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  1. The lack of this feature is very noticeable for those who have used Proshow Producer. We often need to copy settings like modifiers and color corrections from one object to another. This is especially important if the slide contains many objects with repeating parameters. It is very inconvenient to specify these values manually every time in keyframes of another object. There are usually quite a few numerical values there. I create a hint for myself (screenshot of settings), open it in a separate window and change the values on another keyframe. In Proshow Producer, you can simply copy any keyframe and paste it into any other layer. All motion settings, size, color correction, modifiers are transmitted simultaneously. It was also possible to separately copy any custom keyframe settings such as color correction from one object to another. There were also opportunities for global application of the value of any parameter. For example, for all keyframes in this object, or for all objects on a slide, or for all slides in general. But you can also select specific objects from the entire slideshow to which you want to apply this setting. Agree, this is very convenient. Aleina
  2. I would like to be able to copy and paste keyframes from one layer to another. And also to copy parameters of keyframes between layers.
  3. Paul, this is a great job, as always! Thanks for your generosity! Aleina
  4. Thanks for these lovely styles! How many years have passed since their creation, but they still look amazing and will always be in demand. I will cross my fingers too to make your journey happen! Aleina.
  5. Dom, are you a wizard? You magically managed to create a style that suits any need! And it looks very nice and stylish. Aleina
  6. Lakelandlass, Thanks for your tour of beautiful Venice! I am very impressed with what I saw. I showed your slideshow to my mom, she even cried with emotion. And I agree with this proposal. I also really like to consider details. Aleina
  7. Dom, this is very- very beautiful! I am impressed. It would seem a simple frame, but how beautiful the photos look! ...And I noticed some little strange thing, fix it, please.
  8. Very beautifully done! I liked the movements of the hands, they are very natural. The hand does not just move to the side, but approaches and moves away in relation to the viewer. Imitation of a top view. Great way! Dom, you have the talents of an animator, you know how to observe and embody the nature of movements! Thanks, Aleina.
  9. thedom said correctly. The concept of “style” in PTE AV is closest to what Proshow Producer uses to understand the “template”. You can save any number of slides in PTE AV in the form of one style. Photos are thus easily replaced. You will need to transfer the required number of images to the timeline, select all of them, go to the “Styles and Templates” tab and select the desired style there. You need to add manually only music. Once the slides are designed, they are easy to select and save as a style. This will be the basis for your further quick editing. Best regards, Aleina
  10. Since Lin cannot answer your question now, I will try to explain to you. The Dolly Zoom effect is a camera technique in which the main subject is practically motionless in the frame and the background is zoomed in or out. Understanding this, you can easily create an imitation of this effect. We need an image of the main object in PNG format (the background is transparent) and a rear view image with good resolution. 1. Place the image of the main subject. We place it to your liking. Set the size. 2. Below we place a layer with a background. In the first keyframe, set the background size to about 250. Or how you want. We align the horizon line, raise the image above so that our main object does not "float" in the air, but is always on the ground. Create another keyframe in the end of the slide and minimize the background size by about 100-120. 3. You can leave it this way or add small movements to the main subject for realistic camera movement. I will use modifiers. I set the values Pan: X- Oscillation: amplitude 0.5 repeats 7 Pan: Y - Oscillation: amplitude 0.5 repeats 10 That's it, Dolly Zoom is ready! You can also study the attached project. Best regards, Aleina Ruby Pup Dolly Zoom_Jun26-2020_1-32-25.zip
  11. Oh thanks Paul! This is a very useful video instruction! Yes, and this is not at all boring and I want to watch many times!
  12. Very, very beautiful result! Bravo, Dom!
  13. You turned out very beautifully! The edges of the mask template can be edited. In the "properties" you need to click on the "file" and the editing window will open.
  14. vbl2007, Your mistake is to configure the mask. Mask pattern- circle. You need to set the blur at the edges = 0. And adjust the size of the mask so that it matches the size of the magnifying glass. Everything else you have done is right. I corrected your example. Best regards, Aleina Zoom_lupa_test_modified_Jun21-2020_17-15-15.zip
  15. I suggest adding the “disable logo” option in the slide settings. I usually do not use the logo on the opening and closing slides. Such a function would be very useful.
