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  1. Dom, I tried to make an example based on what I remember and it is not working as expected so maybe something has gone "wrong". Leave it to Igor. DG
  2. Try any number which is more than you have now. dg
  3. OK, try making your style 20 slides long - what happens then? DG
  4. Have you tried making slide one your "Slide for beginning"? DG
  5. Ken, Pro or Standard - and are you using the latest version? DG
  6. Right Click on the Video in the Timeline and select - "Separate Audio...." Pro or Studio?? DG
  7. I have been using IIYAMA monitors for some time now with no issues, from Amazon or direct from IIYAMA. It depends on your budget, but look at this one: XB2483HSU-B3 DG
  8. Yes, strips, stripes or slices. ☺ DG
  9. Exploring Possibilities for a Transition:
  10. Why would my style go into your Dom folder? For future reference anything I post goes into the Temporary folder that I specify (or a DaveGee folder). DG
  11. Let it overwrite. DG
  12. Don't worry about it - it is the same style - v2 just has an extra stroke line around the images. DG
  13. These really are a step forward - well done. DG
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