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  1. Jim, Here is one that I made of part of our road-trip in Scotland. Most all is video. PTE handles video very well and results are very good. These videos were from my GoPro mounted on the windshield of my car. I like adding video clips in all my shows and it is pretty seamless. Gary
  2. Greetings, I had my first Zoom meeting yesterday. I was experimenting with using Zoom's virtual background. I can add a still image. I also tried a video virtual background using a PTE show. The PTE video shows very well except that the audio does not play. I Googled around and discovered that using a 'Virtual Audio Cable' (a downloadable software) should allow the audio to be heard. I gave this a try but have not been able to get the audio of the PTE show to play as a virtual video background. I thought it might be a useful tool for PTE users to have an interactive way of asking questions or showing problems. I am wondering if anyone has been successful in using the 'Virtual Audio Cable' in a ZOOM meeting to show a PTE video with its audio? https://golightstream.com/how-to-setup-virtual-audio-cables/ Gary
  3. Greetings Paul and Jill, The good news is the person who I edited the Zoom video was happy with what I had done and didn't need any further work. However, Jill, I am trying to understand your instructions. It seems you are thinking the portions of videos to be blocked are full screen. In this video, they are all stacked on the right side. The moderator (the third section down; man with computer in the background) starts in the third section; then moves up to the second section; then moves back to the third section. The hard part is unblocking the second section at the right moment for the short time he has been moved up; and blocking the third section. Then, reblocking the second section and unblocking the third section when he is moved down. Just for fun, I will keep working on it but thanks for the help. I think it would be an easy thing to do by I just can't get my brain to wrap around the process. If only the keyframes could be spread out it might be easier to do this. But thanks for the info. Gary
  4. Thanks, Lin. I've not needed this before but now that I see how easy it is to bunch up keyframes, it really needs to have the ability to spread them out to be able to make fine adjustments. I wonder why I can do what you suggest. Maybe I am missing something. Maybe I misunderstand. I can get the different objects to to be listed (Ctrl-A) but, as you said, we can't spread out the actual keyframes. Gary
  5. Thanks, Lin. But none of your suggestions do anything in my project. I have looked in the Help and tutorials but I have not found anything yet. I will keep looking for things along what you have suggested. It would be nice also if we could make thinner keyframes. I know '100%' is the smallest but they still sit on top of each other. Thanks... Gary
  6. Greetings, I am not too sure how to ask this question because it is not something I have had to work with before. I have been asked to edit a Zoom video. The person wants to block out all the participants except the moderator. This would be easy except that the frame of the moderator moved up one space, then back down, during the presentation. So, I have been able to block out the upper two participants (#1 and #2) and the lower portion, #4, by using black rectangle files over the images. I am able to block out the other participants' video portions. But, I would like to have all of his frames showing, and not exclude any of his video during this movement of his position during the Zoom. The problem is the keyframes are all on top of each other and it is next to impossible to tweak the keyframes or to even see the keyframes. I have to set the changes in opacity so that they sit on top of each other and it is hard to work with them. And changes in the black rectangle sizes. Is there any way to 'stretch out' the keyframes so we can work with them easier? And, what is the best strategy to accomplish this editing. I want to block #3 and show #2; then block #2 and show #3. I wish I could explain it more clearly... Gary
  7. Greetings, Thanks, Tom. I'll see if my computer club will continue with this and I'll give it a try. Gary
  8. A computer club is looking for someone to edit recorded Zoom videos. I have not participated in a Zoom so don't have a Zoom file to play with. I understand Zooms are saved in MP4, but not sure if there would be any other problems, such as with audio. Any ideas? Gary
  9. Yea, I like the 'work in progress' approach so it is clearly a request for critique or help. Gary
  10. Why have to choose??? Both are fantastic!!!! Gary
  11. Greetings, I have used a separate Route Generator program many times. It is a separate program but works well and, its results, can be added to a PTE show. Here is a link with a PTE show that uses a Route Generator program several times. I don't think we need it to be added to the PTE program, but you can get the separate program to get good results. The link to the Route Generator program I use is shown in one of the replies at this link. I originally tried to do it in PTE but much more difficult and time consuming: Gary
  12. Greetings.. Very, very cool! Can video clips be used? Gary
  13. Greetings, There is a Comment box for when an Author creates a Style. However, if a Style has been created, the user can not add any comments of their own. It would be nice it there is an editable Comment box for users to put in their thoughts about the Style, in addition to the Author's Comment box. Gary
  14. Greetings, When a Style is Imported, the Style will be imported to wherever the author designated the Category he wants it to be placed it in. Sometimes, you might not be aware of where it went or you might want it to be saved to a different Category or to an additional Category. It would be helpful if, when the Style is being imported, you have the abilty to see which Category it is to be saved to before it gets saved, and the opportunity to choose a different Category (similar to the drop-down menu you see when Creating a Style). I see that if you save it again or move the Style to a different Category, it will delete the Style in the original Category. I think we might want to be able to save the Style in different Categories. Gary
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