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  1. Hi Peter, The .pte files are the working version of the project. Don't be afraid of them. For example, this is the only way to convey a project “as the author saw it,” including photos and music. You just need to double click on .pte file to open it. To adapt the project to your needs, you need to manually replace the photos. But any project that you opened in the program, you can save as a style for future use, if it is more convenient for you. Regards Aleina
  2. Paul Thanks for seeing my style. I no longer remember many of the intricacies of working on it, as I did it for a very long time. Excuse me. From what I remember. Each of the two halves rotates 180 degrees. Together it turns out 360. But exactly 180 degrees in the general rotation settings allow the images to rotate correctly with an imitation of a full circle, without getting lost in the order of the layers. This is exactly what I could not have achieved before. That is, you can put any number of repetitions in the modifier, the style will work correctly. This is what I meant by the phrase "perpetual motion machine". Aleina.
  3. Hi Paul thank you and the members of your forum for creativity and quality work on interesting styles! Once upon a time, when I was still working on my children's album, I wanted to insert a similar rotating garland into it. I started to work, but then gave up on this idea, as the garland made the project heavier. I still have this example and will show how I planned to do it. (Please ignore the errors, as this is an early version of the project that is being finalized). But this my element of the garland (in my understanding) was not ideal, since it could not rotate at different speeds. I found a bug and fixed the rotating element, thanks to your style. I did it a little differently, at an angle of 30 degrees and without a mask. However, you can use any rotation interval in it, and it does not break the sequence of the layers. So he becomes a "perpetual motion machine". If anyone is wondering how my rotating element is made, here's the style. I cut the style image in half in Photoshop, but you don't have to, the style works great without cutting the image in half. Rotating Element original.ptestyle Rotating Element.ptestyle
  4. Igor, Thank you for your good wishes! I would like to wish all your wonderful WnSoft team health, optimism and good mood! This year was not easy, but also very important for your team, because the version for Mac OS has appeared. And I am glad with you when I see satisfied Mac OS users. We, the users, love PTE very much. The program is both yours and ours at the same time! You love her like a child, you know her every script and every letter of the code. And we, creative people, love her as a tool that allows us to tell the world about what is in our hearts. For both you and us, PTE is a pill for boredom, depression, anxiety and bad mood. And I believe that the success of this program is the successful collaboration of attentive developers and grateful users. I wish your team even more success and do not stop there! We are with your team! Aleina
  5. vbl2007 Thank you for the atmospheric video about the beautiful Russian winter. And how right you are that Russia is a very large country and winter is different everywhere. I live in the southern part, and last year in winter we had no snow at all and had a positive temperature. And this year the snow has fallen and has been lying for several days, I don’t know how long it will not melt. I congratulate you on the upcoming holidays and wish you good health! Aleina
  6. Paul, thanks a lot! It is really very beautiful and magical! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Aleina
  7. Blessed memory of your husband. So many photos indicate that he lived an interesting life, was loved by his loved ones. And even without knowing him, just looking at the photographs, I understand that he was a wonderful person. Tears on eyes. Take care of yourself, please. Aleina.
  8. vbl2007 Thank you for your kind words and wishes! Aleina
  9. Giusy, Bermary50, AlexRoma, t0ny66 Thank you all for your kind words and congratulations! And I wish you good health, optimism and pleasant holidays! I hope next year will be more successful for all of us! Aleina.
  10. Berny Thank you for such a nice review! Aleina
  11. I want to share this winter style with you. I wish you a pleasant holiday! You can download this style on my website Free Download
  12. Paul, thanks for such positive transitions! Aleina
  13. Barry, this is a great video, very professionally done. It is very difficult to single out something better from it. First, a very interesting topic. It was a revelation for me. Very fresh and interesting. Secondly, great photos. It is a pleasure to look at them. Thirdly, very high-quality editing and voice acting. looks like a good documentary. And fourthly, an excellent selection of music! Thank you for the pleasure of watching! Aleina.
  14. My friends, in the process of work I often have to create videos of the same type, in which only the photos change. I made a so called template for my personal needs. So I decided to share my experience with you, perhaps this will help you save time. I created a separate folder (no matter in which directory), added the required number of photos to it. And renamed them to 01.jpg- 99.jpg (any quantity). Then I created a project with these photos, added an intro, an ending, applied the necessary styles, transitions, color correction, etc. to them. I saved this as a project. And that's it, my template is ready. When I need to replace the photos, I delete the photos from this folder and add new ones, renamed 01-99.jpg again. If extra, blank slides appear, I delete them. If there is not enough room for new photos, I copy a few slides, paste them at the end, and replace the photos with new ones. This way my work is much faster. Aleina
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