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  1. I haven't used it much since I always have all file in my project folder. But I believe 'File/Create Backup in Zip' will put together all your scattered files used in the project into a zip file. Then, just create a new project folder and unzip in that folder. Others may correct my thinking. Gary
  2. Greetings, I am sure others will have different opinions but I believe that you should have all of your files in one place. I copy all files into the project folder so there is no way of wondering where anything is latter on. Gary
  3. Greetings Canico, I look for arrows, etc., in the .png format. And if you use the graphic more than once, you just reuse the same image where ever you need to. I don't think it even increases the size of your project. Here is one place to look: https://www.google.com/search?q=symbols+png&tbm=isch&chips=q:symbols+png,g_1:arrow:cubvUfS7JXc%3D&hl=en&ved=2ahUKEwjZh6ygjbLpAhUGBN8KHTGkB9YQ4lYoBHoECAEQHQ&biw=1605&bih=947#imgrc=ukIgSD8LMUqVSM Gary
  4. Greetings, Just downloaded it. Really nice work!!! Thanks... Gary
  5. Ruth... no, I've never used it. Maybe someone will recognize it and give some instructions. Looks like fun, though. Gary I
  6. Greetings, Not sure where I got this from. Might be from an earlier version of PTE. But try this Family Tree style. Family Tree.ptestyle Gary
  7. Greetings, I contacted Grosfichiers about the 50Gb limit and I got the following response: "Hello, Choose you plan 20€ here: https://www.grosfichiers.com/votre-contribution.html Then you’ll be able to send files until 50Go. This page exists for now only in French sorry. Regards, Edouard Boisset"
  8. Thanks...jmG. It would be nice if they made that a bit more clear. Good to know. Gary
  9. Greetings, Hmmmm.... I see '10 GB'. 50GB would be great but I just don't see it mentioned. Do you have to register to get 50 GB? I don't even see how to 'register'. Gary
  10. Greetings, Here is my go-to list of file transfer sites that I use. jmG says GrosFichiers is 50 Gbs, but I see 10 Gbs. Maybe registration gives more but I have not used it. Sendspace used to not work well in Firefox; only in IE. But not sure now. Things change so I hope this list is accurate. Gary
  11. For large files, I've used MyAirBridge---max limit 20Gbs (free plan). Not sure if this is what you are looking for but you can send files via Email or via a Link. https://www.myairbridge.com/en/#!/ Gary
  12. Greetings Igor, Importing a transition in 'Slide Options' seems the obvious way to do it. Never thought of doing it in 'Project Options'. This would solve the problem but I still think it should be able to be done in 'Slide Options', too, if it can be corrected to do it without add the transition to the slide when the 'OK' clicked. Does this happen when you 'Import' in 'Styles and Themes'? I haven't had a chance to test that out. But it seems to me that 'Import' should work the same in 'Slide Options' and 'Styles and Themes', without them being applied when the 'OK' is clicked.
  13. Greetings, Exactly my point. I don't think it worked this way in the past. Sure, we can work around it once we figure out what is going on. But, especially for new users, you can really screw up your project when a transition is inadvertently applied, as it can be done now, when importing a transistion. Gary
  14. Greetings, After a Transition is Imported, to keep the Transition, you have to click 'OK'. However, when you click 'OK' to keep that Transition, that Transition is also applied to the image. When the 'OK' is selected it should only allow the acceptance of the transition, not apply it to an image. This seem to be the only way to save the Transition, but then you have to Exit the program and 'not save' the file to eliminate the applied Transition that you really did not want to be applied. Am I missing something here? Is there a way to Import a Transition and not have it immediately appl
  15. I want to click 'OK' to just close out the Import process. Not to Import a transition and be applying it to whichever image I had selected to have opened to view the transition as it is being imported. It is forcing the transition to be applied to the image. The 'OK' should only be for closing out the Import process. Am I right about this???? Gary
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