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  1. I received a gross message from Alina at 18.40. Now deleted and NOT opened!
  2. Does it play and if so, is the volume very low? In Preferences, see the setting for Timeline Audio track height.
  3. …mm! That could be the explanation. I have an Apple iMac.
  4. Fine. But some of the text was off-screen with some of the letters clipped.
  5. Welcome to you as a new member. Your example shows that you are certainly not a novice in the world of AV!
  6. A clever idea well executed. The text was a bit off-screen to the left.
  7. You appear to have gone from "Mac HD" to "Library" which is not going to get to where you want. There are several different Library files in Mac OS. You must go via: Mac HD/Users/your name/Library/Application Support/PTEAVStudio/Styles and Transitions where you will also find Templates.
  8. Hi there TC, I have found this path: Macintosh HD/users/your name/Library/Application Support/PTAVStudio/Styles and Transitions. Ditto PTEAVStudio/Templates. Ian
  9. Yes, and Igor is on to it. See his post for Thursday September 2nd.
  10. Would a graphics tablet be out of the question? Barry Beckham has a useful tutorial video on this topic.
  11. I looked up the location and found it most interesting. Another point – a bit nit-picking, I suppose but when transitioning from a colour image to its monochrome version (or vice versa), I would try to keep them aligned.
  12. Your first upload has worked well and I have added a few comments.
  13. Good morning RayArt, I have played through your show a couple of times and I much enjoyed it. You have bravely asked for comments and suggestions– so here goes! As I said it is an enjoyable show but it leaves me wanting more information (but that's just me.) I would like to know the location of these structures, especially the Gaudy-like church. Animations: At 2:20 you have brought some portrait-format images over a background image, which works well. However, they come to a sudden stop, which is a bit jarring. As they enter from off-screen it might be better to set the animation speed modifier to "Slow down." Likewise for similar animations at 3:25. There is a strange fade form one slide to a very similar one at about 3:03/5 which is confusing and does not add anything to the flow. You have made good use of masks at the 3:56 to 4:05 point. Finally, for now, congratulations on your first show. I look forward to seeing more of your work. Kind regards, Ian McIntosh
  14. Alex, I wish I could remember!! I'd follow Dave's advice above. Here I show my one and only menu slide with its 6 shows. One shows the Animation tab.The other shows the Properties tab and the first show's title and the link to the "Close up" show.
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