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  1. Yes, Thanks. I understand that PTE can Publish as '4K'. But I was not sure that Dash Cams 4K format can be read by PTE. There are so many different formats I was just not sure if a Dash Cam's 4K would be a 'standard' format and readable by PTE. Gary
  2. Greetings, I am thinking of getting a dash camera. I probably will get a 2k model, but I am wondering if PTE would have any problems with 4K video from a dash cam? Gary
  3. I know nothing about Macintosh's Big Sur, but I got this today from the Tim Grey eNewsletter. Gary ======================= Today's Question Do you feel it is safe to upgrade to the latest Macintosh “Big Sur” operating system? Do the Adobe applications work with this new version?
  4. Greetings, Not sure if this is in the correct Forum sub-topic. But it has to do with using non-copyrighted music in our PTE shows (if uploaded to FB or YouTube). I have been using the Audible Magic site to upload individual music selections or an entire PTE show to double-check if any of the music is copyrighted. I recently got an error when trying to log onto the site. I asked them what the problem was and I got this response: "Unfortunately, we have disabled our content registration portal and are only ingesting content through our traditional, direct feeds now. If you would like t
  5. And, if we can overwrite the original MP4 file when we re-Publish HD Video and remove the '(2)', it works...but not in Trim/Convert??? Gary
  6. Greetings, Your 'converted.converted' file is only35.6Kb, so that is the 'empty' file, similar to what happens to me. And your original 'trimmed/converted' file disappears. I don't receive the 'Video not found'. It seems to me to be a problem that you can not trim/convert an already trimmed file (.converted.mp4) and rename the '.converted.converted' back to just '.converted'. Seems you have to accept the 'converted.converted' filename and then have to delete the original 'converted' file and then rename the 'converted.converted' file back to 'converted' in a separate step. Does not make
  7. Greetings Igor, I don't understand that you say I can not overwrite a Converted/Trimmed file with the same name. I want to trim a previously Converted/Trimmed clip and keep the same name. Seems like a normal Windows function to overwrite a file. Why would it give me a useless file with a filename with an 'underscore'? And remove the previously converted/trimmed clip?: When I try to do this, I do get the question if I want to overwrite the previous file. So it looks like it will do it, but it does not: Then, I try to close the window of that appears
  8. Greetings, I found a problem when I try to trim a 'converted' video clip and try to rename it by removing the second 'converted' in filename to overwrite the first converted clip. More details: I trimmed a video clip and saved as 'filename.converted.mp4'. I then tried to trim that clip. The filename would have been 'filename.converted.converted.mp4'. But I wanted to save it by overwriting the previous file so I edited out the second 'converted' to save it as 'filename.converted.mp4'. But the process freezes. This happened twice. And I noticed that the file that is created when i
  9. Greetings, When in the Timeline, right click on the audio file and you will get a menu. Just be sure you have first selected the specific slide you want the audio clip to be linked to. And then just select 'Link Audio Clip...'. Then it should indicate that the audio clip is linked to that specific slide. Gary
  10. Yes, if you apply a Style to non-sequential slides, the slides will be regrouped together and the Duration will be set by whatever the author of the style had it set to. So you just have to reenter the Duration you want for that slide(s).
  11. Greetings, It seems you are applying a Style after you have set your slides' durations. If you do that, all the durations will be reset as to what the Style has set as the Full Duration. I have inadvertently done this and had to reset each slide's duration one by one to correct this problem. Just a quirk in the system and I have already asked Igor to fix this issue and he is aware of it. So apply the Style, then set each slide's duration. (If I understand your question...) Gary
  12. Igor, Along with not changing the order of the slides, it would be helpful, also, if there was a choice to retain the Full Duration (FD) of the slide that the Style is being applied to. In addition, I think it has been noted before that even if you change the Style's FD, it does not always give the exact same result. For example, if I have a slide with the FD of 4.088, and change the Style's FD to match the existing FD, I get 4.087. Not a big difference but seems it should be exact. Other times, it does input the same FD. Gary
  13. Greetings Brad, I made a similar suggestion some time ago. Igor mentioned, maybe in Version 11. See below. Gary
  14. Greetings Brad, Very enjoyable show. I like your mix of animations. Kept me interested. Thanks... Gary
  15. I am not sure if this actually answered your question or not. Was it helpful or is there something else that we missed? Gary
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