DG
  7. Try dragging a a different, more "lively" WAV/MP3 into the Timeline as a trial to see if it makes a difference to the waveform. Could it be that the piece you are using in just very quiet?
  8. Looking again at your OP I think that your problem might have been that you had more than one slide selected in the Slide List. Under those circumstances, the O&A and Play buttons are disabled. DG
  9. Download and install (re-install) the latest version 10.5.4. Post a full screen grab. https://www.wnsoft.com/en/pte-av-studio/download/ DG
  10. Maybe you need to couple the Jump Modifier with a Speed Modifier? DG
  11. If it is a V10.5 Key it cannot get "damaged" - most likely you have inputted a "0" in place of a "O" or vice versa. If you still have the original email with the Key copy and paste rather than try to key it in. DG P.S. Check your Junk mail?
  12. Just add the KF closer together as you go along - decrease the amount (amplitude) of Jump Modifier to reduce the height. The modifier is added to the first KF of a pair. DG
  13. Have you tried modifiers? DG bouncing.ptestyle (look in Temporary)
  14. You can link a YouTube/Vimeo video to the Remarks in SSC but you have upload an exe first. DG
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