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  1. Tom, Thanks for the interesting examples of animation using modifiers! I really like this theme! Complex tasks can be easily solved using modifiers. Kind regards, Aleina
  2. Roumi, petitsaxo Thanks for your kind words! Best regards Aleina
  3. Lowell Olson Let me give you a little advice. Do not add files from the USB drive to your show. Windows often renames the letter of the USB drive. Today you can have it F, tomorrow X and so on. And the PTE program saves its data that the files are on drive F, for example. And there is confusion. The next time you just lose all the files from the show, since you may no longer have drive F, but there is drive X, for example. Kind regards, Aleina
  4. Lyn, what a cute charm lives behind your window! They have very interesting feeders. It is so nice when squirrels, bunnies and birds live outside the window! Kind regards, Aleina
  5. Brian, Very beautiful selection of images and music! Your video is very interesting to watch! Kind regards, Aleina
  6. Igor, Thank you for the good appreciation of the animation! I created these styles for my character animation tutorial. The program is very convenient and perfectly copes with this task. The only thing I would like to see in the program functions is Copy and Paste several keyframes at once. Kind Regards Aleina
  7. tom95521, Berny Thank you for kind words! Best Regards, Aleina
  8. Hi friends! I want to share with you two children's styles with Character Animation. Kind regards, Aleina Buratino.ptestyle Cute Penguin.ptestyle
  9. Barry Beckham Tutorials with your voice - a sign of the company PTE AV. I am not an English-speaking person, but I understand good English. And I understand your speech. I like the timbre of your voice, it is calming. Lin Evans Thank you for sharing your knowledge. And I understand your speech well too. Thanks Aleina.
  10. Barry Beckham, Lin Evans Thank you my teachers! Kind regards, Aleina
  11. gogs, Igor Thank you for the comments! Igor, yes, it was a test of a Motion Blur and I really liked this effect! Kind regards, Aleina
  12. Hi friends! This template is an exclusive for the PTE AV Studio. The idea for this template came to me about 2 years ago. I originally created it in Proshow Producer, but this program could not cope with the rendering of this video. Sometimes I returned to this template and tried to fix the problem, find a solution. But I couldn’t. Therefore, this template is an exclusive for the PTE AV Studio program. It was a pleasure to work in PTE AV! And I want to thank all the participants in this forum, the guru of the program, you give me inspiration and help me get to know the program better! Kind regards, Aleina
  13. Lin, this is a very cute experiment! Thanks! Best regards, Aleina
  14. wideangle, I thank you for watching and kind words! Regards Aleina
  15. gogs, JRR, nelson, MUR Thanks for watching and good appreciation for this video! Kind regards, Aleina
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