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  1. Barry, this is a great video, very professionally done. It is very difficult to single out something better from it. First, a very interesting topic. It was a revelation for me. Very fresh and interesting. Secondly, great photos. It is a pleasure to look at them. Thirdly, very high-quality editing and voice acting. looks like a good documentary. And fourthly, an excellent selection of music! Thank you for the pleasure of watching! Aleina.
  2. My friends, in the process of work I often have to create videos of the same type, in which only the photos change. I made a so called template for my personal needs. So I decided to share my experience with you, perhaps this will help you save time. I created a separate folder (no matter in which directory), added the required number of photos to it. And renamed them to 01.jpg- 99.jpg (any quantity). Then I created a project with these photos, added an intro, an ending, applied the necessary styles, transitions, color correction, etc. to them. I saved this as a project. And that's it, my t
  3. Thanks for a great job, Paul! I would also like to thank you for the many detailed tutorials. Thanks to your tutorials, I was finally able to properly structure the pages in my children's album, which I made in early summer, but it is still being finalized ...
  4. This is an impressive job! Thank you Mark! Aleina
  5. The lack of this feature is very noticeable for those who have used Proshow Producer. We often need to copy settings like modifiers and color corrections from one object to another. This is especially important if the slide contains many objects with repeating parameters. It is very inconvenient to specify these values manually every time in keyframes of another object. There are usually quite a few numerical values there. I create a hint for myself (screenshot of settings), open it in a separate window and change the values on another keyframe. In Proshow Producer, you can simply copy any k
  6. I would like to be able to copy and paste keyframes from one layer to another. And also to copy parameters of keyframes between layers.
  7. Paul, this is a great job, as always! Thanks for your generosity! Aleina
  8. Thanks for these lovely styles! How many years have passed since their creation, but they still look amazing and will always be in demand. I will cross my fingers too to make your journey happen! Aleina.
  9. Dom, are you a wizard? You magically managed to create a style that suits any need! And it looks very nice and stylish. Aleina
  10. Lakelandlass, Thanks for your tour of beautiful Venice! I am very impressed with what I saw. I showed your slideshow to my mom, she even cried with emotion. And I agree with this proposal. I also really like to consider details. Aleina
  11. Dom, this is very- very beautiful! I am impressed. It would seem a simple frame, but how beautiful the photos look! ...And I noticed some little strange thing, fix it, please.
  12. Very beautifully done! I liked the movements of the hands, they are very natural. The hand does not just move to the side, but approaches and moves away in relation to the viewer. Imitation of a top view. Great way! Dom, you have the talents of an animator, you know how to observe and embody the nature of movements! Thanks, Aleina.
  13. thedom said correctly. The concept of “style” in PTE AV is closest to what Proshow Producer uses to understand the “template”. You can save any number of slides in PTE AV in the form of one style. Photos are thus easily replaced. You will need to transfer the required number of images to the timeline, select all of them, go to the “Styles and Templates” tab and select the desired style there. You need to add manually only music. Once the slides are designed, they are easy to select and save as a style. This will be the basis for your further quick editing. Best regards, Ale
  14. Since Lin cannot answer your question now, I will try to explain to you. The Dolly Zoom effect is a camera technique in which the main subject is practically motionless in the frame and the background is zoomed in or out. Understanding this, you can easily create an imitation of this effect. We need an image of the main object in PNG format (the background is transparent) and a rear view image with good resolution. 1. Place the image of the main subject. We place it to your liking. Set the size. 2. Below we place a layer with a background. In the first keyframe, set the background size t
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