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  1. What a beautiful production! Wonderful images and evocative music.
  2. JJB45, I just checked the link in your post above and the Vimeo window opened with no warnings!
  3. Mark, I am sorry about that last post, I did it in a tearing hurry and it looks curt and non-too polite.
  4. I said this in my post. "Instead I use the ones shown in the User Guide with Cmd replacing Ctrl."
  5. This may help. Noise reduction and optimising audio in Audacity *N.B. Item 3 refers to adjusting the Filter Curve for specific tasks. My settings for that are to optimise MY voice. For music, you may just go for the default settings. 1. Select a wave-free section containing noise Effect > Noise reduction…> Get Noise Profile. Effect > Noise reduction…> OK 2. Effect > Compressor > Settings Threshold -18 dB Noise floor -40 dB Ratio 2:1 Attack Time 0.20 sec Release “ 1.0 sec 3.* Filter curve.
  6. I have tried to use the keystrokes shown in the screenshot and they do not function. Instead I use the ones shown in the User Guide with Cmd replacing Ctrl. Ctrl+Page Up - Shift Object up one level in the Objects Panel Ctrl+Page Down - Shift Object Down one level in the Objects Panel Ctrl+Shift+Page Up - Sends Object to the Front in the Objects Panel Ctrl+Shift+Page Down - Sends Object to the Back in the Objects Panel
  7. Thanks Dave, I’ll give it a try. I assume that your reference to “Preview” means the one in PTE AV Studio, not Mac “Preview.” Ian
  8. I do not understand how to make a menu show. So any helpful suggestions would be most appreciated.
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