  16. I can also tell you a little about this topic. The length of the video depends on the target audience. If you create wedding and similar family films, then there is a reason to make rather long videos. On the Internet there are many philosophical considerations and articles on this topic that I had to study by the nature of my work. It turns out there’s even a term like “torture with a slide show.” And before creating a video, I always think about the target audience so that for them my video does not become torture. Wedding and family films are intended for a narrow circle of people. They will mainly be viewed in a very close family circle. And the audience, most likely, will not be annoyed by a 10-15 minute film. (Although my husband runs away after 5 minutes of watching films with a family vacation) ... And an attempt to show this film to little-known people can be unsuccessful. If you are making a video for posting on social networks, then you need a different approach. I have been working in collaboration with a local scout club for several years. I make reportage videos for them about their activities. Theme of tourism and sports. They often travel in forests and mountains, parachuting. They collect a lot of beautiful video materials. The purpose of creating videos is video reporting and advertising. We started by creating 15 minute clips. Beautiful, with a full report. And we were very surprised why there were absolutely no reposts in the target communities. Then we switched to 3 minute clips. And there were no reposts either. We started talking with the administrators of the target communities, and it turned out that the 3-minute format was too long for them. Then we switched to Instagram format for 1 minute. This is very fast, I often need to place 15-20 video clips in 2-3 seconds + intro. Sometimes I have to increase the speed of video clips by 120-200%. But it’s these videos that adore social networks. Official communities around the country are happy to publish them. First of all, you need to respect the time of the audience. And you also need to consider the age category of viewers. The older generation loves slow shows and long films, and it is very difficult for young people to focus on more than 3-5 minutes. Well, experience shows that video clips lasting 1 minute are ready to watch with pleasure many times. And it does not cause irritation. As an example, I will show a 1-minute video about a trip to Elbrus in early June.
  17. Bruno, thank you very much for your generosity! It’s true that the layout of the perfect album can be done for a very, very long time. I wish you not to lose enthusiasm! Already done a very difficult job!
  18. Bruno, you are well versed in the technical aspects of the program! Thank you very much for your help! You are very kind! I thank you for your help! I’m very interested to see which way you go in creating the album. Best regards, Aleina
  19. thedom, Tonton Bruno Thank you for sharing your experience! For me it is very valuable. Initially, I also proceeded from this position, I think it is easier to do. My task is to make the work as easy as possible for those who will use my project in their work. I would not want them to repeat editing in duplicates. Creating a style helps when changing photos. But this does not help if there is more than one text area. And I have 4 texts + 4 duplicates on each slide. A way to make non-editable images non-clickable for quickly finding the right layers, it works 90%. For example, you have a photograph on one side of the sheet, it is large, stands out when you click the mouse, and on the other side of the sheet is a small text. And it is already impossible to select it with the mouse, since it is in the field of action of the photograph. If the method of doing all the work on one slide also contains duplicates, this enterprise will not make sense. But most likely it will be so. Thank you very much, this is a very interesting way! It’s not very clear to me how such sorting of layers “by depth” works, but I will definitely try it! The main thing is that this is a working method! I am very grateful to you!
  20. Bruno, may I ask you a technical question? Is your album in 1 slide? Or is it a few slides? I want to make my album in 1 slide. But now I have constant problems with this. Those sheets that must first be on top (the right side of the album) should overlap (be on the bottom) to the left after turning over. How can this be better organized? Maybe it makes sense to use a mask? But I can’t imagine how. Or duplicate pages, use duplicates, changing their visibility?
  21. I am from Russia, this link opens. But in my Cent browser, I see the same error after entering the email. Everything used to work well on this browser before. In the Yandex browser and in Mozilla Firefox everything is fine, the site is working. So maybe this is a browser problem.
  22. This «Somebody» has become smarter than us! The search algorithm pushes us to what interests us. And this is good. Probably.
  23. Mary, thanks for sharing this video. Such a fire is terrible. It’s good that the firemen were able to quickly cope. Your video is epic. I also agree about the text. It would be nice to make it more readable. Best regards, Aleina
  24. sanpier, mhwarner Thanks you! It is very nice to hear! Best regards, Aleina
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