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  1. I agree with Jill. Also, there are slide numbers appearing at the top of the images/video-clips.
  2. You have done very well and produced a competent slideshow, especially as this is your first production. I look forward to more of your work in the future.
  3. Maybe the manufacturer can offer a solution.
  4. I await Chapter Two! Ah, it's now there.
  5. Excellent news. Congratulations to all your team.
  6. macian


    Tom, No Wine or CrossOver either! Ian
  7. macian


    Just tried on my MacBook Pro running High Sierra and it did not work.
  8. macian


    I do not have any of those on my Mac.
  9. macian


    My experience is different to that of Tom. I viewed your original (.exe) file and it opened and played well on my iMac. I have downloaded the latest PTE AV Player. It's an impressive piece of work, your Chess piece. Are you a Windows or Mac user? (This may be a naïve question!)
  10. Screen capture is built in with Mac OS Mojave and Catalina.
  11. What a beautiful production! Wonderful images and evocative music.
  12. JJB45, I just checked the link in your post above and the Vimeo window opened with no warnings!
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