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  1. Yep...I know that. Not the same... Gary
  2. Davegee, I understand your logic, but others aren't following it. Such as Stranger's Styles have gone automatically to his folder, as others have. It would just be nice if there was a notice where they are going before they automatically go into a folder that you really don't know where it went and then you have to search for it, folder by folder. And, I'd like to put my favorite Styles into a 'Favourites' folder but I don't think you can easily duplicate a Styles (copy/paste) into another folder. Gary
  3. Why would I expect your Style to go to a Temporary folder when you are the author? Why not warn me first where it is going so I know where to look? I understand a bit about Styles but I think it the functions within the Styles can be improved. Gary
  4. Greetings, I now have 3 'Carousel' Styles (Carousel 9, Carousel 8 and Carousel2). I just downloaded DaveGee's Carousel 8. It did not go to his folder but went automatically to the 'Temporary' folder. DaveGee's folder already had the 'Carousel2'. I also have a 'Carousel 9' in the 'User styles' but its author indicates it is DaveGee. Not sure why it was placed in the 'Users styles'. So I will move it to join the others in DaveGee's folder. So my suggestion is to be able to have more control over where the Styles go and how to find them. When a Style is imported, it goes where
  5. I agree. Putting an indicator in the Slides is really where it would help. Gary-
  6. Greetings Maureen, When you take us on such beautiful journeys, I wish you would indicate where the images were taken. One day when we can travel again, it gives us at least some hope of seeing it in person. Gary
  7. Greetings, I finally finished putting together the setup for digitizing my slides. Not the most elegant setup but it is functional and inexpensive (except for the Sigma 105mm macro lens). Takes about 6 or so seconds per slide to manually take the image and rotate the carousel, both using wired triggers to avoid vibrations. At this point, I've process 9 carousels, with at least 40 more to go, plus hundreds of yellow boxes and slide sleeves. Gary
  8. Greetings Igor, Best wishes, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your team. I am just starting to digitize over 8000 slides, specifically to be able to make more PTE shows! This, alone, will make 2021 a better year!!! Gary
  9. Neat, Tom. Thanks... Gary
  10. Greetings Macian, Interesting way of making the slide holder. It does negatives, too. I will have to figure how to do them later. Thanks... Gary
  11. Greetings Macian, Yes, I know about Hamrick.com. My primary point is I don't want use a flatbed scanner or one that does only 1 or 3 at a time. I want to digitize all these slides just to make PTE shows for my personal enjoyment. The flatbeds might make a better image but just too much work. I would have tried getting my old Nikon Coolscan III to work for special images with Hamrick's firmware but the Coolscan uses some old type of connection, don't think I have it anymore....way before USBs became the norm. Your color correction is a bit cooler than mine. I haven't really got into how I
  12. Greetings Rosy, You have a point. But my attempts to digitize my slides have been a long and torturous route. Scanning lots of positive and negatives is not a walk in the park. Years ago, my first attempt was to use a Nikon Coolscan III. Its slide holder would allow 3 at a time. Painful. Then Nikon did not update its firmware with a new version of Window so it turned into a brick. Then I bought an Epson flatbed scanner. What pain to have to take out each slide from the Kodak carousels, mount them (correctly), scan them and put them back or somewhere. I think the slide holder all
  13. Greetings All, I have, probably, 8000+ slides from many past vacations. Most are in Kodak carousels. I have wanted to digitize them for many years to use in PTE shows but too expensive to send them out and too difficult to organize them before sending them out. After much research, I have cobbled together a very rough setup. If anyone is thinking along these lines, it is not too expensive, except for the Sigma 105 Macro lens, and I already had my slide projector. I also have a Kodak Stack Loader for those slides in boxes or sheets. The hard part is to get the projector and the camera in
  14. Greetings, Here is a screen capture program that I have been using for a long time. You can download the English version (as opposed to the original German language version). Look at the far right of the site to download it in English. (Free) https://www.infonautics.ch/screencaptureprint/indexde.htm Opppsss... here is the English version site... https://www.infonautics.ch/screencaptureprint/ Gary
  15. Yes, Thanks. I understand that PTE can Publish as '4K'. But I was not sure that Dash Cams 4K format can be read by PTE. There are so many different formats I was just not sure if a Dash Cam's 4K would be a 'standard' format and readable by PTE. Gary
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