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  1. Alex, I wish I could remember!! I'd follow Dave's advice above. Here I show my one and only menu slide with its 6 shows. One shows the Animation tab.The other shows the Properties tab and the first show's title and the link to the "Close up" show.
  2. I tried this and it made no discernible difference to the smoothness of the movement of the text.
  3. This is a further refinement! Moving text R to L masked_Jun5-2021_17-03-01.zip
  4. Hi Ugo, As you are a new user, I suggest that you watch some of the excellent tutorial videos by Barry Beckham. Kind regards, Ian
  5. Yes, Pro version. I would certainly recommend it. If you want the text to move from right to left, then reverse the positions of the two Keyframes.
  6. I have not submitted an example before, so I hope this works. Moving text_Jun5-2021_11-54-24.zip
  7. Do you want the text to move from off-screen on the left to off -screen on the right?
  8. I only use a Mac, so I don't know about cross-platform use. I have PTE AV Player installed and it runs the shows from the shows menu I made. I suspect that a Mac user may get a prompt to download the player for Mac when they try to run a show.
  9. Run Slideshow with return runs on a Mac.
  10. I agree with Jill. Also, there are slide numbers appearing at the top of the images/video-clips.
  11. You have done very well and produced a competent slideshow, especially as this is your first production. I look forward to more of your work in the future.
  12. Maybe the manufacturer can offer a solution.
  13. I await Chapter Two! Ah, it's now there.
  14. Excellent news. Congratulations to all your team.
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