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  1. Greetings Rosy, I gave this a try. But all I see is that the text get fuzzier (less sharp). Does not seem to affect the 'flow'. I tried '500' to exaggerate the effect and it just get very fuzzy. Does this really affect the 'flow'? Gary
  2. Maybe I am mistaken, but the first Windows 'Release Candidate' 10.5 says 'Release Candidate under the Help icon. This 'Release Candidate 2' does not indicate that it is a 'Release Candidate'. So just wondering why. Gary
  3. Greetings, I can not find how to Add my Display Source. It is showing my web cam but I don't see 'Display' anywhere in the menus. Can you point it out? Thanks... Gary
  4. Thanks, Dave. I had looked and looked, but could not find it. Gary
  5. Ok...I'm confused. I see there is a 'MAC 10.5 beta 28' version. The last Windows beta version I see is '10.15,beta 24, build 1'. But you say your question is for the 'Windows version, 10.5 beta 28'. Can someone point me to a newer Windows version...if there is one? Gary
  6. Greetings, When posting comments about the different versions, Windows vs Mac, please indicate which version you are posting about. It seems this is about the Mac version but it is not clear since there is a Windows version 10.5, also. Thanks... Gary
  7. Yep...I know that. Not the same... Gary
  8. Davegee, I understand your logic, but others aren't following it. Such as Stranger's Styles have gone automatically to his folder, as others have. It would just be nice if there was a notice where they are going before they automatically go into a folder that you really don't know where it went and then you have to search for it, folder by folder. And, I'd like to put my favorite Styles into a 'Favourites' folder but I don't think you can easily duplicate a Styles (copy/paste) into another folder. Gary
  9. Why would I expect your Style to go to a Temporary folder when you are the author? Why not warn me first where it is going so I know where to look? I understand a bit about Styles but I think it the functions within the Styles can be improved. Gary
  10. Greetings, I now have 3 'Carousel' Styles (Carousel 9, Carousel 8 and Carousel2). I just downloaded DaveGee's Carousel 8. It did not go to his folder but went automatically to the 'Temporary' folder. DaveGee's folder already had the 'Carousel2'. I also have a 'Carousel 9' in the 'User styles' but its author indicates it is DaveGee. Not sure why it was placed in the 'Users styles'. So I will move it to join the others in DaveGee's folder. So my suggestion is to be able to have more control over where the Styles go and how to find them. When a Style is imported, it goes where
  11. I agree. Putting an indicator in the Slides is really where it would help. Gary-
  12. Greetings Maureen, When you take us on such beautiful journeys, I wish you would indicate where the images were taken. One day when we can travel again, it gives us at least some hope of seeing it in person. Gary
  13. Greetings, I finally finished putting together the setup for digitizing my slides. Not the most elegant setup but it is functional and inexpensive (except for the Sigma 105mm macro lens). Takes about 6 or so seconds per slide to manually take the image and rotate the carousel, both using wired triggers to avoid vibrations. At this point, I've process 9 carousels, with at least 40 more to go, plus hundreds of yellow boxes and slide sleeves. Gary
  14. Greetings Igor, Best wishes, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your team. I am just starting to digitize over 8000 slides, specifically to be able to make more PTE shows! This, alone, will make 2021 a better year!!! Gary
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