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  1. Thanks. I was going by a screen shot of the Mac Publish Show button options. DG
  2. Safe Executable is the only (exe) option you mac users have so maybe people should get more familiar with their use in both camps. Standardisation is imperative to make things as easy as possible for all. DG
  3. I believe that the mac will play the .pteav file contained in a Save Executable produced by a Windows PC. Am I correct? DG
  4. PTE 9 is available for download here: https://www.wnsoft.com/en/pte-av-studio/old-versions/ You would certainly benefit from an upgrade to Version 10 (now 10.5) - you can download V10 as a trial for 30 days and it will install in a different directory keeping V9 intact. Have you checked your Junk folder for replies from WNSOFT Support? DG
  5. Len, Please explain your problem? DG
  6. I tried using this method from a Menu and although it works I wonder if some will think it an annoyance to have to re-direct the .pteav file in order to work. It would (perhaps) interrupt the flow of a sequence of shows (on a Windows PC) where the shows are a mixture of Windows .exe files and MAC .pteav shows? DG
  7. Great news!! I have posted this news on three forums: Nikon Cafe, Nikonians and Steve Perry's Backcountry Gallery. DG
  8. The option is welcome, however I prefer the Light Mode. DG
  9. PC or MAC?? Create and Apply Custom Transitions work OK in the PC 10.5 Version. Can you be more specific in your query? DG
  10. Use Insert Text Template and select from the dropdown list. DG
  11. If you are adding your images in O&A you need to manually index them as Main Images (Objects). Images dragged into the slide list are automatically indexed Main Object 1. See O&A / Properties Tab. DG
  12. A wonderful achievement !! Congratulations to the team !! Now work on Version 11 can begin DG
  13. Elsebels, Which version? It works fine in Version 10.0.14 and Version 10.5. The Waveform in the Timeline is NOT modified but the Fade in/out is performed properly. DG
  14. You have to have the GeForce Experience installed. DG
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