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  1. Lin, this is a very cute experiment! Thanks! Best regards, Aleina
  2. wideangle, I thank you for watching and kind words! Regards Aleina
  3. gogs, JRR, nelson, MUR Thanks for watching and good appreciation for this video! Kind regards, Aleina
  4. Lin, thank you for such a high rating! Kind regards, Aleina
  5. Hi friends! I want you to smile! A project with my own animation. These were the first steps in my animation experience. It was very difficult. But I hope you enjoy the result. Kind regards, Aleina
  6. Lin, this is the best sleeping pill to count video fragments in your video! I fall asleep at 5368 But seriously, this is a demonstration of the impressive features of the program!
  7. Happy new year dear friends! I wish you happiness, great success and fulfillment of desires! Aleina
  8. Thanks a lot, Lin! It turned out really easy! Best regards, Aleina
  9. Paul, thanks! You've made very interesting, beautiful and high-quality transitions! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you! Best regards, Aleina
  10. Thanks Tom! Very interesting information about GIF files. I also really liked the quality of the GifSki program. I will keep it in mind for future work. Best regards, Aleina
  11. Thanks Tom for the demonstration of very useful information! Best regards, Aleina
  12. This is really impressive! Thank you Lin! Thanks Aleina
  13. Paul, now I understand the essence of your question. In the color grading tab is the same logic works as in Photoshop. Best regards Aleina
  14. Hi Paul Please look at this topic in my lesson. From the 3-rd minute. How to make an inverted mask. If you want to make a black and white mask from a color image, first apply the Toning> Black and White filter. And then add the filter "Levels", there you can adjust the black, white and medium tones. To adjust the smooth or sharp transition of the mask from the gradient, use filter "Levels". Similar settings were discussed at the end of my video. Lesson #4 Masks Best regards Aleina
  15. Hi Lin, thank you very much for your congratulations and for the amazing demonstration of the possibilities of the PTE AV Studio program! When I look at this icosahedron, I am always amazed at what capabilities a program must have in order to reproduce it! I wish you happiness and good luck in the new year! Best regards, Aleina
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