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  1. Thank you Dave and Igor. That's why the technique Dave points out did not work!
  2. I have seen presentations where there is a "Menu" slide and the presenter clicks on a title and the PTE project opens. How do I prepare such a menu?
  3. I have just checked and the modified speed does show when you play the slide in the O&A window. (In my test, the speed mod. is applied to all key frames for that item.)
  4. I think speed modifier is apparent when you play through in the O&A window. I’m on my iPad now but will check on the iMac in the morning.
  5. Key Frame................?
  6. Jt49: Thank you for the explanation. It’s obvious when one knows!
  7. Canico: I am relatively new to this game, but I think that a Slide Style or Theme will override any timings you have set. Why not just make a note of the keyframe positions and parameters and apply them to the other slides? Davegee: I don't understand "…in an a BIZ."
  8. 1. I have just run a two slide sequence with Zooming out and "Smooth" as a modifier and the image does NOT move around the screen. 2. At the end of the show it returns to the PTE screen, not the desktop. I have "Close show after the last slide" set in Project Options.
  9. I am in respectful disagreement!
  10. Paul, I find your demonstration video fascinating. For me, the wallpaper design is too strong and draws attention away from the "paintings." Unfortunately, the reflections in the floor do not align with the objects on the wall.
  11. Thank you very much for your prompt replies. Most helpful.
  12. If I make a simple AV with no PZ or R, 1920 by 1080, and re-size the images to that pixel size, what level of JPEG compression would be best for viewing in a 27 inch display? Would I need to go to "Save for Web…" in order to select the necessary image quality.
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