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  1. Not knowing anything about Pro Show it is difficult to know where to start. Export your individual shows as mp4 or Executables. If you want to create a self running sequence of shows then I think that you will need Exe files. Construct a Menu slide with Buttons or Text etc. Each object can be linked to a specific show via "Action on mouse click" in the properties tab of Objects and Animation. The last slide of any show can be configured to play another show. Normally you would be returned to the Menu to choose your "next show". Please experiment. If you have any specific questions, please ask. See this page in the OH for info on "Action on Mouse Click": https://docs.pteavstudio.com/en-us/10.0/objectsandanimation_1/properties_tab DG
  2. Presumably, the unzipped file is a Style (.ptestyle)?? Import the Style. Add the required number of images to the slide list. Select all the Slides and Apply the Style. https://docs.pteavstudio.com/en-us/10.0/slide-styles/main DG
  3. You could add the sound as a video clip inside the Transition. Choose the Transition / Manage Transitions / Change Transition Settings / Edit the Transition / Add a video clip to the background of the transition. DG
  4. Maybe it is a Mac peculiarity. Perhaps Igor can suggest something? DG
  5. Check this Setting for the Menu:
  6. It is not my method but rather my suggestion, but nevertheless it is a tried and tested method for emergencies. The title of this thread suggests that the sequence being copied is "complete" and as such does not require further adjustment. It is something that Igor can possibly address in a future version. DG
  7. Export the Audio of the Second .pte as a high quality MP3 and use the exported file in place of the original audio linked to Slide One of the second .pte. This should maintain proper synchronisation of the audio of the second show when copied and pasted to the first. DG
  8. You can "Screen Grab" the EXE while it is playing and export that as an mp4. The GeForce App does a good job if you have an nVidia Card. DG
  9. On my Nikon Cameras the appropriate setting (for stills) is "Rotate Tall". There does not appear to be an equivalent setting for Movies. I assume that I would therefore have to rotate the movie in O&A. I would not wish to use any other method. DG
  10. Probably in Objects and Animation? Select the Text in the Text Box in the Properties Tab of O&A and change to whatever you require. I do not have the Style so just guessing. Check that it is not an option when Applying the Style? DG
  11. Used Images are marked with BOLD (coloured) TEXT. This does not currently apply to Images added in Objects and Animation.
  12. Try here: https://diaporashop.com/en/categorie/transition/ In PTE you can design and produce your own Transitions. DG
  13. I tried this just out of interest and could not duplicate the reported problem. 1. Copied Text from source. 2. Add Text Object - the word Text is already highlighted. 3. Paste Text - The cursor remains at the end of the line of text pasted. (Windows 10)
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